HOORAY! HIPPITY HIP HIP HOORAY FOR PART FOUR! I was sooo lookin' forward to this part of the series and now you've got it! I enjoy the part fourness of this series. I enjoy the series altogether. And I ENJOY the people reading it. A few new characters added to this one, along with a couple of games you can play:

  • Count how many times Henry says "What the hell"
  • Count how many times Heather physically harms James
  • Find out who's sending text messages to Walter (Although it seems kinda obvious ;D)
  • Clap for the epic first Pyramid Head Battle

So yes, here's part four. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed makin' it for you.

Both Heather and James, to their excitement, had made it away from Eddie and his disgusting barf smell. Heather was complaining for quite a while after that.

"You know, James, you shoulda just let me stay home. Everything here is totally INSANE!" She crossed her arms all sassy and kept mumbling a few inaudible insults while James replied to her.

"So what? We still gotta find Mary-" Heather interrupted him.

"We've got YOU, who got his butt kicked by a little girl, has a pretend buddy named Maria, and was digging around in MY APARTMENT TOILET!" Heather screamed, storming by him. "Then there's these freaking stupid monsters!" She kicked a dead monster that she had killed earlier. "And now we've met Eddie, the human dead pig whose smell could kill the monsters on it's own! And...and..." She sighed and her voice didn't sound angry anymore. It was soft, sad, depressed. "And I just want to go home."

James patted her on the back. "I promise I'll get you home as soon as we find Mary, okay?" Heather smiled at him.

The two walked silently for a moment. "I bet she'll be happy to see you again, James..." Heather looked over to James and gave a warm smile.

"Well, Heather...I don't know...Mary's...kind of...dead-"

"So we've went to this hellhole this whole freaking time for a DEAD person?" Heather screamed, but James covered her mouth.

"No, no- if Mary was really, truly dead, I probably wouldn't have got the letter, right?" James took his hand off, and Heather felt a little better. "I guess not..."

Suddenly, crackling was heard in a nearby section of the filthy walls. James jumped and screamed like a girl. Heather realized when James jumped back, he landed in her arms. She dropped him and stepped on his stomach. "GAH!" Heather smiled a little when James screamed. She then looked in the direction of the crackling noises.

They were getting louder, stronger. The walls seemed to be ripping apart. Little cracks started appearing. Wallpaper started peeling away from the point of damage. It sounded like the whole building was going to crash into rubble. Other noises were coming from the wall, muffled noises, voices, probably. Heather leaned in, James still recovering from his hurting stomach. All Heather could hear was "Leave...alone...stop...Walter..."

Suddenly, a section of the wall burst down, and a man flew from the rubble and into another wall. "OOF!" He slid down, his mouth bleeding. Heather gushed a little and felt her ears get hot. This guy was kind of cute.

"DANG IT, WALTER!" He started running in the other direction and shoved Heather out of the way, trampling over James' stomach. Heather normally would have insulted someone who did that, but she just gushed and smiled a bit. This guy was REALLY cute.

Another man emerged from the hole in the wall, weilding a chainsaw and revving it up. "No use running, Henry, you're lucky 21!" Heather looked over at this new man. She thought he was Claudia at first, examining the dress instead of his face.

"Claudia? I'd know that terrible fashion sense of a dress anywhere!" She yelled. Then she saw the man's face and was taken back. That's not Claudia, she thought quickly, that's a guy.

The man looked in Henry's direction, then over to Heather. "They're ROBES. Not a dress. ROBES." He revved up the chainsaw and burst past Heather. "COME ON, HENRY! LUCKY 21!"

James finally stood up and yanked Heather by the ear. "You stomped on my stomach. Then that guy stomped on my stomach. Then the other guy stomped on my stomach." Heather giggled and nodded, then looked over at Henry and the other strange man who was holding him by the neck.

The pursuing man, now known as Walter, was holding the other, now known as Henry, by the neck and holding up his chainsaw when a strange musical noise came from his robes. "Oh, sorry, Henry, can you wait for me to kill you? I've got a text message."

It read:

"Dear Walter,

You are so so so so so so HOT. Like, you're so hot I'd have to make up a word to describe your hotness,!

From, Your Secret Admirer"

He closed the phone and hid it behind his robes. "Well, never had a girlfriend." He looked back and bellowed, "YOU HEAR THAT, SECRET ADMIRER? I'M AVAILABLE!" He waggled his eyebrows and turned back to Henry. "Oh, right, I'm supposed to kill you now."

