This is it (not the end, but still the final battles)! The final onraging war between Melinda and Walter, James and...his wife? Heather and "the God", little Walter's just watching, Eileen versus the Killing Machine. Behold...part 26! Full of action and fear and emotions and battle! Read...and try not to scream. (Nah, I don't think it's THAT scary...)

Heather rolled her eyes. James was on this whole dealio again about Oh-my-God-Maria-is-dead-again-I-can't-believe-it-I'm-gonna-die. She honestly thought this guy had gone off his rocker, or at least was on some sick drug she couldn't name. But she was also horrified when she noticed two Pyramid Heads standing behind him, not one of them even bearing a threatening glance toward her. These were his monstrosities, and this was his battle to win.

"I was weak..." James' voice was tinted with rage as it grew stronger. "That's why I needed you. Someone to punish me for my sins..."

Heather watched in gut-wrenching horror as the hideous creatures...they were backing away from him! Two muscular, terrifying, ready-to-kill monsters...backing away from their prey! They had taunted this man with their blades and roars from the beginning. They had played with his fear, toying with it the second he entered this town. And they were backing away from him.

"James...are you alright?" Heather's anxiety almost covered her mouth, she barely managed to gasp out the question.

James didn't even bother answering. He had enough of this guilt, this pain, this torment. "But that's all over now." He stood, shotgun out, eyes filled with fury. "Now it's time to end this."

Heather didn't know it, but she was shaking. Her body was quivering and weak, the fear that had built up inside her bursting out like raging waters. And she collapsed in pain that came from nowhere, sprouting into her head. Harry's face flashed into her mind, her father's face.

"NOOOO! DAD!" She cried at the top of her lungs as she hit the floor, holding her head, the other hand clutching her stomach. That night in the apartment...Harry's corpse...his blood, mercilessly dripping from his body...the guilt she had felt that very second was now being unleashed. "PLEASE! STOP!" She wailed, helpless sobs echoing off the walls.

And what about James? He couldn't care less about Heather's predicament. He had his own problems to deal with. He was ruthlessly putting his foot down, he was killing his foes, and in a way, he was fighting against his own self, his sin. The shotgun blasted out round after round, bullet after bullet. And they weren't harming his opponents in the least.

Even so, the monsters seemed to realize their purpose was fulfilled. James knew of his sin and that was that. So they backed away from him once more, pulled out their spears, and impaled themselves, blood splashing against the floor in a puddle.

"Dad...I'm sorry...I..." Heather's pain slowly grew away and she weakly stood, staggering toward James. "...They killed themselves?"

James breathed heavily, giving a furious glance to Heather. "...Yeah...there was a Maria here...she's gone now."

"So what do we do?" Heather asked nervously, her eyes shifting from left to right.

"Now..." James began, pumping his shotgun and the sound echoing off the walls, "Now we find Mary."

Henry felt pain throbbing through his body. Real smart, jumping down a hole again. Hadn't he learned the last time? That was James' job. His head rose, the scenery new. Before him was a circular battleground, in the middle of the passage a massive pool of blood. In the center of the pool was a huge machine, gears and spikes grinding furiously against one another. Eileen...she was walking toward it!

"No-" Henry tried to cry out. A voice interrupted him.

"Don't worry, little Walter. It's almost over." It was the adult Walter's voice.

Henry glanced over at Walter, then at another creature that looked at him menacingly. He took out a pamphlet: "Your Silent Hill 4 Guide."

He flipped through a few pages. "Hm. Apparently that thing there is a Conjurer, and I need to kill it to make Walter-" He pointed at the adult Walter, who was patting his tiny counterpart on the back. "...mortal."

Walter left his puny version be and sauntered pridefully toward Henry. He smiled in a way that made Henry want to vomit. And he circled around him, slowly, silently, smiling.

"You're it, Henry." He gestured toward Henry, his sentence ending with a cackle. "Heh...the last of the 21 Sacraments. The Receiver of Wisdom. The Final Sign." He looked all around, his hands stretching out and then meeting at his chest, crossed in a satisfied stance. "And that pathetic assassin couldn't have saved you, could she?"

"She...she'll find you, Walter! She'll kill you." Every step Walter took around Henry made his fear worsen, but he scoffed his words out anyway. "And you'll have failed."

Walter gave another broad, menacing laugh. He raised a bloody hand to his eye and wiped off a tear. "Oh, Henry, I've made it this far, haven't I?" He pointed to Eileen. "She's literally walking right into my trap. And're too easy. Poor little Townshend, the town photographer that nobody noticed or cared about-"

"Look who's talking!" Henry's fear was replaced by rage. "Ever since you were a little kid, you were spit on! Picked on! Nobody noticed or cared about you, either!" Walter was a little taken back by Henry's insults.

