Once upon a time, there was a series called Love Lost. It was made because people adored it and so did the author. And this is the 8th part. There were many threats to Love Lost...threats of houses being burned, of dogs being killed, of clothes being stolen by a man in a blue trench-coat. But now that part 8 has been made, these threats continually remain kept at bay. So you and the author are safe, for now.

", it's not happening again. It can't be happening again." Harry was whispering his thoughts to himself, once again doubting his sanity, once again wondering what the hell was going on, once again wishing this were all a dream. But a tug at his gut told him this was far from a dream. And he was forced to believe it. The world he knew had been completely coated in ice, the walls, the floor, maybe even the people around him..."Angela!" His head jerked around and he was happy to see Angela was just fine.

But she certainly was just as exasperated at the new environment as he was. But her playground was much different than his; the utter exact opposite. A blazing inferno warped over everything in sight, the heat quickly smothering the freezing temperature. And Angela was absolutely confused, aghast, horrified. She wondered if she were in hell for a moment. She wanted her knife back desperately. "H...Harry...what's goin' on?"

Harry felt his phone buzzing and screeching out static. Apparently, his ice friends had come back to play. "...Angela...we need to run. We need to run now." He gasped, gripping his phone and blindly snatching Angela by her arm. Angela couldn't help but scream; the forceful grip of Harry's hand...she saw her father for a split second and let out some of the pain of those dreaded nights. Her cries made Harry cringe.

"Angela, we need to run!" He repeated, tugging and pulling her by the arm as the phone shrieked out of control.

His friend wasn't listening. "DADDY!" She cried as she helplessly pounded her fists against Harry's back, harmless little rabbit paws thumping away.

"Damn it, Angela!" Harry finally let go of Angela and she ran wildly, out of control, sprinting out of the shed. It seemed like she had completely lost the idea that Harry was with her and just ran off. Harry started after her.

Another of those disgusting humanoid beasts began after Harry, relentlessly pacing toward him at break-neck speed. He had to get moving. Flicking on his flashlight, he focused the bright rays toward Angela, who was still uncontrollably screaming and running, probably for the same reason he was. "Angela! Please!" He cried out, the animalistic beast beginning to gain on him.

Angela seemed to be in her own little world. She was completely ignoring Harry at first. Then she looked back to see his shaken expression and went right back into reality. "Come on, Harry!"

Harry tried to keep up with Angela, but he was running out of breath and another animal joined its friend in the chase. Now he had two demons chasing after him, his energy and faith in himself was fading...he had to get ahold of himself. Had to stay alive, had to stay strong. He thought of Cheryl. What kind of father would he be if he gave up now? Wicked and weak, that's for sure. "Don't give up..." He whispered to himself as he felt Angela grab his shoulder and pull him onward.

This pointless bickering between Jean and Mandy was entertaining and annoying. Bob had enough of it. She sighed and got prepared to start a fight, clutching her gun and grinning. "This is going to be fun."

While the back-and-forth insults went on, a shattering window interrupted Jean and Mandy's hissy-fit. They both jumped as they heard the noise, and glass hit the concrete like hail. The two bewildered cops backed away, unsure of what had caused the window to explode so quickly. Jean glared at the window, looking into the darkness. The visibility inside of the room was absolutely zero.

Out of nowhere, Bob lunged from the window in a flash, backflipping and landing flat-out on her feet. She grinned at Jean's startled reaction and gave a cocky grin. She flung her head around and her hair swung brilliantly, landing on her shoulder as she cocked her gun. "Well, well, well, if it isn't old McDonald."

Jean and Mandy were both extremely shocked. They hadn't seen this traitor's face in 10 years, nor did they want to ever again. It was Bob...that cop, that killer, the one who had killed police her own self just to earn cash from prisoners. "'s you..." Jean whispered. "We meet again, Bob."

"I prefer you call me by my real name, but oh well." Bob whispered, pridefully twirling her pistol in her fingers. "How ya doin, Jean?"

"Uh..." Jean's voice came to a shallow whisper, her lips aiming toward Mandy. "...Stay back. This is gonna get dangerous, rookie."

"I'm not a rookie!" Mandy hissed out, Jean smacking her forehead.

