14! Amazing! This series offically has more parts than CherylMason1213 has years lived! Readers, fans of the series, I must thank you for reading, commenting, and allowing the series to go on so far. This is ALL because of you. And me, thanks to my creative little mind. So read, as you should, as you always have.

James stared at the putrid, blood-stained corpse of Maria. She was beaten to death, bruises and gashes sickly decorating her arms and legs and face. He gently nudged the side of her arm and he felt hot tears gently building up in his eyes. He was trembling. He felt his neck go weak and his head dropped helplessly onto the bed as he started to sob. Heather was paying no attention.

Finally, after Heather managed to finish up with her readings, she tried to engage in conversation. "Hey James, this is insane! Walter tried to kiss-" She noticed James crying uncontrollably on the bed. "...Melinda...uh, what's wrong?"

Out of nowhere, James slammed his fist onto the bed and continued his sobs. "I can't died just..." He stopped speaking, his voice weak and shaking. Heather patted the poor sobbing man on the back.

"You'll be alright, James," She wasn't so sure, and she tried her best to hide the sarcasm in her voice. She did a horrible job of it, but James was so shipwrecked with emotion he couldn't possibly notice. He stood up and let out a long sigh. "Come on, big guy. Let's go find Melinda and the other shy dork." She patted James on the back, wrapped her arm around his shoulder, and guided him out of the room.

Melinda was stalking slowly behind Henry and Eileen, as far away from them as possible. She couldn't help but flush a little bit when Eileen and Henry giggled and talked. Suddenly, she heard a muffled noise echo behind her. The other two didn't seem to notice. "Uh, Henry, I'm gonna go investigate what that was. I'll catch up later." Of course, Henry and Eileen paid no attention and continued their constant chitter-chatter. Melinda flicked out a Beretta 90 handgun and followed the source of the sounds.

"Hey Henry, have you been spying on me?" Eileen gave a smirk and crossed her arms.

Henry gushed a bright pink and shook his head. "No, why'd you think that?"

Eileen grinned. "Cause the last time I checked, there was an eyeball in my wallpaper." Henry turned an even deeper red at this and mumbled something idiotic.

The muffled noises were beginning to turn into a voice. Melinda leaned her ear in the direction of the voices and listened carefully. She managed to translate "Quiet. I don't think he's here." And a tinier voice crying out, "Where's my mommy, then?" She smacked a few bullets into her handgun and prepared for a fight.

Step. Step. Step. Melinda very carefully paced toward the voices. "I told you, we'll find Mother later." Step. Step. Step. "But I want to find her NOW." Step. Step. Step. "...I think I heard something." At this, Melinda stopped in mid-stride. "...Nevermind, it was probably..." She kept walking. Step. Step.

"NOTHING!" Suddenly, Melinda felt two hands ram against her shoulders and slam her against the wall. Then the hands grabbed her again and she felt her body slam against another. She felt breathing against the top of her head. "Oh. It's you again." It was Walter's voice speaking to her. She felt him put a knife to her throat. "Drop the gun." She felt herself start to sweat and did as she was told.

"Let her go-" The little Walter tried to persuade his older version to stop. The adult Walter simply ignored him.

"Quiet." He directed his attention back to Melinda. "You've done a lot to me, haven't you, assassin?" His voice showed no hatred whatsoever, it was calm, peaceful, as if he were having a normal conversation. One of his hands reached up and covered Melinda's mouth. "You've had...demon dogs chase me..." He took the knife away from her neck and swung it in front of her visible eye, allowing her to examine it. "You've had me shoot myself..." He gently slid the wide part of the knife down her cheek, back to her neck. "But that's all over now, isn't it?"

Melinda had to think fast or her she'd be Walter's latest victim. She felt his hand slowly remove from her mouth. "Any last words?"

Her focus flew to the handgun on the floor and little Walter. She looked over at the tiny toddler and pointed at the gun with what little movement her hands were able to make. Little Walter smiled and picked it up. Adult Walter paid no attention.

"Uhm, yes, remember when I told you that you had to always watch what children were holding?" Melinda whispered.

Walter was a little taken back by this. "Yes, why?"

Little Walter picked up the gun, quickly wrapped his tiny finger around the trigger, and slammed a bullet right into his adult counterpart's leg. "GAAAAAAH!" Melinda was free from her binding. She picked up little Walter and snatched the handgun from him. Then she aimed at the adult Walter's head.

She watched as he slowly opened his eyes and suddenly, another flashback. His body slowly swarmed into a younger, kinder, sweeter Walter. "...Melinda, you're such a good friend..." She felt her stomach churn and she felt her arm quiver and tremble and she ran away, completely ignoring the fact that Walter was still alive and she had neglected to shoot him.

