Well well well, welcome to part 8! Where the suspense keeps building, Henry keeps screaming like a little girl, James keeps looking for a little girl (and a bratty one at that), and the moment you've all been waiting for...MARIA'S DEATH! ...I was waiting for it, anyway. Bwahaha :P

"Darn it James, can we just get out of here? I'm sick of demon nurses with pistols and bloody walls and basically hospitals altogether." Heather hissed, crossing her arms and placing Melinda's diary in her jacket pocket.

"I've gotta find Mary and the little punk that almost killed me, mind you," James shot back. He rammed into another room.

Both of them waved their flashlights slowly around the area, skimming for anything suspicious. James caught it instantly- a cabinet with multiple bloodly handprints soaking the side of it.

"Hm. A cabinet. I wonder if there's pillows in there," James searched through all of the drawers.

Heather shook her head. "Cut it out, James, I think it's pretty obvious you gotta push it."

"But I'll get my hands all yucky."

"D'aww, come on, James, who's the girl here?"

James rolled his eyes and stepped nervously toward the cabinet.

He slowly, very slowly, lifted up his hands and wavered them toward the cabinet. His hands were very carefully reaching their gore-covered destination. And his whole body started shaking. And then he felt two hands grab around his neck.

"AAAH!" James screamed and jumped. Heather burst out laughing. He slapped her. "THIS IS SERIOUS, HEATHER! YOU'RE SICK-MINDED!" She froze instantly.

"Darn it, Melinda, you better get Henry over here. I hate James," She mumbled just in earshot of James.

Henry was running down the hallway, screeching like a little girl at the top of his lungs, holding little Walter high up in the air like a pedestal. "EEEEEEEEK!"

Melinda quickly stuck her head out the door. "Go, Henry, go!" She glanced over at Walter and reached into her jacket, pulling out two katanas. Then she started running after Henry.

It was a full-out pursuit. Melinda had managed to get caught up with Henry, and the adult Walter was hot on their trail, whipping out his pistol again. He shot at Henry twice. Melinda jumped behind Henry and waved her katanas over her face. Clank, clunk. The bullets bounced off the blades and dropped to the floor like nothing. Henry shreiked again.

Melinda continued her running, scraping her katanas against the walls and laughing. "Man, Henry, isn't this fun?" Walter shot again. Melinda's katanas came up again. Clank.

"FUN? I'M GONNA DIE!" Henry yelled.

"Don't worry, I've got Walter taken care of. Just keep running," She instructed, still pacing.

This game of tag continued all the way down the third floor. Finally, Henry had managed to find a staircase. He looked down the steps, as if wondering what he should do. "Should I go down?"

"FOR PETE'S SAKE, HENRY! GO!" Melinda screamed. Henry ran down the stairs, dragging little Walter behind him. Melinda slid down the long metal handlebar and backflipped off of it. She followed after Henry, Walter not far behind.

When James had finally gathered up the nerve to push the cabinet, he revealed a small entrance behind it. Out of nowhere, Maria popped up. "Hi, James."

"...Oh, hey. ...Anyway, I'm glad you're alright." James mumbled, ready to enter the hole.

Heather let out one of those check-it-out-I'm-a-defiant-teenager-and-I-have-an-attitude-that-I'm-gonna-show sighs. She put her hand on her hip. James was talking to the air again.

Maria was furious. Her eyes doubled up in rage and her face flushed a light pink. "ANYWAY? WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ANYWAY?!" James back up like he had been slapped. Heather was just mumbling mild insults at James' stupidity. "I was almost killed back there...why didn't you try to save me?"

"Well, I-"

"You're supposed to take care of me," Maria's voice had gone from fury to faked whines.

James thought to himself, "Since when am I supposed to take care of you, you conceited double-personality freak? I only just met you, you SAID you wanted to be alone, and I'm looking for my dead wife, not some hot-stuff chick who thinks she's all that just cause she's wearing a short skirt." But instead, he just said, "Oh...okay, I promise I won't let you get hurt."

Henry was still screaming like he was in some sort of opera. Big, loud screams. Little Walter was wailing to his heart's content as well. Melinda was too busy fighting the adult Walter to care.

Walter didn't bother shooting her. When he realized she was in close enough range, he grabbed her by the front of her shirt and pistol-whipped her. She flicked out her leg and tripped him. He dropped her and gave her just enough time to get out of his grip. Once Walter managed to catch his breath and get back up, Melinda unleashed her pretty leather boots right into his groin. "GAAAH!" He went back down instantly.

