Part 16! If my series were a child, it could drive a car by now. They grow up so fast. ...Anywho, glad you could tune in to this part, glad you've been keeping up with it, and I make these weird bold-beginning-welcomes way too long, so you might as well read what you came here for. "Huh? Part 16? What's going on with that part 16?"

"Hmm...we should be nearing the graveyard by now. Which is good, cause I'm gonna flip if I don't see a random hole right about now." James grumbled a little more about holes and flipping. Heather grumbled about James being on drugs.

Henry was looking frantically around. "Can we just hurry up already?" He skimmed the hallway for the adult Walter. "I don't like the idea of being stalked by insane serial killers."

"D'oh, just count your fingers, Henry." Heather hissed.

"I already know how many fingers I have." Henry snobbishly retorted, crossing his arms like he was all that.

"How many?"

"21, to be exact-"


Melinda was busy trying to find out a way to torment Eileen, who was still constantly ramming into her purposely and stomping on her foot, scoffing out insults under her breath. She smiled grimly. "You know, Eileen, Walter probably wants to kill you slowly."

Eileen cringed and her eyes grew wide. "...Slowly?" She gulped, her eyes skipping around.

"Yeah. Slowly. He probably wants to caress you while you're lying there, soaked in blood, dying and all that good stuff. He'll probably tell you how lovely your blood smells." Eileen suddenly fainted with a very satisfying "NO!"

James looked back at Eileen, then at Melinda. "...You punched her, didn't you?" His eyebrow hunched up and he had one of those yeah-I-caught-you looks.

"No. We were just talking." Melinda couldn't help but giggle because technically, she wasn't lying. "Then she just fainted. I don't know why."

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Henry yelled out, smacking his forehead. "She's probably possessed again!"

"Nah, just fainted." Melinda smirked and picked up Eileen.

The group continued on, hallway by hallway, door by door, step by step. James studied the map while Heather played with her pendant and Henry poked Eileen's unconscious body. Little Walter was just following along, wondering where his mother was and sucking his thumb.

Douglas ran up to a corpse, dressed up in a green jacket, a grey shirt, and jeans. "Hey there!" Douglas waved to the corpse and patted it on the head. "Have you seen a little girl? 17?" Pause. "Well she's little to me! Blonde hair? Snappy atittude?" Pause. "D'aww, okay. I'll leave you be, then."

He ran over to a telephone pole. "Hi, I'm Douglas Cartland. Have you seen a little girl? She's 17." Pause. "No, I am not a pervert or pedophile." Pause. "Fine, be that way, jerk."

Then he ran over to a bloody sheet of paper. There were multiple names written in pencil, most of them crossed out in blood. He counted 21.

"18. Andrew DeSalvo

19. Richard Braintree

20. Eileen Galvin

21. Henry Townshend"

The final two remained unscathed by the blood. "Hm...interesting..." He looked through all of the names. None of them were familiar. "Why aren't these two crossed off?" He looked at the back of the sheet. It was blank. He flipped back over to the front. He rubbed over the blood with his fingers. "Gross..." He paused for a moment. "Have you seen a little girl? 17?"

Everyone had managed to make it to the graveyard safely. It looked similar to the gallows, dying grass lining the ground, blood splatters decorating a few of the graves. Most of the graves were faded and mold-coated to the point of not being able to read the names. Some of them, however, had familiar ones proudly displayed and perfectly visible.

Heather ran over to one particular grave. She just stared at it, as if she were in some sort of trance. She felt her lower lip quiver and she bit it hard enough to make it bleed. On the grave was the name of "Harry Mason".

"Angela Orosco...Eddie Whaleowski..." James read the graves one by one.

"Isn't it Dombrowski?" Henry corrected.

"Nope. Whaleowski."

"Oh..." Henry whispered as he stared at two graves with his and Eileen's name on display, with bloody numbers of 20 and 21 standing above their names like a crown.

Melinda flushed and turned her head away when she noticed the grave of "Thomas Sanders". She knew her dad had died in the war. But she loved him far more than she loved her mother and she'd rather celebrate his life than mourn over his death.

"Oh cool! I have a grave!" James clapped his hands with excitement.

"Uh, James, isn't that a bad thing?" Heather recovered from her uncontrollable sobs and looked up at James.

"No! It means there's another hole I can jump into! WOOT!" James laughed while preparing to mission-dive into the abyss.

"James, 'woot' isn't even a word." Heather mumbled.

"What are you gonna do? Kill me because of the way I t-t-t-t-t-t. T-t-t-t-t-t-. T-t-t-t-t-t-t-. T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t." He blurted out a few more "t-t-t-t's" as he head-first dived into his grave.

Henry lifted his foot over the hole, then nervously shifted it back. He lifted his foot back over. Little Walter gave an evil grin and pushed him. "Whoa...AAAAAAAH!" Henry flopped and wobbled into the hole. "CURSE YOU, YOU FREAKIN' LITTLE SON OF A..." His voice faded away before he could finish.

Melinda walked over to the grave, carrying Eileen. She grinned and dropped Eileen into the hole head-first. "Sucker." Then she backflipped into the hole while laughing at Eileen's free-falling body.

Heather snatched up little Walter. "Hold on tight."

"You mean we gotta do this again?!" Little Walter was developing a fear of deep, ominous, dark holes.

"Yep. Now shut up and hold on." Heather laughed while little Walter wrapped his tiny arms around her neck. Then she jumped into the hole.

By now, Heather was used to the feeling of her stomach swimming up and pressing against her lungs. She didn't really feel that much G-Force anymore. Little Walter took it a little differently, though-the second Heather hit the floor, he threw up all over her shoulders.

"AW! GROSS!" Heather screamed while she wiped the vile substance off, shaking her hands and screaming.

"It's Eddie!" James yelled, looking over at the mighty Whaleowski who had looked as if he were off his rocker.

Melinda rolled her eyes. "You mean the Gluttonous Pig guy?"

"Yeah!" James giggled like a little girl.

Eddie looked darkly over at Heather, at James, at Henry, at Melinda. "I'm sick of people makin' fun of me! It's degrading to my epic personality and sexy bodily dimensions!"

"If by 'sexy bodily dimensions' you mean the Earth's equator, yeah..." Heather mumbled.

"From now on, if anyone makes fun of me, I'll kill 'em!" He held a gun to his head and mimicked shooting. "Just like that."

"Oh cool, you'll shake a gun at their head." Heather whispered. James signaled for her to shut up.

"Eddie...have you gone nuts?!" James blurted out, stepping back.

Eddie shook his head and gave a dark snicker. "You, too. I knew it." He smiled grimly. His gun whipped out and shot Heather point-blank in the shoulder.

"AAAH!" Heather felt pain shoot down her arm and up her neck and she collapsed with the pain.

Melinda whipped out her katanas, Henry counted his fingers again, and James glared at Eddie while snatching out a chainsaw. It was on.

That's the end of part 16. Which makes me wonder... "Have you guys seen a part 17? Short, black hair?" Hey, my series is not hairy. -.-

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