"But soon...I'll awaken my mother." He started stepping toward Henry. "And she'll love me. And notice me. And care about me." Henry stepped back as Walter raised a gun toward his head.

Henry knew that this could be the end. He was actually starting to cry, a teardrop hitting the ground in a miniature splash. Walter's finger wrapped around the trigger. Henry took another step back, and almost fell, but he regained his balance and-

"Walter!" A woman's voice cried out from away from the two. Henry looked back and let out a sigh of relief. It was Melinda.

Walter suddenly felt his memory growing into place as he saw this woman's face, her scar, her tattered clothing. Her helpless cry. "M...Melinda!" He seemed to be shocked at first, but then he smiled broadly, happiness flowing into him, excitement. "It's been so long! It's been years!" He fled from Henry and ran over to his friend, automatically tossing himself onto her in a hug.

Melinda felt her lips quake as she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Oh...Walter...I missed you so much..."

"And now..." He whispered into her ear, his giggles making her shiver, "now you can watch me complete the 21 Sacraments! The ritual is almost completed!"

His voice wavered with curiousity and eagerness. Melinda shut her eye, knowing she was about to crush his dreams and end his life forever, rid herself of her own best friend.

"Of course, there has been some freak assassin getting in my way..." He squeezed her tighter. "But she's gone now! And now I can finally awaken my mother!"

Melinda breathed in and out, her voice almost withered as she lifted up a katana and held it to his back as she continued to hug him tight. "I know...I know..." She chanted softly. And she dug the katana into his coat, into his skin. And he let out a cry of pain.

"AAAAAGH!" Blood poured from his back and splattered against the cool pavement. He shoved Melinda away, almost making her fall over. " could you...why did you..."

Melinda bit her lip so hard it almost bled. "I am Jean's Assassin, Walter." She slammed her foot on the ground, glaring at him. "I was hired to kill you, and in the process, save the lives of innocent people." She waved a hand toward Henry and Eileen.

Walter stared up at Melinda. That girl he had met in the subway...that girl that had walked with him and talked with him, his one true friend...she was out to kill him. His eyes swarmed with something like shock, and then he looked hurt, then confused, and then he gave a raging glare.

" would kill me. Kill your best friend, Walter." He bellowed, his furious voice shaking with anger. "I trusted you. lied to me. All those years, you were just like those punks who tried to beat me up. You just didn't admit it." He started walking toward Melinda. Whatever love he had ever felt toward that girl, that woman, it had turned into seething hatred.

They had walked all the way to the roof of the hotel, searching for that woman, better yet, devil. And shockingly, they found her. There Mary laid, patiently resting on her bed, and she turned toward James. "Oh...James, you had me worried. You took a while."

Heather rubbed her eyes. She saw her! She was actually seeing what James did!

"Yeah..." James sighed. "I know."

"Why did you bother coming up here? You killed me, James. You ended my life." Mary stopped lying down, she looked toward him and clutched the mattress of her bed.

"I'm sorry, Mary...really I am..." James didn't bother looking at this woman. He knew she was just a creature in disguise, playing with his feelings like a toddler played with food.

" you really think I'd ever forgive you for what you DID?!" Before James could even answer the question, Mary arose from the bed, floating in mid-air. Her body flipped upside down and she became a disgusting grey and decaying creature, almost directly imaging his wife, save for the rotting flesh and grey skin, her hands gripping a frame while a tentacle sprouted from her back.

James automatically pumped his shotgun and started shooting, whilst Heather started feeling her stomach churn. She suddenly felt bile swarming up her throat and she vomited...a fetus?!

"Aw, not this thing again. Ah well, at least Claudia's not here to stop me." Heather took out her foot and squished it. "WOOT! I KILLED GOD!"

James was too busy blasting the monstrous version of his wife to care.

Walter was still immortal, so Melinda's constant efforts to attack him were practically useless. Henry knew he had to kill that Conjurer or Melinda was as good as dead and Walter would finish the ritual. He flipped through the pamphlet again. "Oh, right, umbilical cord, and spears."

"What?!" Melinda cried out as Walter's fist was coming, coming. He slammed it right into her cheek, laughing as she fell back to the floor. "You've been spending this whole time carrying around an UMBILICAL CORD?!"

