Welcome to part 10! I congratulate myself for getting to the double digits, and I thank you for allowing me to get this far in the series, and you should congratulate me, too. Well, in our last should know, you probably read it! So what shall happen to our good Silent Hill friends now? Let's read on.

"Ugh, this place smells like a sewer," Heather complained, rubbing her finger along one of the tables. She felt something wet and slimy and jerked her now-filthy hand back. "And it feels like one, too."

Melinda sighed and picked up a tablet. "Huh. It says a 'Gluttonous Pig' is on here." She examined it closely.

"Eddie's on there?" Henry blurted out, and everyone else cracked up.

James snatched the tablet from Melinda. "Well, we better get outta here, then. We've still got to find Mary. And a snotty little brat who's probably off her medications that she so desperately needs and locked me up."

Silence. And a little bit of confusion. But, none-the-less, it was time to move on, and thus the team left the disgusting dining hall.

Immediately after they entered a hallway, static burst through James' and Heather's radio. Heather whipped out a pipe and jerked to the direction of the threat. James pulled out his shotgun. A sigh of relief-the monsters were behind bars. Heather grinned as she watched a Double Head jump at her and bonk into the bars. A mannequin helplessly thumped its legs at James to no prevail.

"Ahaha! What's wrong, puppy? Can't get me?" Heather snickered, turned around, and started shaking her little behind toward the cage. James rolled his eyes and shot the mannequin anyway.

"You cannot GEEEEET me. You cannot GEEEET me. Nah nah nah naaaaaah nah." Heather was busting all sorts of crazy dance moves at the poor dog.

James grabbed Heather by her hood and dragged her out, Henry, Melinda, and little Walter following. "Come on, Heather, you're supposed to be finding Mary, not showing a demon your best moves," He grumbled.

Douglas was still on his quest to find Heather. He was still deeply upset that she wasn't by his side, travelling sadly around in the fog. He had just got done skimming down the apartment floor-by-floor, only to know that his little girl was just not there. His next suspicion-the hospital.

"Alright then...Heather's gotta be here...I can feel it." He assured himself, kicking a demon corpse out of the way of the door before entering.

A larger hallway welcomed James and his followers. Only this time, no cages. Just a huge, gaping hallway, full of demons. A few Lying Figures welcomed James, some Sniffer Dogs were happy to meet Henry, and Heather saw something all too familiar-a Scraper.

She watched as it threateningly scraped its massive blades together, its head convulsing violently as he stepped toward his prey. Heather felt memories of her father pound through her head, and she backed away slowly. Melinda just stood there and watched. "No...leave me alone!" Heather took a shot at it. The monster raised up his weapons and the bullet clunked off, harmless.

"Stay away!" Another shot. Clank. "Get back!" Pow. Clink. "I'm warning you!" Bang. Clunk. "You'd better leave me alone!" She tried shooting at the vile monster again. She was out of bullets.

Melinda got into her famous butt-kicking pose as the monster slashed at Heather and missed. "Oi! Big boy!" She taunted, taking out her two katanas. "Leave the poor lil' girl alone and pick on me instead," She mimicked the Scraper and scraped her katanas together.

Heather shook her head rapidly as the Scraper directed his attention to Melinda. Was Melinda insane? She couldn't take this guy on. She couldn't even handle Walter when she had the chance.

But the two circled around each other anyway. It was war. By now, Henry and James had easily taken down their demons. But it was going to take much more to take on a Scraper.

"RAAAAH!" Melinda let out a ferocious battle cry as she and the demon ensued battle. Clash, clank! Melinda swung one of her blades at the Scraper's. It clashed against his blade, and then he took a swing toward her. She swung up the other and blocked it. Then she swung out her leg and kicked him right in the stomach. He flew back and hit the ground.

Melinda cracked her knuckles and waved her hands in the air. "HEY, HEY, HEY!" Then she beckoned him back. "COME ON."

Clank, clash, clunk, clink! Their blades continually took turns whacking against each other. By now, Heather, Henry, James, and little Walter were staring deeply at the two. It was like an action movie. Finally, Melinda stabbed both of her katanas right into the Scraper's chest. Then she yanked them both to her side, slashing him right in half.

Everyone was gawking while Melinda burst into a full-out air guitar. "YEAH! WOOHOO! UH-HUH-"

"" Henry called out. Melinda automatically stopped. Her blonde wig had dropped to the ground in a clump, revealing her short red hair. Her bangs were gone, and her left eye was revealed. least the purple scar that was replacing it.

Melinda felt at her face nervously and automatically jerked her head around. "I'm...sorry..." She felt at her eye. "I've been like this ever since...ever...since..." She stopped speaking and started to whimper.

James reached over to Melinda. She whacked his hand back. "...I learned how to fight when I started hanging out with Walter, you know, when we were friends. People didn't particularly like him, and I didn't particularly like the idea of him getting hurt. So when a couple of boys started pushing Walter around, we got into a fight, and one of the boys ended up..." She shuddered and yanked her wig back on. "...stabbing me in the eye. Obviously, I can't see out of it anymore, and I use this wig to cover it up. If Walter saw the scar, he'd recognize me instantly."

Heather took the diary out of her pocket and started flipping through it. She didn't stop at any of the pages, she just shut it and put it back in her pocket. Melinda covered up the scar with her fake blonde bangs again and sighed. "...Aren't we supposed to be looking for someone?" She snapped.

"My mommy?" Little Walter piped up.

"No, my wife," James coughed out.

"I really just want to go home," Heather hissed.

"My apartment's all locked up." Henry mumbled.

They had gone from what they were looking for to someone's apartment. Melinda shook her head and started to walk away. Everyone else followed.

One of Melinda's big secrets has been revealed, James is still looking for Mary, and apparently, monsters can be locked up. Part 11, anyone?

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