YEAAAAH! Part 6! :D The next epic part of the epic series "The Quest for Mary"! Boom chicka chicka chicka boom chicka chicka get it ^.^ So, sit back, chug down a soda or whatever, listen to some Silent Hill music, relax, and read.

As soon as Heather, Henry, James, and little Walter entered the hospital, both Heather and James' radio burst into static. Heather knew that familiar panting almost instantly- a nurse. It was weilding a revolver. James' nurse was much different than Heather's, not hunched over and her face more deformed, no facial features visible. And she wasn't carrying a gun, just a plain old pipe. Heather rolled her eyes. "How come you always have it easy?"

"Aw, shaddup, Heather, I have Pyramid Head." James shot back.

"AAAAH! MONSTERS!" Little Walter yiped, hiding behind Heather's leg.

Henry leaned over to little Walter, gave a decent evil cackle, and whispered, "Monsters.... they look like... monsters to you?" Heather stiff-armed Henry in the face and Walter fainted. "OW! WHAT THE HELL, HEATHER! You coulda broke my nose!"

"Number one, Vincent already used that joke on me, number two, QUIT PICKING ON MY LITTLE BUDDY!" She lifted up Walter's unconscious little body and shook it. "Come on lil' guy. Wake up. He was joking."

Little Walter's eyes slowly slitted open and looked down at the bodies of the fallen nurses. "...Heather, I'm scared! I want my mommy!" Heather placed him back on his feet. "Don't worry, we'll find her."

James ran through the hospital for a little while, the rest of his group following. He stopped. "Come on, Maria, hurry up." Heather smacked her forehead. Henry shot another glare at Walter. Walter was still staring at the dead bodies.

James tried to open a door. "Aw, for freakin' Pete's sake, it's locked."

"I am SICK of having to find keys in bizzare places! OUTTA THE WAY, JAMES!" Heather slammed James off of the door handle, whipped out her handgun, and shot the doorknob. She flipped her hair and winked at James. "Instant access granted."

All of them barely crammed into the room. There was a hospital bed, a little table resting beside it, and nothing else besides a filthy, unable-to-see-through window. Maria quickly ran over to the bed and held her head. "Ugggghh...."

"Maria! What's wrong?" Henry and Heather glanced at each other with equal confusion. James was talking to a hospital bed.

Maria thrashed around on the bed, groaning. "I'm...ughhhh...sorry, James. It's just a... eeeerrrrgh... hangover. You should just go. I'll wait for"

"Okay, Maria," James replied, patting her on the forehead. "Stay safe." Now Henry and Heather were even more confused. He was patting and stroking a hospital bed. "Alright, guys, let's go."

Meanwhile, the adult Walter was wandering around the streets of Silent Hill, searching for his younger and much more adorable part. "Helloooo? Meeeeeeee? Where aaaaare you?" He walked all the way to Rosewater Park. He searched around and called again. No reply. He tried to think of a way to lure his counterpart over. "Umm...I know where your Mother is..." The little Walter didn't come. The adult Walter started to sweat.

He paced around the dock, searching for his friend. No sign of him anywhere. He saw the corpse of a giant, disgusting demon on the ground. He stomped on it. "Aw, disgusting..." Suddenly, the musical tone of his cell phone went off. Another text message.

"Pay attention to the first letter of every line of the following message:


Eating you while you're still alive

Ravenous, hungry, unforgiving

Angry and willing to kill

Loves to chomp on your breaking bones

Jean's Assassin"

Walter thought about the message for a moment, staring at it strangely. "Hmmm..." he stared at it a little more. "...Feral? What the hell is Feral supposed to mean?" He stuffed the phone into his pocket. "Feral...Feral..."

Growls and snarls were heard. Walter slowly started stepping back. This was an inhuman growl. He whipped out a pistol. "...Hello?" The growls got louder. He started to sweat. He squinted his eyes and stared into the fog, in the directions of the hostile sounds.

A leg pierced through the mist. It was skinless, the muscle, tendons, ligaments, bones all glistening and gleaming. A sickly pink tinged the muscle. Walter almost gagged. Another clawed leg appeared. Then a head appeared, the face of his newfound foe. It, too, was skinless. There were no eyes whatsoever, and no ears to be seen. But Walter knew it could smell him.

