Part 25! Oh, amazing. I am in awe of this amazing number. You should be too. The end is nearing, BUT WE'RE NOT THERE YET! So, um...what's that thing you usually do when you click on a blog or part of a series? Um...hmm...oh, right, you read the part. what you're supposed to already! Quit reading this way-too-long introduction and READ the PART.

James ran his finger gently across the video tape he had found. Could it be? That video tape, the very same he had forgotten when he and Mary were to leave Silent Hill...could it be that same tape? "Mary...this has to be it..." He murmured while he stroked the tape. Heather gave a strange scowl. It wasn't very often you saw a grown man stroking a video tape, if at all.

"Uh, Sunderland, what is it?" Heather moaned in a sassy tone while squinting at the tape in his hand.

James observed it a little more before answering. "It's a tape that...that me and Mary made. Here, in this hotel." He gestured broadly and put the video tape in his jacket.

Heather smirked. "So, you and Mary lived in a demon-infested hell-hole?"

"Very funny." James hissed while he beckoned Heather out of the office. "Let's go. I have a feeling that I need to head to our old hotel room."

"Room 302?" Heather blurted out randomly.

"No, why'd you say that?"

"Just a thought." Heather sheepishly smiled and quickly fled the room.

James looked at that video tape one last time before he left. That had to be the tape...Mary had to be here...her angel-golden voice echoed through his mind as he pictured her sitting by the window, speaking of the beautiful town. A warm, bubbly feeling seemed to grow within his chest. He giggled.

Heather gave him a look as if he'd gone full-out insane. "What's so funny, James?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"Nothing, Mary, nothing." James pushed Heather aside and started up the staircase.

"But my name is Hea-"

"Quiet, Mary."

"Mandy, I'm getting worried." Jean sighed while she hung up her phone. Mandy had counted 13 times that Jean had tried to call Melinda. Each of those times ended in abrupt static. It was confusing both of them.

"Don't be scared," Mandy encouraged softly. "Besides, if you get scared, it'll interfere with my bugging you."

Jean growled at Mandy, who gave a wide grin of satisfaction and started pacing away. A loud, low voice grumbled through the fog. It made both of them jump and look around frantically. Could it be Walter, the very idiot that their assassin had been hired to kill? Or a simple random stranger? Or a stalker? A demon? A-

"Wow, Jean. Your laugh sounds so weird." Mandy snickered while Jean simply turned up her nose and groaned.

"Hello, ladies! Or should I say, lady and the beast?" A voice called through the fog.

"Am I the lady?" Mandy called hopefully toward the source of the voice.

"Heck no. You're a beast." Jean scoffed.

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

Mandy and Jean got into a quick catfight, hisses and growls and hands flying. Mandy took a swipe at Jean's hair, Jean tried kicking Mandy in the stomach. They both wrestled on the ground for a little while.

"Come on, ladies! No need to fight over me." The voice let out a broad laugh. "Besides, everyone knows that SHE is the beast." A leather-gloved hand reached out and pointed to Mandy.

"I concur." Jean laughed while Mandy stomped on her foot. "Wait...I'd recognize that voice anywhere...Dante?!"

A guitar blaring through the mist answered Jean's question.

Henry and Melinda were both on the verge of losing hope. They'd searched most of the hotel. And who did they find? Nobody but vicious bloodthirsty demons. Strange roars and screeches continually danced into their ears as they nervously shifted through the hallway. Even Melinda had lost her overconfident stride.

"We' to find them...somewhere..." Henry sadly mumbled, his voice overtoning with a combination of anxiety and depression.

"We will, Henry. We will, I promise." Melinda softly whispered.

Suddenly, a sight appeared that brightened both of their hopes. A glimmer of beauty-and slashes and scars and bruises-Eileen was walking down the hallway! Little Walter was in her arms, having fallen asleep with his thumb casually jammed into his mouth. Henry almost squealed with excitement. Melinda simply continued her downward stare and smiled.

Henry ran over to Eileen and flung his arms around her. "Eileen! Eileen, oh Eileen! I missed you oh so much! Where the hell are the others? And oh I missed you!"

