Well...I guess it's time to roll the credits. (Yes, I just HAD to steal that line from Heather.) Every good thing comes to an end, no? So play a sad song on the piano, collapse into dead Harry's lap, and sob uncontrollably. That's what I feel like doing. But this, part 27, is the final part of The Quest for Mary. And I couldn't have made it without you. So here we are, in the final chapter, the final part, the final countdown! ...Wait, why countdown?! Oh well. This drawling introduction is way too long. So now, without further sad-oh-dear-the-series-is-ending talk...the final part.

It was over. Completed. Finished. James now waited alongside the waters of Rosewater Park, every single feeling of determination he had to find Mary deliberately gone. He was finished. He didn't want any more of this hell...he just wanted to leave, transport to another dimension, trade away his life for something better. His trembling arms rested on the borders that blocked him from the lake. Heather waited sympathetically beside him.

"'s over, huh?" Heather felt a strange combination of relief and empathy swirling inside of her. She leaned against the border and gave a small smile to James in an attempt to comfort him.

James gazed out into the foggy lake, his filthy blond hair blocking his tired eyes as he drew in a long breath. "...Yeah, I guess it is." He paused for a long while, his stare slowly turning toward Heather. "Sorry I dragged you out here."

"Don't be." Heather quickly gasped. She looked down at her pendant. "...You sort of remind me of someone, James. Your determination, anyway."

James looked down at the water again. He still felt so shaken by what he had seen at that hotel, what had just been revealed to him. He was shell-shocked. "...Well..." He didn't say any more than that. He couldn't excuse what he had done.

"James!" A voice called through the fog, sounding like the spitting image of Mary's delightful tone. It was Maria. She walked up to him, unharmed once more, her tempting outfit perfectly clean, her hair in perfect shape, her face ever so lovely as the sprinkles in her eyeshadow shimmered. "...James! Are you alright?"

James looked over at that woman again. And suddenly, he fell off of the edge of the world, let go of everything else except that angel that kept showing up to him. "...Oh, Maria...I'm fine."

She ran her glossy fingernails along his shoulders playfully, chuckling as she did so. Her lips leaned close to his ear as she whispered, "Did you find Mary?"

That one hurt. James gulped and he felt a demon scraping against the inside of his chest. Then he closed his eyes and sighed. "No...Mary's dead..." He started choking, knowing what he was about to admit. "...I...I killed her..."

Heather had enough of this Maria chick. Hadn't James gotten done with his imaginary friend after he took down the two Pyramid Heads? "James, Maria doesn't freaking exist. I've told you this a billion times! Man, get a life. Fine, hang out with your imaginary prostitute...I'm outta here." With that final hissy fit, Heather stomped her foot in frustration and stormed away. She had enough of James and Maria. She didn't like hanging out with someone who was obviously hallucinating or out of his mind or whatever, and she had told James off real good, and she was done.

Even so, James was so absorbed in this beautiful voluptuous woman that he didn't even hear Heather's rant. He blushed furiously and looked up at Maria's perfect smile, her gorgeous eyes. "Maria, I want you. I want you with me."

Man, what a cheesy pick-up line. Pick-up 101, James, Maria thought to herself. But she knew that she had won him over that pathetic Mary. Ha, what match was his dead wife for the lovely lady Maria? She cackled in delight and tossed her arms around his neck. "Okay, James. Okay!" She was so perfectly excited. James gushed even more as he lifted Maria off her wonderful feet and carried her away.

Douglas had almost lost his hope. He had even contemplated suicide once or twice, after all, Heather was so obviously gone, far away from him, probably dead. For the first time, he started to cry. He felt the warm tears flowing down and he sobbed all the more because he knew he couldn't control them. Big whimpers came from the poor man as he continued walking. He started holding the submachine gun to his head and-

"DOUGLAS!" Heather's voice screeched to him as she toppled into him. She started weeping, too. "Oh, Douglas, I'm so sorry! I'll never run off again! I know I broke the rules! Ground me! Punish me! I don't care! I just want out of this freaking town!"

This was extremely awkward for Douglas. "Uh...okay...Iet's get outta here, then." He patted the screaming Heather on the back and wondered what had driven her to tears.

"Man! That Maria chick. That's all he would say! Blah-blah, Maria this! Blah-blah, Maria that! Freaking James Sunderland and freaking imaginary Maria sitting in a freaking tree!" Heather hissed loudly as Douglas dragged her down the sidewalk.

After a while of Heather's constant insulting towards James and this Maria girl, Douglas had finally managed to find his car. "Well...I ran out of gas when I got here to find you." He pointed toward his car. "So how are we going to get out of-"

Suddenly, the car revved up and started. The headlights flashed on.

Both Douglas and Heather gave a confused shrug to each other and got in the car. "Eh, guess it's not outta gas after all." Douglas laughed as he put his foot on the gas. Heather heaved out a sigh of relief but then remembered something...someone. "Let's go home, Heather."

"Wait!" Heather grabbed his shoulder, making him jump. "Instead of going home...can we head to Ashfield? South Ashfield? I want to see someone."

Pitch-black darkness was all that was there as Melinda floated, soaring through the dark. She had no clue where she was, who she was, what she was. Alone and horrified, she looked around, calling out for someone, anyone. Her voice echoed through the darkness and she waited there, wondering what was going to happen next.

Eileen waited patiently in her hospital bed, watching Melinda squirm and writhe in her bed, asleep. A voice crackled through the intercom. "Room 28-A, visitor requesting to enter." Eileen looked down at the dining tray that the nurses had brought in, disgusting 2-star food. There was no way she was eating that slop.