Bob began walking in a circle around Jean and Mandy, gesturing broadly as she spoke. "It's been a while. I've had my fun, I believe you've had yours..." She grinned.

"Have you ever ate lead, Bob?" Mandy threatened, whipping her handgun out of her pocket. She'd never gotten into a gunfight before, but hell, she was ready. Bob shrugged the threat off like it was dust in the wind.

"I don't know..." Suddenly, to Jean's horror, Bob's gun-clutching arm extended in a flash. The gun was aimed, and Bob's finger wrapped around the trigger, and it was pulled. The bullet zoomed out as if in slow motion, and Mandy didn't even hear the gunshot, her eyes were fixed on that soaring object as it went through the air. She had no time to move.

The slow motion effect only lasted a split second. Then the cries of pain were heard as the bullet viciously carved into Mandy's knee, a bloody splotch growing on her jeans. She hit the floor in an instant, moans of pain, gun effortlessly dropping from her open hand. "Ugh..." Mandy moaned. She was in too much agony to scream.

"Why don't you tell me what it tastes like, Mandy?" Bob grinned again, her eyes smoldering.

Jean was absolutely outraged. Bob was the only cop she knew that could wound with words even when someone was down. And Mandy was like the little, lost puppy on the team. Sure, Jean insulted her a lot, but nobody could hurt her. Since Jean couldn't think of a good enough insult, she spit at Bob. A blob of saliva right to the cheek.

"Disgusting. I thought you had better manners." Bob grumbled as she wiped the drool off, hand shaking. "Let's play, Jean." She held up her gun.

"Paradise." Jean hissed back, shaky hatred shading her voice.

Before Bob could shoot, Jean did the unexpected and dropped her gun. She was going to use pure fists to take Bob down. Since Bob was distracted by the strange option Jean had chose, Jean used the confusion as the opportunity to strike. Her leg flung out and tripped Bob. "OOMPH!"

Jean prepared to strangle her rival, hands stealthily preparing to grip Bob's throat. It was too late. Bob got up and tackled Jean, easily restraining her arms and laughing as Jean struggled. "Nice moves, McDonald. Lovely performance."

"Damn you!" Jean coughed out as she writhed in Bob's arms, trying to reach for her fallen gun but to no avail.

Suddenly, a musical tone streamed from Jean's phone that made the two of them jump. "Hold on..." Jean flipped open her phone. "Hello?"

"Jean, baby...this is Dante." Dante's angel-smooth voice oozed from the speakers. "Look...I really think we should get back together."

"OOF!" Jean screamed out as Bob slammed her fist into her stomach. "Oooh...I mean, oh, really? Yay!"

"Yeah...Nero is the most insane kid alive. I can't handle him alone." Dante sighed.

"AAAAGH!" Bob had punched Jean in the side of the head now, still making sure she was restrained. "I"

Bob was still snickering at Jean, easily overpowering her opponent. She was going to win this battle with ease.

"Say, Dante, what's another word for female dog?" Jean grinned, barely managing to gasp out her question into her cell.

"Uh, well, I think it's-" Dante was interrupted.

"I'm sorry, your time is up." Jean was acting like a T.V. show host now, still trying to get out of Bob's grip. "The correct answer is Bob!"

Enraged by Jean's insult, Bob accidentally got lost in her fury and let go of Jean in the attempts to grab her pistol. As Jean escaped, she quickly grabbed Mandy and made a hasty run for it. Before Bob could shoot, her rival was long gone.


Finally, the nightmare was over. Harry had been attacked repeatedly by the creatures, but with the help of flares and Angela's encouragement, he had made it out alive once again. Angela was thankful as well; being in a world of flames wasn't exactly her cup of tea. "God, Harry, what the hell was all that?!"

"I know nothing more than you do." Harry sighed, leaning against a fence as he tried to catch his breath. He definitely didn't want to go through that ever again.

"Well, I don't want to know. I just...ugh...come on, Harry, let's find somewhere to relax. We're both pretty worn out." Angela smiled, wrapping her arm around Harry's shoulder. Maybe this guy wasn't as bad as her father after all.

Part 8! Done! Another part to our epic saga completed! But the adventure isn't over...part 9?

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