Henry winced and looked up. "" The music started playing again. Walter took out his phone impatiently. "I'm trying to fill up the 21 sacraments, and here someone is interrupting such an important dream of mine! GAWSH!" He opened up his phone to find a new message.

"Dear Walter,

We all have a time to die. Yours is very soon. I will kill you slowly, cruelly, ruthlessly, just so I can hear you SCREAM. Besides, Jean's paying me. I HAVE to kill you. You'd better sleep with one eye open. Cause you'll probably be missing the other when I'm done with you. BWAHAHAHA-yeah, can't evilly laugh from a phone.

From, Jean's Assassin"

Walter growled. "Great. You wanna kill me, Assassin of Jean? WELL BRING IT ON! But first I gotta kill Henry." He looked over to where his victim should be. He was gone. "...Henry?"

Henry was cowering behind Heather. Heather was glaring at Walter. "Leave him alone." She was in her world famous butt-kickin' pose, gun in hand, feet planted firmly on the ground, eyes squinting.

Walter slowly stepped toward her. "Leave who alone? That one?" He pointed toward the shaken Henry. "No, I won't." He gripped his chainsaw and lightly revved it, again, and again. "As you can see, I can go through you."

Heather pointed her pistol up. "Are you trying to intimidate me? Cause I've dealt with MUCH worse than you." She was trying to hide her sweating and shaking. It wasn't working very well.

Her opponent kept up his slow and steady stride, gently stepping along the ground as if in slow motion. He swung up the chainsaw, revving it a little louder this time. "Please don't interfere, now, I never enjoyed harming someone I didn't need to."

Enough talk. Heather whipped up the pistol and shot. Walter grabbed the chainsaw and flicked it up, the pistol bouncing off the metal. Clunk. He started revving it again. "Honestly, girl, is this how it's going to be?" She shot again. He easily blocked the bullet. Clunk.

By now, both Heather and Walter were completely unaware that Henry was behind him, holding up a shovel. Walter revved up the chainsaw and swung it right above Heather's head. It missed by an inch. Heather took advantage of this and shot Walter in the knee.

"GAAAH!" He fell down, and Henry whacked him on the head with the shovel. Thud. Walter was out cold. James was standing in a shadowy corner and watching it all go down.

Henry ran over to Heather and shook her hand. "Thank you...very much..." She smiled and hugged him. Henry was slightly taken back.

"I'm Heather." She flipped her hair and started swaying from side to side, blushing. "What's your name?"

"Henry Townshend." He said softly, rubbing his arm and looking over at Walter's limp body. "N-n-nice to meet you."

James screamed and made them both jump, "AND I'M JAAAAAMES!" Heather growled and muttered a few cusswords toward James, Henry whispered, "What the hell...?"

James came out of the shadows and grabbed Heather by the ear again. "Okay-let's-go-no-time-to-waste-come-on-Henry-what-are-you-waiting-for-let's-head-into-a-random-room-and-see-if-we-can-find-something-cool." James blurted the nonsense out so quickly that neither of the others understood it.

James walked over to another door and bursted it open. What the three of them found was a shocker.

Pyramid Head, the strange and huge monster they had found earlier, was...having fun...with two of the mannequin-like monsters. "WHAT THE HELL?" Henry screamed. Heather gasped and tried to scream. James covered her mouth and dragged her and Henry into a nearby closet.

Heather was sitting in a corner rocking back and forth. "He's raping them he's raping them he's-" James covered her mouth again. Henry leaned down to her. "Maybe he's just helping with a kink in their backs-"

At this, Heather became even more horrified, yanked James' hand off her mouth, and screamed like a banshee while Pyramid Head walked by. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Meanwhile, James snatched her handgun and started shooting at the monster.

Clunk. Clunk. Clunk. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Clunk. Clunk. Clunk. "AAAAAAAAAAAH!" Clunk. Clunk. Pyramid Head was getting irritated by all this noise. He dropped the poor helpless mannequins and left the room.

Heather kept rocking. "I just witnessed rape. I just witnessed incest. I just witnessed-" she jumped up a bit. "I just sat on something." She looked down. "Oh, cool, a key. AND I JUST WITNESSED RAPE!"

