• Icezombie3

    What is silent hill?

    March 21, 2012 by Icezombie3

    PLEASE HELP!!!! I have recently replayed all of the Silent Hill games and I do not know what Silent Hill actually is. Some games make it seem like the characters are stuck in Limbo, others it seems like bad luck mixed with some cult crazy people (The Order), and some just seem like they are in hell and are fighting their own inner demons and things they have done wrong in their lives. Another thing that confuses me is that some characters seem like they are dead and others are not. I would really appreciate if someone with good knowledge on the series could PLEASE HELP ME by giving me the answer to this question and some examples of why. I LOVE SILENT HILL and everything about it, but when someone asks me about it, or I try telling soemone…

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