"Are you gonna help me find my Momma now?" Little Walter asked while Melinda burst through multiple doors and hallways.

"Yeah...yeah..." She whispered, slowly recovering from her trance and coming to a slow walk. "Sure, we'll find your Mommy soon."

James' lower lip had retreated into a quivering line. He slowly slumped along while Heather tried her best at encouraging talk (which wasn't her strongest spot).

"Don't you worry, James," Heather started off, skipping along. "If Casper-I mean nothing- I mean Maria died twice, quite likely she'll come back to life and die a third time." She quickly realized that wasn't helping and stopped talking.

James slammed his fists in his pockets. "I can't help but think there's something I've forgotten...this whole time...but no matter how hard I try, I can't remember it. Isn't that weird?"

"Weird's the only thing I expect from you," Heather mumbled to herself and chuckled.

James opened up another door and made it back to the hallway, checking out the circle he had drawn on his map. "Yep, this is the checkpoint we made. That means Henry, Melinda, and the lil guy should be coming back here right about now."

After 5 or 10 minutes, both of them were pacing back and forth and yawning. Heather decided it was time to speak to James. " know, James, I think we got off on the wrong foot. At the beginning, you know?"

James paused and looked up at Heather. "Yeah...sorry I punched you in the stomach all those times,"

"Sorry I called you stupid and a druggie and all that other stuff." Heather whispered.

"You called me a druggie?" James abruptly yelled. Heather jumped.

"Uh, no..."


"But you are one."



Their small-talk was interrupted by the sounds of chuckling and laughter. Henry came out of the darkness with Eileen. Melinda and little Walter had disappeared.

"Where's Melinda?" Heather asked. "And my little buddy?"

Eileen sighed. "We have no clue where either of those two-" Melinda burst into the hallway, huffing and puffing, little Walter on her shoulders.

"Piggyback ride!" He giggled, clapping his hands.

"Found...huff...Walter...huff...almost died...huff..." Melinda coughed out, dropping little Walter flat-out on the ground.

"Did you finally kill him?" Henry was prepared for good news. His eyes grew wide. He was probably about to wet his pants with excitement.

Melinda sighed and looked down at the ground. "I saw teenage Walter again." Henry smacked his forehead, all of the others besides Heather letting out monotonous moans. Heather seemed to understand. She gave Melinda a warm smile and nodded her head. "You'll get him next time."

James was happy to have his crowd reunited. "So, we should probably get to finding Mary, huh?" He seemed to completely forget about Maria. His team nodded and he gladly strutted down the hall, guiding them through the rest of the area.

Douglas had covered over half of the hospital. It was an easy feat, after all, Heather had obviously taken care of all of the demons for him. He really couldn't care less about the blood splatters on the wall and the grime and gore on the ground. When you're in Silent Hill, you come to expect it. At least blood can't hurt you.

He had managed to make his way into the men's restroom. He stalked around for anything suspicious, and then he noticed a strange, open stall. An ominous glow emitted slowly from inside the bowl. "Hmmm...interesting..." He noticed something clogging the toilet. He leaned down. He looked inside and slowly reached his hand over. He was just about to touch the water when-

"UGH!" He leaped back and shuddered. "Forget it. This is way too gross. Who would even think of doing something so disgusting?!"

Walter slowly stumbled up, his foot pounding with pain. A rather troubled woman stumbled into him, knocking him right back down. "Oh! Oh, I'm sorry..." The woman whimpered, slowly stepping back. "Please don't hurt me!"

Walter looked up at the frantic lady, at her beige turtleneck sweater, her chocolate brown pants, her worried eyes. "I won't hurt you. I promise. I was just looking for-"

"I've been looking for my mama!" The woman interrupted. She looked at the man's blood-stained jacket, his gore-coated cheeks. "...You sure you won't hurt me?" She walked back slowly.

"Your mama?" He automatically thought of that room. "...I...I've been looking for my mother, too!" He stood up and smiled. "I'm Walter Sullivan." He held out his hand, the woman almost jumping.

"...Angela...Orosco..." She shook his hand and smiled. "I hope you find your mama too, Walter."

"Thanks." Walter gave her a friendly smile and strutted away. He looked back. She reminded him of someone. Not her looks, but the way she treated him-kindly. "...Melinda..." He whispered to himself. "...Where are you now..."

That's the end of part 14. Hope it was as enjoyable as the last...who wants to come back for a 15th part?

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