Alright, lucky part 2! Glad part 1 went so well, think this one might be even better. I've spent a while trying to piece together the story just right, so I hope this works out. I'll appreciate all opinions toward this part (positive and negative) and may continue on for a part 3. Thanks for reading.

Heather quickly led James back to her apartment. "So, you're lookin' for your wife, huh? Any clue where she might be?" She opened up the door, signaling for James to come in and running into her bedroom.

"I got a letter. The name on the envelope says 'Mary'. And inside, she said she was waiting for me in our...'special place.'" James explained, waiting patiently in the living room. "She said it was in Silent Hill."

Heather gagged. "WHAT?!" No, no no no. Been there, done that. Not heading back to that hellhole. She made sure she heard it right. "S-s-s-s-Silent Hill? This isn't Silent Hill. Silent Hill's three hours away from here."

"Oh." James replied, examining the letter while Heather was wondering if this was the end of her life.

Thoughts swarmed around in her head as she tried to make up excuses. "Um, Douglas wouldn't be too happy about me being gone." She gulped and started to sweat. "So I probably should just stay here."

James quickly burst into the bedroom, Heather jumping back in surprise. "Gotta piece of paper?" James asked quickly, snatching a pencil off of her bed. "Uhhh..." Heather looked around real quick, gulping as she noticed a notebook under her bed. "Nope, no paper here." She smugly stood back up and gave James a satisfied grin.

Too bad for her, James looked under the bed and grabbed the notebook, ripping a sheet of paper out. He quickly scribbled a few words onto it and slammed it down on the bed. "Bingo, Douglas will never find out." Heather snatched up the note and whispered, "Uh, James, Douglas isn't my boyf---"

James grabbed her by the hood of her jacket and started dragging her out of the room. Heather quickly grabbed her pendant off the bed and snatched at her radio and flashlight, barely scrambling them into her pockets. She let out a sigh of relief and placed the pendant around her neck, giving a warm smile to herself.

"Come on, Maria," James called as he swung Heather out the apartment door. Heather looked back and groaned. He's still talking to that annoying imaginary friend of his.

Exiting the apartment building, James looked from left to right. "Oh, too bad," Heather said sarcastically, "Douglas took his car. I guess we have to-"

"Oh, look!" James pointed over at a truck in the back of the parking lot, with a corpse sitting patiently beside it. Heather shuddered when she noticed that the corpse was wearing the same clothes as James.

The two ran over to the car, and although Heather didn't know what possessed James to do it, he stuck his hand in the corpse's filthy pocket and snatched out a key, unlocking the car. "Alright, you two, get in."

Heather's heart was pounding. She knew what she was getting herself into. And she certainly didn't want it. She moaned with anxiety and quickly sat by James, slamming her head back against the seat and holding her pendant tight. James gladly sat there, not starting the car. "Um, James? Are you gonna move this thing or what?"

"I'm waiting for Maria-"

"UGH." Now Heather had a major headache.

"Sorry, James." Maria gave a little giggle and slowly sat into her seat, buckling up and squinting at Heather.

James started up the car and zoomed down the road. Heather let out a long sigh. This was going to be a long ride. She grabbed her pendant and whispered to herself, " me..."

After an hour, the ride was unsettlingly silent. The roads had become engulfed in fog. Heather was grabbing the side of her head, thoughts racing and pounding inside it. She just wanted the fear, the guilt, the crushing pain to stop. Was that too much to ask? But still, she could not escape the constant arguing inside her head. I was in the mall, I couldn't have stopped it. (You could have stayed home. Murderer.) Claudia sent that thing, not me. (You're pathetic. Blaming something else for something you could have stopped.) I'm not a murderer. (Oh really? Why don't you ask your Dad's grave?)

With that thought, Heather let out a cry of anger and slammed her fist against the dashboard, yanking it back and moaning. "Ow..."

James looked over at her, stunned. " okay?" She turned away from him and ignored his question.

"Heather..." He poked her, and she growled.

"I'm fine."

Heather just stared blankly out the window, hushed sobs slowly coming. She tried her best not to let James hear. She didn't want to remember. She softly stroked her pendant, feeling slight comfort while she stared at that strange girl in the review mirror.

A couple of more gruesome hours. James looked back at Maria, who was looking back at him and smiling softly.

Heather viewed the sign of "Wecome to Silent Hill", and immediately the car came to an abrupt stop, causing both her and James to lunge forward. "Out of gas."

As if automatically, Heather's radio burst into static, and she started to sweat. "They're back...they came back..." She cried, looking around frantically, her eyes bewildered. A howl was heard in the background, followed by a few more. James sighed. "Looks like some of the people here have dogs." Heather cringed.