Henry had stopped running. He was busy staring at the fight. "...What...the...hell?"

"HENRY, GO!" Melinda screamed, starting to run after him.

Henry easily followed her advice and started pacing down the steps again. The first floor. Now he just had to make it to the lobby.

James n' Maria n' Heather managed to make their way into a tiny corridor. They were walkin' along, getting ready to leave the hospital. Heather felt like she was in Heaven, about to be free. Suddenly, an all-too-familiar sound of metal scraping against the floor was echoing through the halls. And then Pyramid Head came along. Apparently he didn't want them to leave without him.

"Clunk, clunk, clunk, scraaaaaape, Pyramid Head has come to RAPE! Let's go, James!" Heather started running as fast as her little feet could carry her. James quickly took her advice.

"JAAAAMES!" Maria screamed, trying to escape the massive creature. She just wasn't keeping up with her friends.

James looked back to see the horror of Maria falling behind. "COME ON, MARIA!" He yelled before he continued his run.

Apparently, Maria didn't know the definition of "COME ON". She was still running slower than a snail.

Heather smacked blindly into an elevator and rapidly clicked the "Down" button. "Come on, come on!" She whispered, continually smacking at it.

James smacked right into Heather. The elevator doors opened right then and the two of them fell in. "OOF!" They both yelled at the same time.

Maria started running toward the open doors. Heather started slamming on the "Close" button.

"MARIA!" James body-bumped Heather out of the way and started punching the "Open" button.

"DANG IT JAMES, WE'RE GONNA DIE! MARIA DOESN'T EXIST!" Heather punched him back and started trying to close the doors again.

"YES SHE DOES!" He tossed Heather down on the ground.

James tried desperately to get the doors back open. But it was no use. Soon, a sickening crunch was heard.

Maria had been stabbed. Killed. Murdered, right before James' very eyes. He just looked at her little pretty-an-painted hand and Heather looked into his eyes and knew that something inside him died. And the hand drifted away. And the elevator doors closed. And James dropped down. Defeated. He said a million things in pure silence.

"...James...are you alright?" Heather asked softly, slowly scooting back up.

James just stared down at his knees. Both of them had a sickening feeling in their stomachs. "...Maria is dead, Heather..." The elevator shook and started going down. "...Maria is dead..."

Heather honestly felt like doin' a happy dance cause James wouldn't be talking to a ghost anymore, but at the same time she felt a sense of empathy. She scooted over by James and yanked off her pendant. "You know why I said my Dad would never be able to forgive me if I lost this?" She hung her arm over his shoulder and felt tears warming up.

James shook his head and continued his blank gaze at the filthy grating on the floor.

Heather was about to speak about it. What she hadn't spoken about for quite a long time. "My Dad is dead, too..." And they both just looked at each other. And stared at each other. In silence.

The elevator doors opened. Both Heather and James stepped out into the lobby without a word, silently crying and remembering those they loved.

Henry had almost made it to the lobby when loud crackling starting erupting through the hallway. A massive hole drastically redecorated the wall. And what would you do if some crazy insane serial killer was chasing you and his younger self while a person who was hired to kill him was trying to save you? Henry climbed into the hole and made a hasty escape, dragging the little Walter in with him.

Melinda was grabbed again and tossed into the wall. In a daze, she watched as a rather blurry Walter slowly stepped by her and laughed. "Bye, Assassin. Better luck next time." She saw him give one of those I'm-as-cute-as-a-fuzzy-little-duckling grins before entering the hole and crawling away.

"Oooh..." Melinda slowly grew out of her daze. She looked at both of her katanas. "...I'm sorry, Walter... I should've just ended this when I could have." And with that, she put her blades away and slumped out into the lobby.

Heather caught sight of Melinda. "Hey..."

Melinda looked back at Heather. "Walter didn't recognize that's good...but I didn't kill him. And Henry left."

"Oh..." James moaned.

Heather looked up at James and whispered, "I'm sorry Casper- I mean...I'm sorry Maria died, James..."

James looked down at his friend. "And I'm sorry about what happened to your father." And with that, they both did what they never pictured themselves doing- they hugged each other.

That's the end of part 8! Wootness! Your thoughts?

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