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Elements of SH9

Ichigo124 September 2, 2013 User blog:Ichigo124

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I've seen talk about what kind of path SH9 should follow; should it try something totally new, should it place like the recent titles, or should it revert to the style of the original trilogy?

I think it'd be fun to consider several elements that the developers could put into it to make it the next great Silent Hill.

Things such as:

  • Types of characters
  • Male or female protagonist (we haven't really had a female one since Heather. I wouldn't necessarily count Eileen or Elle).
  • Horror elements (jump-scares, suspense, shock, or mixtures of them?)
  • The type of otherworld. (What theme would be cool to showcase this time? We've seen blood, rust, mirrors, water, fire, and rain. Wonder what could be done next?)
  • The types of monsters.
  • The length. Do we want a somewhat shorter one like the original trilogy or longer ones like the more recent games?
  • The cinematic appeal. (The original trilogy focused on a heavy, dreadful atmosphere. The most recent ones focused on cinematic, dark, shocking atmospheres).
  • Camera style. (Creepy and disorienting fixed angles, or the follow-me-from-behind style)

I feel like we should discuss what we want from all of these. We might get some good ideas of the next SH!

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