The strange, almost skeletal dog-like demon was horrifying to even glance at. A muscular body slowly came out of the fog, ribs and all gladly showing. The creature slowly stalked around Walter. Two more of its kind came out of the fog.

"Oh...God..." Walter continued pacing back. The creatures were clawing at the floorboards. They started to run at him. He started running, too.

He tried shooting at one of them. A miss. He couldn't help but let out a scream of fear. Glancing back at the creatures, Walter slammed blindly into a fence. He looked to his left, to his right. A hospital. He ran inside and slammed the door shut before the demons could enter. "Huff...huff...freakin' Ferals...freakin' Jean's Assassin..."

Heather heard a door slam. "...James, did you hear that?"

"Nope." James went into the men's restroom. "You guys check the rest of the hospital out, I gotta check something else out first."

Heather went into the women's restroom. Henry followed. "Pervert!" She screamed.

"Shut up, Heather. You brought that little freak in here, too." He pointed at little Walter, who was looking into a toilet and gagging.

Heather got down on her knees and crawled into a stall. She stared into the toilet bowl. She grasped the edge with one hand, and slowly prepared to enter with the other. She squinted into the water and-

"AH, FORGET IT. This is waaaay too gross." She looked at Henry. "Who would even think of doing something so disgusting?!"

Meanwhile, James was chillin' out in the men's restroom. He lifted up his sleeve and rammed his whole arm into a toilet bowl. "Mhm...mhm..." He scraped at the sides. "Gotta get the fingernails in there...nope, doesn't seem to be anything there..." He kept scraping. "Ooh!" He grinned and yanked his hand out. A chocolate bar. "Yummy!"

Henry stared at a toilet. He started to reach his hand in, and then he shrieked like a little girl. "AAAH!"

Little Walter stared at the toilet. "Ewwww!"

Henry gave an evil grin. While Heather wasn't looking, he grabbed Walter and dunked his tiny head into the toilet, yanking him back out. Walter shook his head like a dog and filthy water splashed everywhere.

Heather glanced over at Walter. "YUCK!" She examined his soaked-up head. "Darn it, Walter, you're not supposed to dunk your head in..." She shuddered. "You know what you were dunking your head in."

Suddenly, sounds of footsteps were heard outside. Heather creaked open the door. "Henry, I'm going out to see what that was. Take care of Walter for me." Henry gave a quick smirk and picked up little Walter. Heather heard him whisper, "Yeaaaaaah."

Step, step, step. "James?" Heather called, frantically looking down the hallways. Step. Step. "Seriously James, not funny." The footsteps were getting louder.

"Don't make me scream, James," Heather warned. She jumped at what the footsteps were coming from. It was the full-grown Walter. And he was wearing her pendant around his neck.

Walter jumped back as well, as if startled by her presence. "Oh, it's you," He smiled at her in the creepiest way she'd ever seen. "I wasn't expecting you here..."

"Yeah, like seeing you makes up my day." She glared at Walter, then started staring at the pendant. "Now give it back."

Walter started pacing around her, slowly, silently, smiling. "Give what back?" Heather watched as he circled her, and gave him a don't-start-with-me look. "Oh, you must mean this." He yanked the pendant off his neck and swung it in his fist. Heather nodded. "Oh yes, I suppose your father would be very upset if he found out this was gone."

Heather's eyes seemed to well up with shock. " did you know about...GIVE IT BACK."

"Your father, Heather, what was he like? Was he...angry all the time?" He continued swinging the pendant like a pendulum. "Did he..." he paused, as if searching for a word, "bother you? Tell me about your dad, Heather."

That tore it. Heather swung her fist out, full power, slamming it right into Walter's mouth. He flew back a little, stumbling. He wiped some blood off of his lip. "Make me, momma's boy." It was on.

Meanwhile, James had found the little punk that had stomped his foot and ran away from him. Her name was apparently Laura, and he had somehow managed to convince her to follow him. But then, for whatever insane, unfathomable reason, James had believed her when she had mentioned a letter was in the back of a room. So he went into the room, Laura locked him in, and asked him for the magic word. Apparently "YOU SNOTTY LITTLE BRAT! OPEN UP!" wasn't the magic word, so she left him in there.

That's the end of part 6. Part 7, maybe?

"Blue sky to forever, the green grass blows in the wind, dancing..." >.> Woot, song lyrics :D

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