"Heck yeah! Frank Sunderland would be soooo jealous." Henry laughed while he yanked out the umbilical cord, showing it to the monstrous creature. It cried out in pain or fear, either way, Henry was just happy his plan was working. He read through the pamphlet more. "Spears. Blah blah blah, use the spears."

Walter kneeled down to Melinda, his hand gripping her neck. "You're a freak. A total good-for-nothing dog." Melinda gasped for air as he squeezed her throat harder, making oxygen barely graspable. "How could I have trusted you?"

"Henry...please..." Melinda wheezed as Walter snickered at her horror.

Henry suddenly used the many spears he had gathered, and the creature writhed and slowly passed away. Now Walter was mortal. "Quickly, Melinda! Walter's mortal! You can kill him now!"

Walter gripped her neck tighter and leaned close to her ear, she could feel his warm breath flowing past it. "Don't worry...all dogs go to heaven."

That insult was it. Melinda burst into rage. "Burn in hell." Her legs thrust out and slammed him in the stomach, making him fly off of her. Her neck was free from his deathgrip, and she sucked in fresh air and picked up her katanas. Then she started running after Walter, who whipped out his chainsaw.

Henry watched the two battle each other for a moment, and then one thought flashed through his mind-Eileen!

"Eileen! Stop! You're going to die!" She didn't listen to him. She continued stepping closer, ever so close to that vicious machine. He ran over to her and started pulling her away. "Stop!"

Eileen's blank, emotionless eyes suddenly burst into fear. "Henry! Where am I?!"

"Oh, thank're not possessed anymore. Get away from that Godforsaken thing!" Henry pointed toward the Killing Machine while dragging Eileen off of the boardwalk.

Walter cackled as he raised his chainsaw, slinging it down toward Melinda's head. She swung her katanas up and blocked it, but she knew that Walter had tried this before, and that he knew she couldn't hold him back forever. The metal grinded and shreiked and Melinda didn't notice it at first, but she was crying.

Finally, she allowed her katanas to break free from each other and lunged out of the way, barely missing Walter's bloodstained chainsaw. One of her katanas flew from her hand as she tugged them apart, splashing into the seas of red.

She had to think of something. She glanced at the winking Walter, the Killing Machine, the pool of blood. "Aha..." Then she decided to taunt him, making sure that he'd follow her. "Come and get me if you think you're fast enough!" She smacked her behind and stuck out her tongue. Henry laughed cause she was acting like a five-year-old. She reminded him of Laura.

Walter roared with anger and he started following after her, his chainsaw revving with hatred. Melinda quickly ran up to the boardwalk. Her boot got snagged on one of the cracks and she tripped. Looking up, Walter towered over her.

"You're pathetic." He hissed, his foot rising up. He slammed it on her arm, a sickening crunch sounding from it. Melinda didn't feel it at first, but once she did she screamed bloody murder and burst into tears. She couldn't feel her arm anymore. "To think I ever...ever thought that you cared about me!"

"But I do care about you!" Melinda gasped out between sobs of agony.

"Enough of that!" Walter pulled her up by her shirt, his eyes overflowing with anger. "You always hated me."

"No!" Melinda swung him around. Now his back was turned to the Killing Machine. He set her down on the ground, preparing to punch her again.

Henry watched as Melinda prepared her next move. But what she did shocked him.

Melinda's hands swung into Walter's hair, and she pulled him forward and kissed him. Long and deep, that kiss was. Henry felt his mouth drop open as the two gave a long smooch. Finally, Melinda pulled his head away.

"I...I..." Walter seemed shocked, but he pulled her closer and kissed her again.

Suddenly, Melinda grabbed her one katana and jammed it, hard, into Walter's stomach. He stopped kissing her, his head jerking back, his mouth dripping blood and gore. "Bleh...bluaaaagh..." He looked up at her, his eyes in tears. "...Mother..."

Melinda kicked him and his body flew helplessly into the pool of gore. Grinding sounds were heard, skin and bone flying into the walls and splatting on the floor. Little Walter suddenly disappeared.

The horror of what she had just commited had flown quickly to her chest, and Melinda fainted. Soon after, Henry collapsed, along with Eileen.

"James...James..." The creature whispered his name compassionately, but James didn't care. The cries for him seemed like mocking. He gave the monster one final shot before she finally died, without a word. James looked over at Heather.

Heather looked down at the grating, rubbing her blood-stained boot against it. "...So what do we do now?"

James gave a long, hard sigh. "...I don't know, Heather. I just don't know."

Part 26 is over, but the series isn't! (YET) Who wants a part 27?

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