Can someone give me a WOOTNESS? We have made it over the 20's milestone! We are now on part 21. Because I've made 21 parts, I'm officially more successful at writing 21 parts than Walter is at killing 21 people. And for that, I thank Walter for being such a failure and you guys for helping me get this far and my crazy little mind for coming up with this stuff. But the series isn't over yeeeeeeeet. It's far from over.

"Gonna kill her. I'm gonna hurt her so bad!" Little Walter yelled as he tried running after Laura, who had happily fled the room. Heather easily held him back as he thrashed his fists around wildly. "She drank my chocolate milk! And she called me weird! And I HATE HER!" He screamed at the top of his lungs while Heather continually restrained him.

"Everyone hates Laura, Walter." James grumbled, everyone else happily agreeing, except Heather, who for whatever insane, unfathomable reason, had taken a liking to the tiny tyrant.

Heather picked up the ruthlessly squirming Walter, who was still attempting to kill the alleged chocolate-milk-chugger. "Calm down. I'm sure Henry's got some more milk." She looked over to Henry, who shrugged and gave that sorry-gave-the-other-bottle-to-a-stuttering-weirdo-named-Jasper-Gein look. Then she swore under her breath and put little Walter back on the ground. Thankfully, he calmed down.

Eileen examined one of the the plates on the table, carefully examining the key that lay on the shining dinnerware. " appears to be a piece of metal of sorts." She picked up the key and studied it like a guinea pig. "A carved piece of the shape of a fish..." She examined it harder. "But what...WHAT IS THIS STRANGE PIECE OF METAL?"

"Eileen, you good-for-nothin' moron, it's a key." Melinda scoffed, snatching it from her. "But what does it unlock..."

"Melinda, you pathetic-excuse-for-an-assassin cyclops, it OBVIOUSLY unlocks a breifcase..." Eileen retorted.

"DID YOU JUST CALL ME A CYCLOPS?" Melinda bellowed.

"Maybe I did. You've only got one eye, after all- OOF!" Eileen's insult was cut short by Melinda's fist, which had slammed into her forehead at full speed, making her fall over unconscious, a black bruise quickly swelling up.

Everyone stared at Melinda, gawking and eyes wide. "You didn't hit her hard enough to kill her, did you?!" James screamed.

Melinda rolled her eyes and smiled grimly. "Maybe I did." She kneeled down to Eileen's body and put two fingers on her throat. "Don't worry, she's got a pulse." Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

Henry strutted over to Melinda and crossed his arms. "Eileen should know not to mess with you," He smirked. "You kicked my butt down in the labyrinth quite a bit." Both of them laughed. While Melinda reached down to pick up Eileen, Henry stopped her hand. "Don't worry, I've got this one." Melinda couldn't help her blushing and smiled while Henry picked Eileen up. They both left the room, laughing to each other while following after James.

"Blast it..." Jean mumbled while she tried contacting Melinda for the upteenth time. She rapidly clacked the numbers on her cell phone, trying to get some sort of signal. She put the phone up to her ear while it made that annoying ring. "Pick up, Sanders, pick up..."

A young woman slowly entered the office, her lush brown hair obviously having been fluffed and her face practically coated in make-up. She reeked of perfume and she twirled a rose in her hand, gushing while she sat down by Jean. "Hey again, McDonald, how's your farm going?" She wanted to see how annoyed she could get her on-the-job buddy.

"Ha-ha, very funny." Jean heard her phone burst into static and she closed it. "I can't call Sanders. ...What're you all dolled up for, Mandy? You're wearing so much make-up I almost mistook you for a clown."

Mandy put her hands on her hips all salty, her glossy lips slowly creasing into a huge grin. "Called Nero. He wants to meet me in a few hours."

Jean heaved a big sigh as she clacked on her keyboard, trying to search for her lost assassin, her eyes fixed on the computer screen. "It's hard looking after Sanders. I thought Sullivan was in Ashfield, but apparently..." She clacked a little more on the computer and a picture of a sign that proudly read "Welcome to Silent Hill".

"...Where the hell is Silent Hill?" Mandy asked, her sea-blue painted fingernails impatiently dancing against Jean's desk.

"It's near Ashfield. Apparently Sanders is looking for the Walter guy there," Jean grumbled, printing out a map. "What do you say we head down to Silent Hill and pay our little assassin a visit?"

Mandy looked at Jean and waggled her eyebrows. "I say...NERO IS MINE!"

Jean mumbled a few insults under her breath and looked over at Mandy. "...I guess I'll take that as a yes."

James had managed to unlock the breifcase with his fish key, only to find...ANOTHER KEY! He looked at the tag that lazily drooped on the end. "Room 204..."

"You sure that doesn't say 302?" Little Walter giggled enthusiastically.

"Nope, 204." James corrected, while Henry smirked at little Walter and crossed his arms.

James stormed up another staircase to hear a familiar growling echoing through the hallway. He looked over to see the hideous creature that he had protected Angela from-and was obviously annoyed out of his mind. The first one was terrible enough, thank you very much.

"Guys...get back." James looked over at the writhing bed-like monstrosity and pumped his shotgun, whispering, "Who was the dork at Konami that decided to make these things a common enemy?" Right before he could shoot, the monster reared up and started sucking on/enveloping/suffocting his head.

"This is so gross," Heather cringed, watching the creature suck on/envelop/suffocate him.

Melinda covered little Walter's eyes. "This is obviously not a place for children, that's for sure."

"What the hell..." Henry gasped. His remark about the creature summed it up pretty well.

James threw the creature off of him and blasted out bullets round by round. Gore squirted from the animal like a fountain, blood oozing out of the lower figure's screaming mouth. "AHA! THIS IS WHAT I FEEL LIKE DOING TO LAURA!" James cackled, continually shooting even though the creature was obviously dead by now.

"Are you done yet? This is a bad influence on lil' Walter." Melinda nagged, still covering little Walter's eyes.

"OOH! I WANNA HURT LAURA TOO!" Little Walter burst out from Melinda's hands and ran over to the corpse of the hideous demon, rapidly kicking it. "DIE, LAURA! DIE!"

Henry leaned over to Melinda. "Consider him influenced."

Part 21 may be over, but...d'oh well, does anyone want a part 22?

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