Whoa, whoa, whoa! We're onto part 19! I did not picture my series getting this far. We almost have as many parts as Henry has fingers (kidding). I'm gettin' really close to the 20's, and like I said, I did NOT expect to get this far. So thanks, everyone ^.^ ...Well? Let's read this part already!

By now, James had been rowing that boat across the lake for hours. It was giving everyone a headache. It was just them and the blank, empty, grey waters, the mist drifting slowly along the lake, the freezing cold temperature making the endless ride even more unbearable. Poor James was put to blame on this, and everyone was either complaining or insulting him.

"Darn it, James! I'm getting seasick!" Eileen groaned.

"We're on a lake, Eileen, get over it..." James grumbled while he was bombarded with more ridicule.

"What the hell, James! Your rowing is even slower than your I.Q.!" Henry snapped.

"Look who's talking, you're only capable of saying 'what the hell' and 'I don't know!'" James tossed back while he kept right on rowing.

Henry gushed and looked out the other side of the boat. Melinda just stared at the back of his head as if she were in some sort of trance. Once he looked back over his shoulder, Melinda would quickly jerk her head away and act like she was staring into the water. This strange cycle went on until Heather noticed something.

"Ooh! Shiny light! Pretty shiny light!" She yelled, pointing in the direction of the little glowing speck and jamming her thumb in her mouth.

Little Walter scowled. "Cut it out! You're making me look like a baby!"

Henry leaned down to little Walter. "Little Walter is a baby."

"Hey! I'm not a baby. I'm a kid." Heather defiantly turned her head away from Henry.

James ignored the constant bickering and looked in the direction Heather had pointed. He squinted at the beaming area and smiled. "That's circular...LIKE A HOLE!" He giggled like a little girl and started rowing as fast as he could in the direction of the light. "Gonna jump into a hole...falalalala..." He sang to himself.

"Are we there yet?" Heather asked. "I gotta use the little boy's room."

"No, not yet." James grumbled.

A few moments passed. "Are we there yet?"

"No, Walter, we're not there yet."


A few minutes later. "Are we there yet?"

"Shaddup, Walter."

Henry leaned over to Heather. "You know, Walter, they say that there are monsters under the water...with REALLY BIG teeth."

Her eyes grew wide. "Really big teeth? Why?!"

"TO CHOMP YOUR BONES!" Henry bellowed while flapping his arms in a rapid motion. Heather felt her head grow faint and she blacked out.

"Henry, can you go 10 minutes without torturing Walter?" James grumbled, smacking his forehead.

"His adult version tortures me." Henry shot back, Eileen raising her hand and proudly proclaiming, "AGREED!"

Douglas slowly scoped around the town, looking for any signs of his daughter. His faith in his own self was fading, along with his hopes that she could still be alive. He leaned against the inside of a filthy alleyway, hearing moaning coming from a little ways away. He looked over to see a familiar man, blue, blood-stained trench coat, khaki pants. He ran over to the man and stared at him.

"Are you alright?" Douglas asked as he dipped his foot into a blood puddle that had formed from below the man's leg.

"Uggggghhhh...yeah..." The man groaned back.

Douglas felt a strange urge. "Why do I have a feeling that I should kick you right now..." He looked down at the man. "Oh, what the heck." He swung back his foot and slammed it into the man's side.

"OW!" The man bellowed as he doubled over in pain.

Douglas smiled in the most creepy way possible and shrugged. "Eh, I felt like I had to do it. Seeya then! Hope ya feel better!" And with that, he happily skipped away, only to hear his cell phone ring. "...Huh?"

Picking up the phone, he heard an eerie voice slowly creep through the speaker. "Happy birthday to yoooou...happy birthday to yooooou....happy birthday dear....oh, I forgot your name."

"I'm a weiner." Douglas grumbled.

"Happy birthday dear I'maweiner..." Douglas burst into laughter as the voice said his "name". "Happy birthday toooo yoooou. Happy 2,121,212,121 birthday!" The voice bellowed.

Douglas felt a little offended. "D'aww, I'm not that old." He hung up the phone in anger and stormed away to keep looking for his daughter.

Finally, everyone on the boat felt like singing "Hallelujah" when a dock slowly burst through the mist, grass, foliage, and blood-stained pathways slowly following. James felt a little let down that the light he saw wasn't a hole.

"Can I get out of this body now?!" Little Walter grumbled. "I hate being a little kid! Especially a future psychotic little kid!"

"Ugh...fine." Henry dragged Heather's still-unconscious body from the boat and grabbed the side of her head. He snatched little Walter's and slammed both of their heads together. It made a thick whumpf as they hit.

" head..." Heather grumbled, rubbing her forehead with the palm of her hand. "Henry, if I'm not in my body now, I will kick your butt so badly that when I'm done with you, you won't know whether to scream bloody murder or curl up and-"

"Yay! You're back to your old self!" Henry gave a silly laugh and slammed his hand hard on Heather's back.

"Woohoo!" Heather laughed. "Now I can get into my signature butt-kicking pose again without looking stupid!"

"And now I can torment little Walter without risking serious bodily injury!" Henry cackled and winked at little Walter, who fainted again.

"Alright, alright, glad we're all us. Now let's get in that hotel and find Mary." James allowed everyone a few moments to stretch out and beckoned them over to the gore-blanketed gates of Lakeview Hotel. He was ready to find his wife.

Part 19 may be over, but the fun is just beginning! Again! ...So, who's up for THE 20'S?

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