Sweet, sweet seventeen. I'd like to thank my readers/fans/allthatgoodstuff for reading my series so far. Both their reading and my weird mind managed to get the series up to 17. I would thank you, but I'm too lazy. So thank yourselves. And be proud of yourselves, too. And all that good stuff. Mary? Maria. Mary? Maria.

Eddie and James slowly circled around each other, James giving a cool glare that could set even Pyramid Head off. Melinda decided that if James had a chainsaw, killing Whaleowski Dombrowski wouldn't be such a big challenge, so she went to tend to Heather, who had a gaping bullet wound in her arm. Heather felt warm blood trickling down her shoulder, and pain so intense that she couldn't hold back her cries of agony.

"Calm down, Heather, you're gonna be okay..." Melinda encouraged, but she knew how much pain Heather was in. "This'll pinch just a little bit..." She looked into the wound and shuddered. "I gotta take the bullet out."

"WHAT?!" Heather cried out hysterically, starting to sob even more uncontrollably. Melinda rolled her eyes and started to stick her fingers into the wound. The pain was unimaginable. "AAAAAH!"

"Shaddup, Heather, I've almost got it." Melinda spoke as if having a bullet yanked out of your arm was no big deal. Heather was in too much pain to backsass her stupidity. There was a sickening crunch as Melinda yanked the bullet out and wiped a gory finger on the ground. "Awwww, that's just gross."

Heather grabbed hold of her arm and starting screaming like a banshee, the cries echoing off the walls. Combined with Eddie's cries of pain and James' chainsaw, it made Henry's head pound and it made Eileen jolt awake.

Eddie took another shot at James. Simply sidestepping, James revved his chainsaw up full power and swung it right into one of Whaleowski's Dombrowski's meaty thighs and blood splashed on the ground like rain. Eddie let out a cry and hit the floor, while James took another revving of the chainsaw and let it hack away at his opponent's back.

Finally, the mighty Whaleowski Fat Lard Chubmaster Blob Eddie's eyes closed, his heart gave a final beat, he breathed his last breath. It was over.

James felt overwhelming fear and guilt begin to thrash around in his stomach. "I..." He trailed off and fell to his knees. "I killed a human being..."

Heather finally managed to ignore the pain and kneeled down by James. "It was self defense."

Little Walter started jumping on Eddie's stomach. "Hee hee, it's like a trampoline!" He giggled as the waves of fat made him bounce into the air. Henry poked Heather's blood puddle. Eileen laughed while she watched little Walter do backflips on Eddie.

"Walter, quit having fun with fat." Heather mumbled while she patted James on the back.

"I...I guess I' alright..." James whispered, more to himself than anyone else.

Henry crossed his arms. "Watch it, James. Keep talkin' like that and you'll sound like Jasper Gein."

"L-l-l-l-l-ike t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-thiiiiisssss-"

"Yeah, like that."

James looked down at the ground and sighed. "Alright...let's go..."

"Heather, Heather, gonna sing a song about Heather- oh wait, no I'm not." Douglas mumbled as he picked up that strange piece of paper he'd found on the ground. "Maybe if I write her name..."

"18. Andrew DeSalvo

19. Richard Braintree

20. Eileen Galvin

21. Henry Townshend

22. Heather Mason"

"There." Douglas suddenly noticed part of her name grew a small streak of blood.

"22. Heather Mason"

He stared at the paper in disbelief. "How did...and why did..."

"Oooh, my arm hurts..." Heather complained as everyone ventured into the fog once more. "Really, really badly..."

Eileen wobbled over to Heather. "Yeah, having a piece of metal shot into your arm at rapid speeds kind of does that sometimes. I don't know why."

"You trying to pick a fight?!" Heather yelled back.

"Maybe!" Eileen hissed.

Henry rolled his eyes and looked for a way for the girls to stop bickering. He had enough stress on his mind without those two. 21 fingers, little Walter, his apartment all locked up, he had a lot of baggage at the moment. Even James was getting annoyed at all of the arguing. Melinda was just happy that at the moment she wasn't the object of Eileen's ridicule.

Henry glanced over his shoulder at little Walter. Bingo. He snatched him up into his arms and tossed little Walter like a football into the air at Heather, Walter giving a giggling "WEEEEEE!"

Heather looked back to see the oncoming hazard, and before she could move, little Walter hit her point-blank on the back of her head. They both let out a simultaneous "OOMPH" and collapsed on the ground.

James ran over to Heather and put his hand on her forehead. "What the hell were you thinking, Henry?"

"To be honest, I was thinking that I hate Walter anyway and that Heather needed to shut up. So I solved both of my problems." Henry crossed his arms and gave a smug lil' grin.

With that, James scowled and shook Heather's shoulder. "Heather...please be okay..." He saw Heather's eyelids crease into tiny little slits and she slowly stood up.

"I'm tall..." Heather whispered. "I'm really tall..."

Everyone was a little puzzled now. Melinda nudged Heather with her elbow. "Uh, Heather, you okay?!"

Heather crossed her arms. "What are you talking about? My name is Walter!"

Henry jumped into Eileen's arms and shreiked like a little girl. James rolled his eyes and checked Heather for some sort of fever. Melinda started to tease Henry for being such a baby.

"No signs of why're you acting like this, Heather?" James asked, patting Heather on the head.

"My name is not Heather!" Heather stomped her foot and started crying. "I'm Walter!"

Eileen dropped Henry on the floor while he tried to run over to Heather and poke her. Once he did, he jerked his hand back and whispered, "What the hell?" Then he poked her again. And again. And again.

Little Walter slowly wobbled up. " head hurts." He looked around, and his little eyes grew wide and he started stepping back nice and slowly. "How hard did I hit my head? Why does my voice sound so...weird?"

It seemed like James, of all people, was the only person who understood anything of what was going on. He kneeled down to little Walter and said, "Heather, I think you and little Walter switched bodies."

Little Walter twitched for a moment, and his tiny smile grew wider, and wider, and then he burst into a series of hysterical screams. "AAAAH! I'M IN WALTER'S BODY!" He ran over to a nearby trash can and slammed his head against it. "I'M GONNA GROW UP TO BE AN OUTTA-MY-MIND SERIAL KILLER AND TRY TO FIND A WOMB...I MEAN ROOM!" Then little Walter went into a series of strange seizure like movements as he twitched along the road.

Heather collapsed onto Henry, her arms wrapping around his neck. "I want my mommy! Gimme my mommy! My head hurts and I want my mommy!" Henry grumbled a few insults. So it was true. Heather and little Walter did switch bodies after all.

Eileen ran over to little Walter and picked him up. "You'll be alright, little guy."

Little Walter punched Eileen in the stomach, which really didn't do much. "Don't call me little. And I am NOT a guy."

Heather searched around in her pockets. She pulled out a handgun. "Ooooh!" Then she aimed at Henry and wrapped her finger around the trigger. POW. Henry dived out of the way and the bullet made a loud clank against a mailbox, falling harmlessly to the ground. Heather took another look at the gun. "That was so cool!" She took another shot, this time at Melinda, who ducked just under the bullet and grabbed the handgun.

"Bad little Walter! No more weapons for you!" Melinda placed the handgun in her jacket. "Trust me. You'll have enough of them as an adult."

Heather blushed and her hand started going up. Little Walter saw what was coming. "DON'T YOU DARE-" And Heather stuck out her thumb. And put it into her mouth.

Little Walter smacked his forehead. "When I get out of this body, I'm gonna hit you so hard. ...You're too adorable to hit."

There goes part 17! "Is this...part 18?" No, James, it's part 17.

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