James dragged her out of the closet and smacked his head. "Heather, you could have gotten us killed. Are you out of your mind?"

Heather sighed and wiped a tear from her eye, opening up the door. "Hell, I guess we all are..." She looked down and shook her head. "I just wanna go home..." Then she thought about Douglas. "Oh no...what's he doing now?"

Douglas rode down the foggy streets a little more, rubbing his forehead. He looked at the empty passenger's side and groaned. "She had to have run away. She knew I could never replace Harry. She knew it." He slammed his fist against the car horn, accidently losing control of the car and swerving to the left unexpectedly. He quickly regained control and kept driving.

Observing the "Welcome to Silent Hill" sign, the car came to an abrupt stop. He flew forward and his stomach hit the wheel. "Damn...out of gas..." He took out his gun and left the car.

Snow trickled down, the streets engulfed in fog. He ran quickly along the road, no clue of where he was going. "HEATHER!" He bellowed. It echoed through the mist. No answer. "HEATHER!" He repeated. The echoes taunted him once again. He shook his head and sighed. "Please don't die on me..."

He kept walking down the pavement, blood streaking it. Anxiety filled up the poor man. He held the submachine gun up to his heart. And he kept walking.

More streaks of blood. More fear.

Suddenly, he saw a sign of Heather, her katana. It was lodged in a bloody, rusted-up fence, by a corpse of a dead, burnt and cut-in-half dog. "Aw, disgusting." He nudged the corpse with his toe. Another clue...and a big hallelujah...Heather's footprints! The blood from the corpse had soaked her feet, and it had allowed her to leave behind a bloody trail of footprints. Bingo.

He ran up to an old abandoned apartment building, where the tracks finally stopped. He shook his head and sighed. "Please, Heather...please be here..." He opened up the door and ran into the apartment building.

James, Heather, and Henry had found another person. She laid there on the ground, weilding a knife and examining it closely. "'s you..." she moaned.

"Yeah, it's me...I'm James. James Sunderland."

"...Angela..." she replied, hands still gripping the knife, eyes still blankly staring into it.

Heather rolled her eyes. James was gonna act like he was some sort of therapist now. "Alright, Angela, I don't know what you're planning, but..."'

Heather kneeled down to James and elbowed him in the stomach. "James, I think it's pretty freaking obvious she wants to kill herself."

Henry kneeled down too, copying Heather, and elbowed James in the stomach as well. "Yeah, she's definitely gonna kill herself...I, right, Heather?"

James punched Heather in the stomach and side-kicked Henry. "...But there's always another way, Angela."

Angela shook her head, gazing into the mirror as if she were nothing, a ghost. "'re the same as's easier...just to run."

James sounded a little angrier now. "NO. I'm not like you."

Heather giggled. "Yeah, he has blond hair and everything!" James punched her again.

Angela stood up. "Look, I'm sorry. I guess I just..." She slid the wide part of the knife along her sleeve. "I don't know..did you find, person you were looking for?"

"Well, I-" James tried to speak. Heather interrupted him and covered his mouth.

"No, instead he dragged me into this terrible place, got his butt kicked by a little girl, made an imaginary friend named Maria, met a super-puker named Eddie, and-" James slammed her in the stomach. She shut up real quick.

"No, I haven't found Mary yet. She looks like this." He showed Angela the picture. "Have you seen her?"

Angela sighed. "No, James."

He put the picture back in his pocket. "I've had no such luck either. Anyway, you won't get anywhere trying to kill yourself...I need that knife. I don't want you to get hurt."

She sighed again. "I guess...umm...I guess I'll give it to you...besides, I gotta find my mama! I mother..." she blushed and stood up. James stood up with her. He tried to take the knife.

"NNNOOOOOO!" Angela suddenly cried out, holding out the knife in self-defense. "I-I-I'm sorry...I just..." She quickly put down the knife and ran out of the room.

(Tee hee, 4th wall breakin' time.)

James grabbed the knife and put it in his pocket. "I don't think I should use it against the monsters."

"No, you shouldn't," Heather explained. "You see, you're supposed to examine that knife frequently throughout the game in order to acheive the In Water ending, where you drive your car into a lake so you can see your wife again."

Suddenly, all three of them forgot about what was just said. They left the room.

Meanwhile, Douglas slammed through the hallways of the apartment. "HEATHER, PLEASE COME OUT!" He ran over to a strange man lying down on the ground.

