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  • Jambi000

    I just got done beating SH3 and decided to play another time through. If any of you read my blog post about the HD Collections and hearing about its glitches, I had mentioned that I didn't actually run into any, although this wasn't the case with a second play through of Silent Hill 3. Luckily, I didn't experience any glitches whatsoever when playing Silent Hill 2, but I did when playing Silent Hill 3 and these glitches were just plain odd, and even kind of amusing to me. I only really ran into two glitches in my playthrough. The first one was when I was making my way through the subway station. You know that part when you jump down onto the tracks, run to the door with the red light above it and find out that its jammed, and then you hear…

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  • Jambi000

    Silent Hill 3

    May 21, 2012 by Jambi000

    Just finished playing the Silent Hill 3 HD Collection. I wish that they would have stuck with the original voices instead of the new voices. I really do like though that when playing the Silent Hill HD collections that you can actually choose whether or not to have the original voices or the new voices, although that is only for Silent Hill 2, and doesn't allow you do have those kind of options when you are playing Silent Hill 3. I'm glad though that when I got to the Borley Haunted Mansion that the guy that had done the narrative for the Hanunted House had changed ( in my own opinion his was the most that truly annoyed me, over the man who calls you in the Hospital, haha, Happy Birthday too you!). The overal gameplay wasn't as bad as i th…

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