Can I get a WOOP WOOP? Number 5. Not 4, not 3, not 2, not even numbah 1. This is the epic number 5. Read or Robbie the Rabbit will sneak into your house and crawl under your bed. BWAHAHAHA! But yeah, just read it ^.^

"I'm a bad daughter, James." Heather moaned, plodding zombie-like while she and James slowly exited the apartment. "I'm a bad daughter."

James put his arm around her shoulder. "Come on, Heather, no you're not..."

"Yeah I am. I promised my Dad I'd never lose that pendant. I'm a bad daughter." She hung her head in shame, stroking her neck where the pendant used to be.

James shook his head and took his arm off of her. "Cut it out, Heather. You're scaring me. Normally you're back-sassing me or punching me in the stomach. Now you're looking to me for emotional support. THE WORLD HAS TURNED UPSIDE DOWN-" Even he could hear how rude that sounded, so he zipped it.

Heather looked up at him. "You're has..." she hung her head again. "I can't believe he took it from me..." She paused for a moment, then continued. "Does he even know how much that meant to me?"

James sighed. "Nah. But your Dad will forgive you, I know he will."

Heather felt hot tears swim down her face like a river. " James, he won't...he can't..." She reached her hands into her hair and curled her fingers. "He just can't forgive me now..."

"Why not, Heather?"

"Dang it, James, don't you ever listen to context clues?"


"UGH!" She stomped her foot and punched James in the stomach.

Spite this, James burst into laughter. "THERE'S the Heather I know." He caught his breath and ran back up to her.

They both walked together for a moment. Then both of them asked each other at the same time, "What about Henry?"

Henry had managed to drag himself through the hole again. He heard muffled voices from behind a door. He looked in through a filthy window. There was Walter, and...a younger Walter.

"What the hell?" Henry whispered to himself.

"Get outta my way! I gotta find my mommy! ...Who are you?" The young boy asked.

"Hell the what?" Henry whispered.

"My name's Walter. Walter Sullivan. It's time to complete the 21 sacraments." The adult version answered, towering over his young counterpart.

"Lleh eht tahw?" Henry whispered again.

"B-b-but that's my name. And what are the 21 sacradoodles?" His counterpart asked nervously, shifting from foot to foot.


"You'll find out soon enough. Heh... but let's find Mother." Walter picked his younger version up and swung him over his shoulder. And he started to walk away.

Suddenly, Walter's ringtone started playing. "Darn it, you're busy trying to kidnap yourself, and you get a text message? DARN IT!!" He opened up his phone.

"You should ALWAYS watch what children are holding, Walter.

Jean's Assassin"

Walter looked over his shoulder. The child version of him was holding nothing, just dangling hopelessly. "Hmmph..."

Henry kept watching as Walter turned back forward and started walking away. Out of nowhere, a pistol dropped, as if it were thrown, to his younger version. The child looked at the pistol, grinned, and picked it up. He aimed at Walter's foot, and POW.

"GAAAAAH!" Walter fell to his knees and plopped down on the ground, holding his ankle. The child fell with him, but finally freed from his grip, fled the older Walter.

"Mommy! Where are you, Mommy?" The child yelled before running away.

"What to the the to the hell?" Henry ran away and crawled back through the hole. The child saw Henry crawl in and followed.

Heather and James were still well on their way through Silent Hill. After a while, James found the little girl who had stepped on his hand. He leaned over to Heather. "Watch this, Heather. The James-ster knows how to get bratty children to spill the beans." Heather rolled her eyes.

The little girl was humming, patting her legs and not even noticing either of them until James stretched his arms, cracked his neck, looked up at the girl, got into his big-bad-James mode, and yelled, "YOU! It was you, wasn't it? You're the one who stepped on my hand."

Heather leaped onto the wall and scooted over to the little girl. "You're awesome. You kicked his butt." The little girl giggled.

"I don't know, maybe I did!" She looked over at James and grinned. Heather snickered.

James groaned and glared at Heather. "What's a little girl like you doing here, anyway?"

Heather whispered something into the girl's ear.

"Kicking your butt," The girl answered. She took out a letter.

"Hey, what's THAT?" James stared at it, in awe.

"None of your business." The girl stood up. "You didn't love Mary anyway!" She ran away.

"WAIT! HOW DO YOU KNOW MARY'S NAME?" Too late, the child was long gone.

Heather sauntered up to James and nudged him. "Nice one, James. You really got that girl to SPILL THE BEEEAAANS." She teased.

"Come on, let's head to Rosewater Park. That might be the special place my letter mentioned." James claimed. Heather nodded in agreement.

