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Did Alex Shepherd really stayed in the mental hospital for 5 years?

Horong September 22, 2011 User blog:Horong

I read the article about Alex Shepherd and I was surprised to see that it was boldly stated that he was in the mental hospital for 5 years. It is found at the 2nd last paragraph of his biography:

'Alex was never really a soldier in the Army as believed. For five years, he has been in a mental institution (Alchemilla Hospital), instead of a hospital for war injuries.'

I just wanted to make sure how did the contributing parties come up with that number?

I have read the diaries of Alex, Wheeler and Elle from the official website and pretty much know the game pretty decently. May I know if there is an exact figure that said 5 years or is there an inference to draw from? Because as far as I know, Alex went to Alchemilla for some years (duration not known, but most probably more than a year), not an exact number of 5 years.

And there are no sources and footnotes of this to support the 5-year claim. Anyone have any opinions?

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