Staring out the window, she watched the cars buzz by without care as the door to her room slowly creaked open. Henry nervously entered, two bouquets in his hands as he looked compassionately at Eileen. " doing alright?"

Eileen shifted for a moment in her bed and shrugged. "Yeah...I'm not too bad. I had it worse, though...Melinda was a little injured, her arm was broken when Walter stomped on it and she has a gash on her shoulder from his chainsaw. I'm covered with bruises and have a broken arm and the numbers 20121 carved in my back."

"Well, come on, you've gotta give Melinda some sympathy," Henry placed a bouquet by Eileen's bed, making her flush. "After all, if she hadn't killed Walter, chances are we coulda been dead meat."

Eileen smiled. "Yeah. So, guess we gotta find a new place to live, huh?"

Henry groaned, knowing that new places meant new people and he wasn't Mr. Social. "Mhm."

Suddenly, Melinda jolted awake, the darkness surrounding her turning into a surreal new place. She was in a hospital room. Deja Vu. She remembered this place when she had her eye gouged out by that knife...the memories it brought almost made her scream.

"Well, good morning, sleepyhead." Henry giggled, his attention switching from Eileen to Melinda, "Did ya have a nice nap?"

Melinda felt a sickening tug in her stomach. "...I killed him, didn't I." Her voice faded as she spoke. She was prepared for the worst.

"...You did save me. And Eileen." Henry pointed to Eileen, who waved kindly at Melinda. Now Melinda was even more shocked. Eileen was actually being nice to her. She had to be on some sort of pain medication for her wounds...

"Thank you," Eileen mouthed quietly.

Henry sat down by Melinda and placed the flowers on her stomach. "Well, granted. He was a serial killer." He smiled and patted his friend on the head, messing with her hair.

"In my heart...I still believe that Walter was innocent..." Melinda whispered, so quietly Henry almost didn't hear her. But when he realized what she said, he was slightly confused. "I know he killed people, he did." Melinda whispered again, Henry feeling a less puzzled. "But he didn't hate you...he didn't hate anybody he killed at all...he just wanted a mother." Now Henry understood. Melinda started sobbing.

"Come on, no tears." Henry laughed, tickling Melinda with one of the flowers, making it dash across her nose while the pollen left a yellow streak. "It's all over now."

Heather entered the hospital room, Douglas proudly standing by her side. "Heard some people got hurt, we wanted to make them feel better." Heather laughed, looking at Eileen and Melinda as their smiles mirrored hers.

Then Jean and Mandy entered the room. And so did Dante. "I've got a new boyfriend," Jean giggled.

Henry leaned over Melinda, his lips starting to pucker. And he kissed her. Once the smooch was over, he retreated and smiled. "...I love you..."

"Ha!" Dante laughed, wrapping his arm around Jean and kissing her. "Henry, you're such a wimp. I go for the cops cause I'm the real player."

Henry heard the insult and stood, glaring at Dante. "I'm sure that Jean would love me, too!" Both of them bickered over Jean for a while, while Mandy groaned with jealousy and Jean crossed her arms.

"Two hot guys fighting over me, Mandy. That's another check off my list for things I want before I die." Jean snickered with pride.

"And you've also got a hot guy that plays a literally electric guitar. Another check off your list," Mandy laughed, high-fiving Jean.

Eileen looked over at Melinda and smiled. "These two guys are hopeless, huh, Melinda?"

"Yeah." Melinda giggled while Heather watched the two men get into a brawl. Douglas wondered for a moment if he should stop the fight, but shrugged and watched it as well. Suddenly, Melinda's phone buzzed. She reached with her good arm for her phone and answered. "...Hello?"

"Melinda...sweetheart..." It was her mother. She was crying. "I know what I did to you was unforgivable. Please don't hang up on me, dear...I want to see you that second you leave that hospital. My little girl saved lives."

Melinda was utterly shocked. Her mother...she was calling her! And not insulting her, no less! She was complimenting her "scumbag" of a daughter, that same "little girl" that she had locked in the closet for hours at a time, that same "little girl" she'd kicked out of the house. And now her mother was talking to her, sweetly, kindly. Melinda could've hung up the phone...but she talked to her mother for once, told her everything she had to say. Ever since that day, they would get along.

It had been a long journey in Silent Hill, and many lessons were learned. The guilt Heather had felt toward her father's death was gone, she knew it wasn't her fault and she wouldn't let the guilt kill her. James knew what he had done to Mary, but hey, he had a gorgeous and love-wanting Maria by his side now, he didn't need Mary anymore. Henry needed to leave his apartment, but he was safe now, the same with Eileen. Douglas had become a better father. The quest for Mary was over...but new journeys had just begun.

That's it! The end of my series...the Quest for Mary is complete. Thank you all for reading it. Well, there's only one thing left to do...gimme some feedback! Here's some starter questions for you.

  • Are you glad that I used the "Maria" ending?
  • Do you think anything should have changed?
  • How did you like the last part of the Quest for Mary?
  • Should I make more fanfictions?
  • Did you find Heather's final rant about Maria as funny as I did?
  • What was your all-time favorite quotes from the characters in TQFM?
  • Ask me some questions in the comment section if you wish, I'll answer them as soon as possible!

Though my series is over, maybe I'll keep writing fanfictions...and once again, I'm glad you kept up with me all the way here. I'm honored. I feel like...EPIC! Paradise. Pure and total PARADISE! One final time, thank you for reading.

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