Here we are at part 9, a beautiful addition to our series, a wonderful part of Love Lost. ...Who are you? Are you reading this? Congrats, you've never really lived until you've read this series...I think. And now, we start with part 9, putting an end to this weird introduction.

The two of them were in the blistering cold again, Angela and Harry, and they were both equally confused and terrified. Harry had now seen the world before him shatter into a whole new hellhole, filled with ice and freeze, twice. Then he met those disgusting animalistic beings twice-and they were just as hostile the second time around. God, what was happening to him?

Same with Angela. Even though she had seen her world burst into a blazing inferno only once, it still took quite a toll on what little sanity she had remaining. Her father had just been murdered at her hands, she had met a stranger that she thought had the same grotesque intentions as Thomas, and now she was seeing things. This just wasn't right.

"...I'm scared, Harry." Angela's voice was so shaken and quiet he barely heard the words leave her quivering lips. "I get real scared sometimes. Especially now."

"It's not like I'm not scared either," Harry meant this in a way to comfort her, but his voice was harsh and strangled. Then he let out a little of his frustration. "My damn daughter is missing. Don't you get that?!"

"I know..." Angela whispered softly, slightly hurt by Harry's atittude. "I hope you find her."

Harry kept right on walking, his pacing making him get ahead of Angela. "...I do too." He took out his phone and checked the G.P.S. Wherever he was, he had made it far from where Cybil's car had almost crashed. Speak of the devil, his phone started ringing that classical all-too-familiar chime. "Damn it, who now?" He examined his phone. "...Cybil..." He answered the call.

"Harry, where the hell are you?!" Cybil screeched, sounding both furious and worried. "I told you not to leave the car."

Uh-oh, he'd been caught. "...I'm sorry, but you were taking forever and I was getting nervous."

"You think you're nervous?! Mandy and Jean are gone! I can't find them anywhere." Cybil's voice was now reeking of anger. "Look, head down to Midwich, the school. Their gym is where people normally stay in extreme weather. I'll call ya if this weather finally stops." With that, the call ended. Harry groaned and put his phone away.

"Guess it's time for school, huh?" Angela joked.

"Yeah..." Harry wasn't having any laughs. This wasn't time for laughter. He had a little girl to find.

"Ow! Damn it, Jean, stop it, that hurts!" Mandy mumbled as she was carefully carried into the forest, sighing as she felt the intense pain in her knee ever so quickly sharpening. Jean set her down and frowned, staring at the wound, the blood sluicing down like a sickly red river as it was sucked up into Mandy's jeans.

"You're hurt bad, aren't you?" She asked, patting Mandy on the shoulder and giving her best attempt at a compassionate smile. It worked. "You'll be alright."

"Ugh...yeah, just a flesh wound. Doesn't hurt a bit." Mandy forced a smile and looked all around, the vast forest all that surrounded her.

Jean groaned as she checked her watch. "Look, I've got to love Dante-I mean kiss Dante-I mean dance with Dante-I mean get engaged to Dante- I mean find Cybil, you've got to stay aliiiii...I mean, you just stay here and wait until I get back. You're safe here."

Safe. Jean sauntered away, waving to Mandy as she left.

Now alone, Mandy was developing a sense of paranoia as well as a strange feeling of boredom. Sure, she was alone, but she wasn't hurt that bad. She could make it out here on her own. Drawing small pictures in the snow, she sighed with slight agitation and leaned her head against a tree. To her shock, she started sobbing.

It had been a while since Mandy had a decent shed of tears, and even then she didn't cry all that much. But she was just letting everything out. The pain was agonizing enough to make her want to scream, but she held back her shreiks of pain and exchanged them for tears.

For a while she just laid there, staring up into the sky and finally stopping her sobs. She closed her eyes for a little while, daydreaming about sitting in the police station, chowing down on candy bars and watching lazily as Jean scans fingerprints from the bad guys. But she wasn't there. Instead there she was, out in the forest, waiting for Jean to return with Cybil (and hopefully, medical help).

"Hello again." The sound of Bob's voice made her jump. Then she groaned and knew something was gonna come up. She had a bullet in her knee and she could take whatever was going to happen next. But what shocked her was the sound of scraping metal. That wasn't coming from a damn pistol. "...You're all alone, aren't you?"

Mandy didn't answer as she saw Bob come around, her hands and wrists drastically decorated with slick, gorgeous metal. It glistened beautifully, but it was as intimidating as it was precious. The strange armor stretched from her fingertips almost all the way to her elbow. "...As you can see, I abandoned that little old gun that was responsible for..." She pointed at the hole in Mandy's leg, laughing as she heard Mandy groan. "...heh. Anywho, why bother with guns, what's the fun in that? I could kill you instantly with a gun. But I like to have fun with my prey."

Your prey? Well, you certainly are a mangy beast, Mandy angrily thought to herself, but her thoughts didn't leave her mouth. She was still nervous.