The man got up quickly. "...Did you just...did you just say Heather?"

"Uhm, yes, Heather. She's my daughter. I adopted her six months ago." He took out a picture and showed it to the man.

The man grinned wide and glared at the picture with an evil grin. "Never seen her before in my life."

Douglas smacked his head. "Awww man...I've been looking everywhere for her. You see that pendant there? It wasn't on the bed when I got home, so she had to have taken it with her when she left. She takes it EVERYWHERE with her."

The man was grinning even more evilly now. "Heheh...might I ask why?"

"Her real Dad died six months ago, and she was really close to him. She's been wrecked by it ever since. He gave that pendant to her a long time ago. It's all she has left of him."

"Hehehehehehehe! I mean, you might as well go, sir, I have some business to take care of..." The man whispered.

Douglas stood up and walked away. Walter grinned and rubbed his hands together, crawling back into the gaping hole in the wall.

James, Henry, and Heather came upon another door. It was locked. Henry had been keeping track of all the keys, so he unlocked the door for them. Heather ran in and ran back out, screaming. "OH MY GOD HE'S DOING IT AGAIN HE'S DOING IT AGAIN HE'S DOING IT AGAIN!"

James looked in to see what Heather was talking about. To his horror, Pyramid Head was playing the rape game again with another dead monster. Suddenly, PH looked up. James was interrupting his party. That didn't make him feel too good, cause right then he stood up, dropped the corpse, and lifted up his massive blade.

"Umm..." James dragged both Heather and Henry in. If he was going to fight this monster, there was no way he was doing it alone. Heather tried opening the door. Locked. She let out a cry of despair and slid down the door, running to the other side of the room. Henry just sat down and rocked in a corner.

Pyramid Head looked over to Heather and swung his blade by his foot. He hesitated for quite a while. Heather wondered what was going on in his disgusting head. Actually, Pyramid Head was wondering if he should kill Heather, if it would remind James of Mary, if it would help him with his intended purpose. He stopped moving his blade and started turning away from Heather. At least, he was turning away, until James screamed "PLEASE! NOOO! DON'T HURT HER!"

It was upsetting James. And that was his job. Pyramid Head looked back to Heather and started lifting up his blade.

Heather looked down and sighed. Suddenly, she heard a voice. A strong, deep, brave voice. Her father's voice. "Cheryl! Stop it! Don't let it hurt you! Move, Cheryl!"

"...Dad...?" Heather looked up at the ceiling.

"PLEASE, CHERYL! MOVE!" Heather leaped out of the way, the monster's massive blade barely dodging her foot.

Already Pyramid Head was having enough of her. He turned away, started attacking James. He grabbed James by the throat and started strangling him.

"Cheryl! Help your friend!" Heather heard the voice continually echo in her head. Time to go into complete and total sassy mode.

"Hey, TIN CAN!" She yelled at the massive creature bravely, hiding her fear. "That supposed to be a knife? I've seen twigs bigger than that THING!"

The monster dropped James. He landed with a thud but quickly recovered, catching his breath. Pyramid Head looked at Heather, grabbed her by the ankle, and hung her upside down, squeezing it. She felt a sickening snap in her ankle and let out a scream of agony.

Suddenly, the walls started crackling again. Another massive hole burst through the wall. Walter crawled out, staring up at Heather and grinning. She looked down at him and growled.

Pyramid Head shook Heather, and hard. She swung helplessly. "AAAAH!" Suddenly, her pendant fell off of her neck and gently hit the ground. "No!"

Heather was crying. The pain of her ankle, the fear building up, and the fact that her pendant was away from her were too much. Walter looked up at her and winked. "DON'T YOU DARE!" He dared. He gladly reached out his arm, snatched the pendant, and waved it toward Heather tauntingly. Then he grabbed Henry and dragged him into the hole. The hole slowly patched up.

Walter was gone. And so was the pendant. Heather burst into sobs. And a siren went off.

Pyramid Head dropped her. She landed flat out on the ground, lifting up her wounded leg and screaming bloody murder. The monster fled down the stairs.

Heather looked over at James. "I broke my promise, James..." she stroked her neck where the pendant used to be. "I broke my promise..."

That's the end of part 4. Anyone up for part 5? Certainly glad I got this far, glad you guys kept up with me and kept reading! I'd gladly like to read your thoughts!

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