Okay, I was just playing SH3 today. Since I'm new to fighting on the games and blah-blah, I put my riddle and action level both on easy a couple days ago when I had to restart the game (I was originally in the hospital, someone deleted my progress -.-). So I started noticing that I was killing every monster in one or two shots! And get this- I battled the Split Worm today. I only fired ONE SHOT and the thing fell right down. Is there a problem with my game? You'd think normally game bosses don't die in one little hit, so I'm kind of nervous now.

Is it a glitch? Has anyone else encountered this problem? Or am I just being faced with a virus? Because I was expecting more of a challenge when that whopper monster came out, and I figured it would take quite more than just one bullet. Even HEATHER isn't cool enough to kill the Split Worm in one shot. (Or is she?)

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