Who's in the mood for some good ol' fashion Mary finding? JAAAAAAAAMES SUNDERLAND! And Heather Mason, Henry Townshend, lil' Walter, Melinda Sanders, Maria (last name unknown). Will they find Mary in part 12?


Probably not. But let's find out by reading the part and stop reading this.

"MOMMY! I WANT MY MOMMY!" Little Walter was screaming bloody murder about his momma while Melinda and Henry were covering their ears and on the verge of going nuts.

Melinda turned on Henry and bellowed, "FOR FREAKIN' PETES SAKE, TOWNSHEND, SHUT HIM UP!"

Walter was still making sonic booms with his tiny little mouth and Henry was red in the face. "I can't! I swear it, I can't!"

"Aren't you his babysitter or something?!" Melinda yelled back.

Henry shook his head and growled.

"GIMME MY MOMMA! I WANT MY MO-" Out of nowhere, little Walter dropped down and fell asleep.

"...Phew..." Melinda and Henry both mumbled at the same time.

"Glad that's over...let's shave him." Henry gave an evil grin. Melinda rolled her eyes, picked up little Walter, and grabbed Henry by the ear, dragging him away.

Nothing was making sense. Maria was alive, and she was perfectly unscathed, and denying everything James was telling her. Heather was watching James talk to the air. "Seriously, James, are you on drugs?" She sassed, watching him have a conversation with an empty cell.

"How do you know about that?!" James blurted out hysterically while wiping a strange white powder from his nose. "Aren't you Maria?!"

"No, I'm Heather, and how do I know about what? You being on drugs?" Heather crossed her arms and inaudibly swore at James.

Maria was looking at James with cocky and egotistical eyes. "I am...if you want me to be." She flipped her pretty lil' hair and gave a tempting pose. "...Do you want me to be Maria, James? Or want me to be Henry."

"WHAT?!" James jumped up off of the stool. "...Maria, you're not making any sense! And all I want from you is an answer!"

Maria gave James a quizzical look and stood up as well. "I can be Henry, can't I?" She reached her arms outside of the bars and stroked them along James' cheeks. "...Don't my hands feel like Henry's?"

James smacked her hands off of him and shuddered. "I don't know, Maria! Henry's never touched my face!" At this, Heather cracked up laughing out of nowhere. She couldn't help it. "...I've got to get you out of here, Maria. Now quit acting like Henry. You're Maria now."

Maria lolled back in her chair and placed her hands delicately on her bare little legs. "Alright, James. Get me out of here. I can't do ANYTHING behind these bars."

Heather was still snickering. She practically fell out of her stool. "Henry's never touched my face!" She mimicked. "HAHA!" Then she fell to the floor and pounded her fists on the ground. "You're too much, James, just too much."

"GRRRRR..." James yanked Heather up by her hair and dragged her out of the room.

Henry was perfectly intimidating Melinda with his constant questioning. She thought he was shy. Apparently not.

"So...Melinda, you were friends with Walter, right?" He gave a quick oh-boy-I'm-onto-something grin. Then he circled around her like a shark, stalking prey. Melinda simply gave a barely noticable shrug.

"You know we were friends, Henry. I've mentioned it enough." She scoffed.

Henry smirked. "Were know...more than just friends?" He jabbed at Melinda's shoulder and poked and prodded as if he were studying her. "You know. Lil'...boyfriend girlfriend?"

"NO." Melinda hissed. "Nothin' like that."

This was like a little game to Henry. He didn't realize how ticked off he was getting her. "You sure?"

"YES, I'm sure."



"....Lil' boyfriend girlfriend-"

Melinda flicked out her fist and rammed it, hard, into Henry's forehead. He stared back, stunned, wobbling, and confused. Then he tumbled head-over-heels and went unconscious. "Yay, he's shy again," Melinda gave a smile of satisfaction and dragged Henry's limp body away.

"Heather? Heather?" Douglas called again, beginning to lose hope. He had called out Heather's name at least 40 or 50 times. "Maybe I should use her OTHER name...Cheryl? Cheeeeeryl?" No answer.

"Cheryl Heather Mason, you get out here this instant!" Douglas heard ANOTHER voice echo through the hospital hallway. And then...another man?

"Have you seen a little girl?" The man asked nervously, shifting from foot to foot.

Douglas thought he was talking about Heather. "Yes! Yes, I have seen a little girl!" Both men smiled at each other.

"Oh crap. I'm not looking directly at you right now as we speak so I'm being dragged toward the..." The man began, but he was cut off when a blonde young woman strutted in (and looked rather angry).

"HARRY, WHEN ARE YOU GONNA MAKE SOME REAL MONEY?!" She stormed up to the strange man and gave him a full-out smack.

"...Wicked and Weak ending." Harry mumbled as he was smacked again. Douglas tossed him the submachine gun. "AW, SWEET!" He reloaded the gun and blasted through the woman. Blood and gore splattered everywhere, a new fresh corpse decorating the ground. "...I'm free!"

Douglas snatched the submachine gun back. "Who was that chick?"

"Used to be my wife. But now I can get the..." He whipped out a leather jacket and a pair of shades. "SLEAZE AND SIRENS ENDING!"