"Guess we'll have to continue on foot." Maria whispered to James, hopping out of the truck and strutting to his side.

Heather gulped and stepped out of the car, snatching out the katana. The radio was practically screaming. She glared all around for anything that might want to take a chunk out of her. She was ready.

James saw a shadow, writhing and twitching in the fog, slowly walking away. "Come on, guys, I think I saw something." Heather cautiously stuck to his side, Maria proudly flipping her hair and following like she was some sort of princess.

Giant puddles of blood continued appearing as they followed this strange person (or thing). Heather noticed one of those freaky burnt monsters eyeing her in the background, and she gave them a cool glare as she kept on walking, trying to hide the fact that she was terrified.

After one last streak of blood, James came upon a tunnel, with police tape and boards up to his thighs making a sort of barrier. Nonetheless, he squeezed through a wide gap in the boards and saw a green radio on the pavement, screeching out static. He picked it up and shook it for a minute, pondering whether it was broken. Then he noticed it. A grotesque creature with a humanoid stature started toward him with sounds like demented screaming erupting from it.

Heather waited a little ways away, standing against a fence and waiting for James. She heard the howling again, unbelievably close. Looking ahead of her, she saw something she remembered fondly-a burnt up dog with its head sliced in half. She watched as it panted heavily, slowly stepping toward her. The two circled around each other for a moment and then stopped. The dog waited by the fence, not moving. The scene became more intense every second.

"RAAAH!" Heather grasped her katana and ran at the monster, slashing at it. The monster dove out of the way, and the katana became ledged in the fence. "" She yanked at her weapon, but it wouldn't budge. "No, no, NO!" She yanked again. It remained in the same spot, immobile, frozen. Suddenly, pain soared up her leg and she fell like nothing to the ground. "AAH!"

Meanwhile, James revved up the chainsaw and carelessly tore away at this strange thing. It died almost instantly, and he weakly touched his toe against it. "Eeeeurgh." Suddenly, he heard a soft cry coming from the background. "Heather?"

Her fists were nothing, pounding like feathers against the demon's horrifying body. It continued gnawing at her leg. She heard flesh tear under those fangs. "JAAAMES!"

Heather finally managed to release herself from the monster's clutch, but it was still very alive. She felt down her leg, lifted up her hand and shuddered. Blood. She ran toward James' direction as fast as she could, but the intense pain in her leg caused her to limp and trip. The dog ran right back toward her. "JAA-" Right before the dog could take another bite, VVVRRRRUM. The creature was ripped right in half, blood splattering Heather's jacket. "...James..."

James smiled and helped his friend up. "I'm sorry. Are you alright?" Maria groaned with jealousy.

"Well sure, my leg is bleeding and my head is pounding. I'm absolutely freaking fine, thank you." Heather rubbed her forehead.

James shook his head. "I'm sorry. I found this over there, it might help." Heather snatched it from James. A little brown bottle full of possibly poisonous fluid. Thank you very much. What else did she have to lose? She popped open the cap, chugged it down, and felt relieved. "...Thanks."

"No problem. Now, I know that Mary said she was waiting in our special place. Maybe it's the hospital! Sure, it's not all that special, but it was the last place she was before she...let's go there." James claimed happily.

"Uh, NO. The hospital sounds dangerous. Maybe we could head somewhere slightly more safe..." Heather eyed an apartment a few blocks away. "Bingo, the apartment building. Let's go there instead."

"Do you think we should, Maria?" James asked to the fog. Heather smacked her head. In her headworld, James randomly burst into song.

"Maria, Maria, oh my sweet Maria,

Poor Heather cannot see-ya,

I really don't know why."

Out of nowhere, James broke out a very well-done tap dance routine, doing backflips and tip-a-taps. Heather started smiling. Suddenly, Douglas came to his side, bursting into dance as well. They both performed in-sync. James did a cartwheel, Douglas did a handstand. Two clones of Vincent stepped into the act and started juggling textbooks. Heather giggled.

Snap, back into reality. "What's so funny, Heather?"

Heather blushed and looked over at James. "Nothing."

James went back to Maria. "So, Maria, are you gonna head into the apartments with us?"

"No. That place looks way too filthy for my taste." She crossed her arms and gave a big smile. "I'll just be waiting out here for you."

With that, James and Heather left Maria alone while they entered the apartment.

Well, there you go. You wanted part 2, you got it! Who's up for part 3?

Oh, and P.S. Happy birthday, Jean. I hope you enjoyed your gift. :)

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