Bob started circling around Mandy once again, that all-too-familiar tactic. Yeah, something definitely was about to happen. "It's not just a bunch of shiny junk, you see..." Suddenly, blades flung out from the armor, covering Bob's fingers like sickly shining claws. "...Isn't it great? They're retractable, sharp, and practically indestructable. Made from pure titanium alloy." Mandy couldn't believe it...Bob was boasting of her weaponry.

For a split second, Mandy thought that she was going to die. That she wasn't going to make it through this battle. But for the rest, she wanted to send Bob straight to hell.

"In. Out. In. Out. In. Out." Bob chuckled as the blades went into the gauntlets, then shot back out again, and the process was repeated over and over. Mandy rolled her eyes. "In..." The blades shot in once again. Suddenly, Bob jammed her fist into her rival's wounded leg. "OUT!"

Mandy bit her lip at the thought of what was going to happen and she felt that sharp-edged metal crunch into her flesh, her muscle...the pain was gruesome. And she just sat there and took it. Bob wanted a fight? She got one.

At that second, Mandy's elbow flung out in a flash and slammed Bob right in the stomach, forcing her back, the blades flying out of Mandy's leg and soaring away with Bob. Mandy quickly stood while she had the chance and made a run for it. She was going to survive this. "Catch me if you can, Bobby!"

Bob was dumbfounded for a moment there, feeling the cool snow brush against her body as it hit the floor. She had been tossed off of her target. That didn't happen often. She felt her hands clench. "Nice, kid. Nice."

Jean ran up to that address, 1206 Levin. Oh man, she hadn't seen Dante in years, and she was excited about it. "Maybe I should feel bad...Mandy's out there, all alone, thinking I'm finding I a BAD PERSON?! ...Naaaaaah." She slammed her fist against the door repeatedly. "OPEN UP, YOU BIG HUNK OF ADORABLE!"

The door opened in a flash, Jean giggling when she saw Dante's smiling face. "Jean, my baby! We're back together, right? Alright, let's try to break our kissin' record." With that, he pulled her inside.

"Whoa there!" Mandy laughed as she backflipped over Bob's slinging arm, easily avoiding the oncoming blades. Then she continued running, heaving out heavy gasps as she looked behind her. Even though her leg was pulsing and throbbing with pain, she had to keep moving. But she couldn't run forever. She had to find a weapon, and fast. "Think...think..."

"RAAAAAH!" Bob screamed as she slung her arm toward Mandy again, barely missing as she continued her hunt.

"Aha...the Red Queen!" Mandy snickered at her idea and started running in the opposite direction, leaping over Bob again while continuing her stride. As she turned the corner, she accidentally bumped into someone.

"Mama?" The woman said. It was that lady she had seen earlier.

"AAAH! GET AWAY, SHE-DEMON!" Mandy shrieked as she tossed Angela aside, only to see Harry's shocked expression. "Oh-hi-Harry-how-are-you-I-am-running-for-my-life-isn't-that-cool?"

"Uh...yeah, I guess-" Harry began, quickly being cut off.

"MOVE!" Mandy screamed as she elbowed past him and kept running. "What's the address so I can steal the Red Queen...1206 something...Levin! 1206 Levin!"

Pacing through the neighborhood, Mandy glanced from household to household to see which one was the key to her safety. Finally, she spotted the one covered in painted corpses of an old man. "Bingo!"

She slammed her fist against the door. "OPEN UP! OPEN UP NOW!"

The two embraced each other for a long time, meeting each others lips while Nero recorded the time of the smooch on a stop-watch. As Dante and Jean continued their kiss, finally Jean pulled back and smiled while Nero clicked the watch to a stop. "How long was that?"

Nero examined the time. "45 minutes on the dot."

Jean snickered. "Awesome! We broke the record!"

"45 minutes?!" Dante looked obviously befuddled. "We can beat that in our sleep! Come on, Jean, let's try again."

With Bob still far behind, Mandy quickly peered in through the window, angered that nobody had answered the door. She was amazed and infuriated by what she saw. Jean wasn't finding Cybil or help...she was helping herself to Dante's lips. "Oh yeah, Jean, that's some REAL CYBIL you're finding..." She groaned as she slammed open the door.

Jean and Dante didn't even bother glancing over, still caught in the smooch. Mandy groaned and ran over to Nero.

"Hey, Nero, can I borrow your sword? Red Queen, I think it's called?" Mandy clasped her hands together and her eyes beamed with anticipation.

"Hmph." Nero responded by flipping her the bird, proudly showing off the middle finger on his demonic claw.

"Oh, thank you!" Mandy giggled as she ran up the stairs, wasting no time to fetch her weapon as Bob was making her way there.

"NO! THAT'S THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF PERMISSION!" Nero bellowed as he followed after her.

"Harry...who was that?" Angela whispered, looking up at her just-as-confused friend. She walked over to him and crossed her arms in a combination of confusion and agitation.

"I don't know. But we've still got to get to the school..." Harry sighed as he checked his phone again. "Come on, I know Cheryl will be there this time."

"I've heard that before..." Angela angrily muttered.

Oh, part are done, but the series is not...part 10?

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