"Uhhhh..." Douglas had nothing more to say as he saw whoever that man was strutting away and calling for some lady named Lisa.

James walked along nervously, Heather tagging along. They'd been wandering around this labyrinth-like place nonstop, searching for the way to Maria. It seemed everywhere they went, it ended with the same thing-nothing at all. Just starting at square one over. And over. And over again. James was about to lose his cool as he ran down a random hallway. "YOU'D BETTER BE HERE, MARIA!"

As the two continued their passage through the area, they found that the walls were becoming covered in old newspapers. Heather couldn't resist the urge to check them out. Sure, they were a little old, but what the heck? She spent some of her time snooping around in an Assassin's diary, what's the worst that could happen?

"Ehh, it says here that some guy was murdered."

"No, daddy! PLEASE! Don't!" A voice was heard from behind a door.

"Uhhh, James...watwassat?" Heather moaned while James opened the door and ran in. Heather followed.

What they saw horrified, worried, disgusted them. Probably confused them, too.

There was Angela, just sitting there, in what appeared to be a state of complete shock. She made no move, clutching at her knees, softly, silently. James could see the fear in her cold and frozen eyes. Her lips were in a withdrawn and quivering line. And what was in front of and around her was even more horrifying.

The room appeared to be made of skin, rotting and putrid flesh all scrapped together. Giant holes were the main feature below the ceiling, and cylinders repeatedly thrust through them.

"Okay, this is just weird. Sitting down now." Heather didn't want any part of this crap. She ran on over to Angela and sat beside her, only much less terrified. She was more weirded out than terrified.

A colossal, bed-like creature stood threateningly before Angela. And the looks of it were more grotesque than the room. It had the basic shape of a bed, two writhing figures on top of it, and what looked like tar dripping over every bit of it. At the base of the bed were 4 legs, two of them marching slowly toward its victim.

"Leave her alone!" James yelled at the disgusting demon. It turned toward him, one of the figures giving a strange "scream". Heather smacked her forehead, knowing James had come up with another scheme to get himself killed.

He whipped out his hunting rifle and- "OOF!" The monster leaped on top of his head. Heather covered her eyes. This looked WAY too awkward.

"Hi Angela, how are ya?" Heather asked her friend, scooting beside her. "Doin' good? Watching James get his on-drugs butt kicked?"

Angela still didn't say anything.

"Yeah, I am too." Heather giggled as she watched the monster leap on top of James again. But inside, she knew this was gonna take a while.

Little Walter had woken up, but had thankfully stopped his rant about his mother. Henry had recovered from Melinda's epic sucker-punch. Melinda was just happy to know he probably wouldn't bug her anymore.

They both entered a strange room, with a cube covered in faces and another door leading into another room, filled with doors on each and every wall, facing each and every direction. "Come on, Henry, there's something suspicious about this room."

Henry and Melinda entered the room of doors, skimming around for anything out of the ordinary besides the multiple doors.

"I'm booooooored," Little Walter complained.

"Shut up and play with the cube, Walter," Henry grumbled. "Consider it a toy or something."

Little Walter examined the cube. "Hmmm..." He poked it and looked at one of the faces. Then he grabbed both sides and turned it.

Henry and Melinda felt the ground under them begin to rumble. "Uh, Henry, what's going-" Walter turned the cube again. The room flipped upside down, along with the people it was containing. "OOOOON?! OOF!"

Suddenly, the adult Walter entered the room. He noticed his little self playing with the cube, then heard Melinda's and Henry's cries.

"Hello," Walter said, picking his tiny self up. "Having fun?"

Little Walter clapped and giggled. "Yeah! When you play with that cube, the room moves around!"

Walter saw his assassin weakly climbing up. Then he noticed Henry. Beautiful. "Sounds like fun to me." He put himself down and started turning the cube.

Melinda looked over at the cube and saw her destined victim. "YOU!" She whipped out a shotgun and felt the ground rumble. "OH SH- AAAAAAAH!"

She calculated the movement of the room and jumped, landing flat on her feet. "Aha!" Henry rolled under her as she jumped. "WHAT THE HELL!" She heard him scream.

Walter kept turning the cube, and Melinda kept up her rapid movements. When he turned it upside down, she did a backflip and landed once the room stopped moving. When he turned it sideways, she ran across the walls at full speed and jumped whenever neccessary. Henry wasn't having such luck-he obviously lacked Melinda's acrobatic talent.

In the midst of all the constant movement, Walter decided it was time to flee, left the room, and carried his tiny counterpart with him. Melinda noticed the room had stopped moving and ran out. "Walter?!" She glanced around nervously. "WALTER!" She screamed. Then she fell to her knees. "He got away again. He got away again."

"Owwwwww, my heeeeaaad." Henry lazily moaned.

"Little Walter's gone. And he got away again." Melinda repeated, slamming her fist against the cube and accidentally turning it.

" head huuurts and OH MY GOD!" Henry screamed as the room flipped over again and he landed flat on his stomach. "Ooooh man...that was NOT awesome..."

Fun with cubes! :D Part 13, anyone?!

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