Hey. I was just wandering around in my imagination today, and I was wondering--What if Heather Mason met James Sunderland? And then, an idea for a story came. So here is a part of it. If you like it, I might continue it. Thanks for reading.

"Alright, Heather, I'm going out now. Take care of yourself, I'll be back in an hour." Douglas sighed, patting his newly adopted daughter on the head. "Don't you get into any trouble."

Heather laughed a little bit. "If you're heading to the mall, don't fall asleep at the Burgeria. You'll regret that one. I love you, Daa-d-d-....Douglas." She was still having trouble claiming Douglas to be her father. Harry's death was still crushing her from the inside out. She didn't like talking about it much, so she just kept her trap shut.

With that, Douglas shut the door and left the apartment. Heather quickly shook her head, she had realized she was starting to cry. She put her hands over her face for a moment and looked back up. "To think...if I had just been there, he might have lived..." Then she looked up at the mirror as tears trickled down her face. She grabbed the mirror and placed it under her bed, glass facing the carpet, out of sight. "Forget. Just forget it." She left her bedroom and went on as if it were a normal day.

She flicked on the T.V. and flipped through a few random channels, all of which showed documentaries, which she found incredibly boring. Suddenly, she heard strange noises coming from her bathroom...

"Huh?" Heather quickly turned off the television and looked back. More weird noises of whirling water. She shuddered. "Gross, what's going on in there?"

She took a step towards the bathroom. The noises were getting louder. Step, step, slosh, slosh. She grabbed onto the doorknob. The water sounds were louder than ever. She opened up the door and-

"Mary...hello?" She watched as a stranger fished around in the toilet. "Gosh, this toilet really needs to be cleaned-"

"AHHH!" Heather let out a cry of confusion and ran back, tripping and falling flat on her back. "What're you...and why are you...and-" The man looked over at her through lush blonde hair, his green jacket dripping toilet water.

The two just stared at each other for a moment, Heather in wild confusion, the man seeming to be slightly puzzled as well. "Have you seen my wife? Her name's Mary, she looks like this." The man took out a picture and tossed it toward Heather. She backed away and yelled, "Gross, I'm not touching that thing!"

The man looked back for a moment and glanced at Heather. "You're right, Maria, I should probably introduce myself." Now Heather was even more confused. Who was he talking to? "I'm James. James Sunderland."

"I could care less," Heather snapped. "What in God's name are you doing here? How did you get here? And why are you swimming around in a toilet bowl?"

James seemed to blush for a moment. He looked behind his shoulder and whispered to the wall, "Man, Maria, this girl doesn't have much manners." Maria looked back at him and shrugged.

"You can call me Heather. Now get OUT of here! ...Wait, who's Maria?" Heather ran into the bathroom and looked everywhere around James. "Uh..."

James pointed behind him. "She's right there." Heather looked where he was pointing. Just a plain old bathroom wall, that's all she saw. She pondered for a minute whether this James guy was pure insane and if she should call the cops.

"Nope, don't see anyone." Heather kept looking, and James kept pointing. "She's right there." He repeated.

James looked back and saw Maria, plain as day. "She's just ignoring me because she's jealous, James. Hmph." She crossed her arms and tilted her head the opposite of Heather's direction.

Heather stepped toe-to-toe and sighed to herself. "Well, since you're obviously nuts," she whispered just out of James' range, "I'll be right back."

James watched as she strutted into her bedroom, shrugged, and continued thrashing his arm around in the toilet. Maria simply groaned. "I hope she stays away. I don't like her." Flipping her hair back, she observed James' accurate arm-slinging.

Heather scanned the inside of her closet. She stored her weapons from her huge ordeal in case any of those freaky monsters came back or a member of the cult decided to retry the resurrection. "Hmm, stun gun, switchblade...AHA! My katana." She took a 3-foot slim katana out of the closet, running her fingers along the edge. "Oh yeah, this'll do the trick."

Swish-swish. Swish-swish-slosh-swish. James was just having some fun in the toilet when he noticed Maria's startled expression. "James...LOOK!"

James looked out of the bathroom to see Heather standing ready to battle, proudly grasping her katana, pointing it towards James threateningly. "When playing cards, you must always have a sharp deck." She smiled at her joke and glared at her target. "Now get out."

He shook his head sternly. "I'm looking for Mary. I'm not going to stop. And if you want me to go through you first, I'm prepared to do that." Heather simply placed her hands on her hips. James glared at her. "You really would want to fight me, Heather?"

Heather looked from her left to her right, smirked, and stuck her tongue out at him. That tore it. James yanked out his plank, aiming the pointed nails toward Heather. He started running toward her and swinging his weapon, Heather gripping hers.

James made the first move. He swung his weapon at his foe's head, barely missing as she ducked and kicked him behind the knee, making him trip and fall. He turned the tables by jumping back up and slamming his elbow into her stomach, sending her flying down. She hit the floor with a very satisfying "OOF!" and her eyes looked straight into his, terrified yet determined. He slammed the plank down at her head and she moved it to the left. He tried again, she moved to the right.One last attempt to hit her and she grabbed the katana, held it above her neck, and the plank clashed against it. The plank broke in half, the tip softly landing on her chest, not at all damaging her.

Now it was Heather's turn. She swung the katana toward James' thigh and he leaped out of the way, allowing her to get up. But when she did, terror struck-James yanked out a chainsaw. He smiled when he saw the horror in her eyes and started running at her. She fled the apartment and started speeding down the halls, James hot on her trail. She ended up stuck at a dead-end hallway, trapped and cornered by a furious James. A katana would be no match for a revved up chainsaw. She sighed and whispered, "Dad..." bowing her head down and preparing to accept her fate.

Maria was right behind James, chanting "Die, die, die!" James stopped Maria and looked back at his enemy, cowering before him. He looked into Heather's eyes again. They were flooded with panic and tears. He stopped the chainsaw and sighed. "Look, Heather...even though you're ignoring Maria," Heather looked back behind him and saw the rest of the hallway. She growled. "You know Mary is real. If I let ya live, will you help me find her?"

He heard scowling and insults from behind him. Maria was glaring at Heather. "James, no. She'll just slow you down." James shook his head and whispered back, "I need all the help I can get, Maria, please respect that."

Heather stopped shaking and smiled at him. "Fine, I'll help you find her. And by the way, who's Maria again?"

"GRRRR..." Maria stared at her with furious eyes. "James, please..." He stopped her again. He was taking Heather, no matter how much Maria would beg.

With that, Heather, James, and Maria left the apartment. "Man...Douglas is gonna kill me." Heather moaned to herself.

Well, that's the story. Do you guys think I should continue it? Once again, thanks for reading.


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