Who's up for 22nds? I bet you are, if you're reading this. Thanks for tuning in to the Quest for Mary, part 22. We'll be right back after this commercial break. Do you have lame car insurance-oh who am I this part already, people! That's why I wrote it! ^.^ I tried getting a little more descriptive on this part. After all, the tension is growing-we're in a hellish hotel!

James was still amazed that even the hotel that used to serve a delightful refuge for him and Mary had been put into a wretched hell-hole. He felt a bomb exploding in his head, spewing out memories that made him want to scream with joy and memories that made him want to vomit. His heart was beating so loud he thought the whole world could hear it as he stalked around the hallway. He heard Mary's laughter echo in his mind, then her tears and cries of "Why?" while doctors dragged her gurney into a hospital room. Which made him wonder if Mary could really be alive, if his wife was truly waiting here for him. He had to find her.

Heather noticed James slowly hanging his head and his face flushing. He looked as if he were about to burst into tears. "James...are you alright?"

"I..." He whispered softly, his voice slowly fading away. Then it became stern and harsh. "I'm fine. Leave me alone."

She jerked back. James hadn't spoken in this tone often, if at all. "Guess that was a dumb question, huh?" She mumbled.

"It's the only kind we expect from you." James coughed back, and everyone seemed shell-shocked. James noticed the hurt look on Heather's face and quickly spoke once more. "I...I'm sorry. Just punch me in the stomach and forgive me."

Heather smiled and blushed. "...You're forgiven." James kept walking, and so did everyone else. Heather caught up to him and slammed her fist into his stomach.

"OOOH!" James held where he'd been punched and groaned. "...Glad my apology was accepted!"

Melinda was ignoring everyone else, she was caught up in the black-and-white pictures on the wall, framed with blood-stained oak. Her eye was welling up with tears as she stared at that woman in the picture, that teenager that cowered before the woman. "M...Mother..." Her horrified eye turned to see the woman's hand, swaying like a furious blade toward the teenager's face. She closed her eye and started whimpering. "D...Dad was never there to see what you did to me..." She choked to herself in shuffling gasps. That woman in the picture was her mother, preparing to slap her. It had happened day by day. She was never good enough for that wretched creature. She couldn't even consider her human, she was so horrible.

"Melinda, are you alright?" Henry called, beckoning her over to James, who had already made it across the hall. She had been so caught up in that picture that she had neglected to follow the leader.

Melinda jammed her fists in her pockets and looked up at Henry. "Yeah." She quickly replied, running up to him while trying to forget what she'd just seen. She didn't want to remember.

Jean tried calling Melinda again, her fingers repeatedly slamming against the numbered keyboard while trying to focus on the road. Mandy had her feet lazily dropped on the dashboard of the police car, turning on the radio.

"Blue sky to forever, the green grass blows in the wind, dancing..." A golden voice slowly oozed through the speakers.

"Aw, sweet! I love this song!" Mandy clapped her hands and started singing along while she turned the radio up, maximum volume.

"IT WOULD BE A MUCH BETTER SIGHT, WITH YOU, WITH ME!" The voice on the radio bellowed while a guitar loudly crashed to the rythm.

"MANDY, TURN THAT DOWN!" Jean screamed, trying to hear her phone and only hearing static again. Mandy didn't follow her orders, as usual. Jean closed her phone and scowled in frustration.

"IF YOU HADN'T MET ME, I'D BE FINE ON MY OWN, BABY!" Mandy yelled to the beat while she waved her hands in the air and laughed. Jean turned the radio off and the rocking beat stopped instantly. "Hey!" Mandy turned the radio back on and the voice continued blasting. "NEVER FELT SO LONELY, THEN YOU CAME ALONG!"

Jean growled again and slammed her fist against the horn, making it scream into the fog and over the radio. "Hey, good idea, Jean Bean!" Mandy laughed and started honking the horn to the beat of the music. Since Mandy was leaning over her, Jean lost control of the wheel and the car swerved into a tree, a loud crash screeching into their ears as they slammed forward.

Jean saw the world slowly dimming around her and as it slowly returned to focus, she noticed the police car was totaled and in flames. "Mandy, if you hadn't met me, I'D BE FINE ON MY OWN!" She screamed and slammed her head against the wheel, making the horn sound again.

"...At least the horn still works!" Mandy giggled.

"Room 204..." James observed the golden numbering on the door and slowly unlocked it.

"Room 204! Le gasp!" Henry joked as he strutted in, dropping Eileen's still-unconscious body on the filthy carpet.

Before them lay not 1 suitcase, not 2, but 3. "I say we go with this one first. It has the most letters." James decided as he started fiddling with the first suitcase.

"You're not even going to bother looking for a code, James?! Codes are like, Silent Hill 101! Without them you won't get-" Heather was interrupted by a click. The suitcase was unlocked. "...anywhere." She grumbled.

"What was the code?" Little Walter asked, trying to peer at the suitcase.

"Henry." James responded, Henry giving a puzzled look.

Heather looked over James' shoulder. "So what's in the first suitcase?"

James groaned and smacked his forehead. "Just a picture." He rolled his eyes and moved onto the second suitcase. Everyone else followed but Melinda, who decided to take a peek.

The picture showed her again, this time her terrified face being the dominant part of the picture. A boy was cowering behind her. It was Walter. She wondered what she was protecting him from now.

Melinda shook her head and moved onto the next suitcase that James was trying to open. Click. "What was the code this time?" Henry growled.

"Is." James answered while opening the suitcase.

"Henry is. Hmph..." Henry grumbled to himself. "And what's in it?"

"Another useless picture," James hissed while moving onto the third. Once again, everyone but Melinda followed. She stared at the photograph.

It showed a hand, weilding a switchblade and swinging down toward something. The memories that it provoked made her scar begin to sting. She shuddered and felt her scar, slowly allowing her false blonde bangs to droop over it again. She ran over to James and tried to shake her fear off.

James fiddled with the third suitcase nervously. "This one has four letters."

"Henry is cool? Henry is epic? Henry is good?" Henry overflowed with compliments toward himself. Click.

"WHAT WAS THE CODE?!" Heather bellowed.

"...Lame." James snickered while Henry kicked the suitcase.

"Henry is lame! Of course, of course! It just had to be lame!" He kicked the suitcase again. "What's in this lame suitcase?!"

"A Cinderella music box and another picture." James took out the music box and left the photograph behind.

Melinda looked at the picture in horror. It showed her covering where her left eye used to be as blood seeped through her hands and hit the sidewalk. A young Walter kneeled beside her, screaming and crying while he tried to comfort her. Melinda remembered the sirens coming from police cars, the hospital vehicles closing in. "Walter...don't...cry...please..." She whispered as she felt her head grow light and she collapsed on the ground.

"What the hell?" Henry blurted out while the others ran over to her.

"Melinda, what's wrong? What happened?" James asked as he shook her rapidly. He put his head on her chest. A pulse. "She fainted. Don't know why."

Heather shrugged. "Silent Hill does a lot to you. Maybe she just cracked under the pressure for a minute there." Everyone looked at each other and came to that conclusion.

"Ah well, let's go," James beckoned everyone out of the room and wondered where he'd end up next.

Part 22 is over, but the series has a ton of stuff left unread! Shall part 23 be made?!

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