Eileen blankly gazed at Henry, her eyes empty of any emotion whatsoever. "I know where James and Heather are." Her voice was as void of emotion as her stare. "Follow me to find them." With that, she simply walked forward, almost dragging Henry until he finally let go of her neck.

Melinda noticed the awkward activity almost instantly. Eileen didn't talk like that, and if Henry hugged her, God knew that she would have gave an evil wink toward Melinda. But now she was plodding like a zombie, her voice like a robot. But even though this all seemed pretty weird, Melinda followed her anyways.

James slowly opened the door, knowing what might be waiting behind it could be dreadful. But he also knew that Mary could be waiting there for him. So he slowly creeped open his hotel room door, a loud creak echoing into the hallway that made both him and Heather cringe.

The hotel room was just as he remembered, save for the mist blocking any view from the windows. The television set was turned off, a VCR waiting patiently beside it. The bed was well-made, its sewer-green comforter perfectly set on the matress, the pillows untouched by any killer's hands. "This is it, Heather. This is it." He took out the video. And he turned on the television. And he inserted the tape into the VCR and plopped into his easychair. Heather sat on the carpet, which was, for once, clean.

The screen buzzed with nothing but static at first, but then the image of Mary appeared, happily standing by the window with her hands on her hips. "Are you video-taping again? Come on..." Her lovely voice made Heather want to smile. Then Mary sat down by the window.

"You know what I heard?" Mary almost chuckled as she gestured toward the window. "This whole used to be a sacred place."

"Oh please." Heather hissed at Mary's statement.

"Shut up, Heather." James covered Heather's mouth as he continued watching the tape.

Mary's eyes seemed to beam with excitement as she looked into the camera. "Oh, please promise you'll take me here again! Please-" Her voice was interrupted by sounds of her coughing as she abruptly lifted her hand to her mouth.

Heather and James both looked at each other while the tape cut to static, but then a new image appeared on the screen. Mary was lying down on the bed, motionless. James was waiting patiently beside her. After a moment or so, James stood over her and leaned down for a kiss. Heather smiled at this. Suddenly, James took something out. A pillow? It couldn't be.

The James viewing the video-tape was doubled over in shock, his mouth gawking as he could only watch his T.V. self smother his wife. She appeared to be struggling as she tried to fight back his arms, but he overpowered her. Eventually, Mary grew limp. And James lifted away the pillow. And the screen turned to white.

"I...I can't...I can't...just..." James barely managed to cough the words out of his mouth as he collapsed into the chair. Heather could have sworn she saw tears welling up in his eyes.

"You...killed her." Heather gasped. "You killed Mary. You said the disease killed her! You lied!" She realized she wasn't helping and shut up real quick.

It was true, Eileen had been up to something. It was now that Melinda and Henry realized it, when they were staring into a colossal abyss that seemed to stretch across the entire hotel room. It was pitch black, nothing below it visible. And Eileen jumped in, little Walter still laying comfortably in her arms.

"What...the hell?" Henry choked while he looked deeper into the hole.

Melinda sighed and took off her wig. "I'll bet you my life that Walter's down there. In his special place. Waiting for you."

"...Yeah...and you've got to keep your promise..." Henry mumbled while he prepared to take a leap. "Ready to kill him? I'll bet you my life that this is your...and my...last chance to."

"Alright then." Melinda sighed while she ripped off her leather jacket, revealing a deep blue T-shirt. She then took off her leather pants, denim and shaggy shorts waiting below them. She yanked off her yellow wig, her lush red hair drooping over her shoulders and revealing her scar. She rubbed her scar gently. "Walter, meet Melinda Sanders. That girl you knew and loved." She looked over at Henry before jumping in. "You go first..."

Henry looked over at Melinda and smiled. "Just remember...I'll be there for you." He tried to gather up all of his nerve, but he just couldn't kiss her, not yet. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed before letting go and leaping into the hole.

Melinda reached into her leather jacket and pulled out her two katanas, scraped and slashed due to the chainsaw that Walter attacked her with. And she breathed in. And out. She was ready. She lunged into the hole.

Part 25 is 26, perhaps? The series isn't over yet.

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