They both ran all the way to the park. James looked around. "Awwww man, it's only Maria. I mean, OH, MARIA! I was wondering where you were!"

Heather let out one of those long, oh-my-goodness-this-guy-is-freaking-insane-and-talking-to-an-imaginary-chick sighs. She rolled her eyes and leaned against the edge of the rails, staring into the water. Her radio started emitting static. She gripped her handgun and turned around. It was one of those big monsters, huge meaty arms, twitchy and disgusting mouths. It towered over her.

She shot at it. A hit. But it was still very alive. It whacked her hard with a big, giant arm, and she flew into the air, landing hard on the floorboards. "JAAAAMES!"

James was completely caught up in Maria. He wasn't paying any attention to Heather's pleas. "So, Maria, have you seen Mary around here?" "AAAAAAAH, JAMES!" Whomp. "GAAAAAH!"

"No, James, I haven't," Maria replied, strutting around him like she was on some sort of catwalk. Pow, pow, pow. "Ha, I think I got it, James!" Whomp. "AAAAAAAH!"

"That's too bad, but at least you're safe, Maria." He led Maria over to Heather, who was huffing and puffing and staring at the fallen corpse of her opponent.

"Thanks for the HELP, James!" Heather yelled sarcastically, kicking the body.

"No problem, Heather!" James answered cheerfully.

Suddenly, Henry ran past them, screaming like a scared little girl. He cowered behind Heather again. "Keep IT away, Heather! KEEP IT AWAY!" Heather gripped her pistol. "I'll save you, Henry!"

She stared into the fog, waiting for the grotesque, ugly demon that was preparing to feast on Henry's entrails. A little boy ran up. "Uh, Henry, where's the monster?"

"THERE! THAT LITTLE BEAST, THERE!" He angrily jabbed a finger toward the little boy.

Heather stared at the boy. "Um..." She looked around the boy, trying to see the real monster. "...Where's the monster again?"

Henry leaped out from behind Heather and grabbed the boy by the ear. "Ow! Stop it!" The little boy smacked at his hand.

"This little pest. SHOOT HIM!"

Heather cocked her head to the side a little bit, examining the child. "...PFFF, HAHAHAHAHA!" She started rolling on the ground and slamming her fists against the floor. "HAHAHA, HEE HEE, HOO HOO HOO HAHA!"

James smirked and starting snickering. "Heheheheh, HAHAHAHAHA!" Pretty soon, James was rolling on the ground, too.

Maria crossed her arms. "How immature." She stared at them both for a moment, then the boy, then back to them. "Oh, what the heck, HAHAHAHAHAHA!" She started rolling on the ground as well.

Heather caught her breath, gained control of herself, and stood up. "Ha...ha ha...haaaaaa." She wiped a tear from her eye and picked up the boy. "What's your name, you little cutie pie?"

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Henry yelled, slamming his foot on the ground impatiently.

"My name's Walter!" The boy giggled. Heather gagged.

"WHAAAAAA?" She shook her head for a moment. "Walter Sullivan, by any chance?"

The boy nodded. Heather glared at him for a moment, gripping her gun. Her angry stare didn't last long, though. It creased into a huge grin. "AWWW, YOU'RE JUST TOO CUTE TO SHOOT!" She squeezed him tight, making him suffocate.

Henry rolled his eyes and gave a dirty look to the little Walter. James recovered from his fit of laughter and stood up. Heather flipped over to James, shaking the boy rapidly, like a ragdoll.

"CAN WE KEEP HIM, JAMES? CAN WE KEEP HIM?! I'll love him, and squeeze him, and never let him go!" She squeezed Walter tighter. He gasped for air. She continued shaking him.

"Abluggablurgablaaaaaaaa..." The boy gagged as he was rapidly thrashed by Heather. Henry grinned.

"Fine then. But you need to comb him, and give him a bath, and take him for walks, and if he has to go potty, take him outside." James nodded understandingly.

"YAY!" She placed him gently on the ground and smiled. "I do hate you as an adult, Walter, but you're so CUTE as a kid!" She held his hand and started following James.

Henry continued glaring at the kid, glares as quick as a snakebite. He stomped on Walter's foot. Walter winced and looked up at Henry. Henry smirked and kept walking. James led his followers to Brookhaven Hospital. Heather examined it.

"James, I don't wanna go into the hospital! We went over this before!" She stamped her foot. Walter copied her.

"Maria said that if Mary was in the hospital, it could be our special place. I'm going in." James burst through the door. Heather mumbled a few more insults and followed him. Henry shot another quick glare at Walter and walked in.

Part 6, maybe? :)

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