Just finished playing the Silent Hill 3 HD Collection. I wish that they would have stuck with the original voices instead of the new voices. I really do like though that when playing the Silent Hill HD collections that you can actually choose whether or not to have the original voices or the new voices, although that is only for Silent Hill 2, and doesn't allow you do have those kind of options when you are playing Silent Hill 3. I'm glad though that when I got to the Borley Haunted Mansion that the guy that had done the narrative for the Hanunted House had changed ( in my own opinion his was the most that truly annoyed me, over the man who calls you in the Hospital, haha, Happy Birthday too you!). The overal gameplay wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, but it did tend to lag at spots, but not as much as other players that I know. I had minimal to no problems with it. I do though however wich that the fog had covered more of the outskirts of Silent Hill 2 though because in alot of those parts you could still see the undeveloped places that were hardly visible in the PS2 version. I also love that even though it did cost $40 for me ( plus tax and minus the renewal of plus membership at Gamestop and my pre-order of AC3) it , too me, was a good buy. You get two games for the price of one!, as well as the sub-scenario Born From A Wish, which in the ealrier games was a pretty much an add-on by itself. Im thoroughly very happy with the game. Overall though, playing it over again brought back some good memories. It was been so long, too long actually. I can't wait to bust this collection back out at get some more achievements this time around. :)
Silent Hill 3 Heather by Stinkfyst

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