I just got done beating SH3 and decided to play another time through. If any of you read my blog post about the HD Collections and hearing about its glitches, I had mentioned that I didn't actually run into any, although this wasn't the case with a second play through of Silent Hill 3. Luckily, I didn't experience any glitches whatsoever when playing Silent Hill 2, but I did when playing Silent Hill 3 and these glitches were just plain odd, and even kind of amusing to me. I only really ran into two glitches in my playthrough. The first one was when I was making my way through the subway station. You know that part when you jump down onto the tracks, run to the door with the red light above it and find out that its jammed, and then you hear the train coming and three split-heads are right behind you? Well in my case there were three, it might have been different for other players. Anywho, I was playing and made my way back to where I had stepped down onto the tracks, running past the split-heads, and pressed A so that Heather would climb back up before the train had ran me over. For some odd reason Heather wouldn't get up that damn step and I was getting very anxious and began to press A very fast when all of a sudden I glitched up and ran right into the floor. I completely passed through it and my head was sticking completely out! I was very amused but also anxious because I didn't know what to do and if I could get back up before the train flew past and stopped making it impossible ( Atleast i think), to get back on the ledge. Luckily, I ran back the way I came and pressed A again and she climbed up without any complications or glitches. The other glitch I was talking about happened during the scene when Heather meets back up with Douglas in Lakeside Amusement Park, after he became injured and his right leg broken. For some odd reason, as Heather was walking away from Douglas and when he raised his gun up at her back, the camera that was facing both at Heather and Douglas completely went blurry. I couldn't see anything whatsoever! It would go blurry and then focus again and then get blurry and do the same thing. Although by the time that the scene had came to its end it didn't effect the gameplay one bit, just that particular scene. As I make my way through SH3 once again, these were the only notable things that happened to me during gameplay. So far I am taking a break and halfway done with BrookHaven Hospital. If anything else happens I'll surely make note of it.
Silent Hill 3 Heather by Stinkfyst

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