Amazing number 7, a wonderful part, a delightful part, a magnificent chapter to our lovely series, Love Lost. In our last part, Angela started stalking after Harry and...well, you should probably know. What will you find in part 7? Read on and find out...I really need to hire one of those deep-voiced narrators for my introductions. It would be epic, but expensive.

"Sucker didn't see me, ha." Angela snickered as Harry left the room, dumbfounded, not knowing what was responsible for the noises that were following him. Angela snuck around the corner of the bear and smiled as Harry shut the door. "Good. Now I'll just keep on going..."

Angela quickly stood, slowly stepping toward the door and preparing to follow Harry once again. She was completely silent. Her breathing was shallow. She didn't want Harry to know she was there, so she took caution with every move. Her mistake was when she opened the door.


"Huh?" Harry's head jerked over his shoulder, his eyes quickly pinpointing on Angela. She had been caught. "You!" He swung his flashlight around. "It was you, wasn't it?! You're the one who stepped on my hand...oh wait. I mean, you're the one who's been following me." He glared at the young woman furiously, teeth clenched and growling sounds coming from inside his throat.

"Please don't hurt me...I'm...I'm sorry..." Angela quietly whispered, her hand gripping her knife as she slowly stepped back. Her eyes were pleading, her lips shaking helplessly.

Harry felt outraged at first. He had a blood-soaked woman following him for who knows how long, and she had been hiding from him. His first impression of her was psychotic, but then he felt a slight sense of empathy for the gore-drenched woman. "Ugh...I'm not gonna hurt you, alright?"

"...You're sure?" Angela asked, her eyes switching around Harry for anything suspicious that could jab or probe or harm her. Nothing but a flashlight and a phone. She sighed. "...My name is...Angela...Angela Orosco...I won't hurt you either." She dropped her knife and it landed on the floor, drops of gore splashing against the wood.

"Oh...I'm Harry. Harry Mason. I promise you'll be safe with me-" He began, Angela furiously interrupting him.

"LIAR-oh, I'm sorry...keep going." Her face flushed a scarlet red and she turned away slightly.

Harry gave a confused frown, but continued. "I and my daughter just got into a massive wreck. I've been trying to find her."

Angela sighed. This man was looking for his daughter. But God, what kind of father might he be? He might be like Thomas, that pathetic useless demon that used her for his own experimentation. He might abuse her. Who knew what Harry might have been doing with his little girl? Well, Angela just didn't know. She had to help him...maybe, just maybe, she'd found someone trustworthy.

"I...I'll help find your daughter..." Angela softly whispered, her expression confused and shaking but her small smile promising. She shook Harry's extended hand and sighed again. What had she gotten her father-killing self into?

It had been many years. Years since she'd gone rogue, started fighting for her own self. Years since she decided she didn't need cops to help her fight crime. And years since she'd even said her own name. Bob...that was the name that she had been given by her foes...they'd never called her by her real name ever since she'd left the police force. She didn't want to be a "good" cop...she wanted to be great. And that made her cross the line.

10 years ago, Bob had killed an agent of the F.B.I. in order to get her pay from a man in prison. She'd been under this scamming business for years. She'd act like a cop and all, punishing criminals while at the same time killing the cops that were responsible for their capture. And she made a ton of money off of it...that is, until she had killed that agent and Mandy had seen it before her very eyes. So Mandy told Jean and soon everybody knew.

And now Bob was in hiding, waiting in the town of Silent Hill, trying to keep away from the law that she once served.

Waiting in an old abandoned apartment building, she stared intently at the road. The snow gently fell to the ground. Bob was almost in a trance as she looked at her watch. "'s late." She continued her gazing out the window when she noticed those two wretches arguing over some guy called Dante. Mandy and Jean. She remembered those hideous names all too well. They were the reason she was caught killing innocent people for pay. They were the reason she was in hiding. They were her next victims.

"Look, Dante broke up with you because he loved me more, it's that simple." Mandy grumbled, trudging along in the snow and stomping on Jean's foot.

Jean sighed. "No, no no. He broke up with me because he needed to take care of that Nero guy that is also mine."

"Nero isn't yours." Mandy retorted.

"Who says?!" Jean scoffed back.

The two continued this immature bickering for 15 minutes. Bob was getting annoyed as she stared at them through that misty, cracked window. Her glossy fingernails scraped against the painted windowframe, making chips of paint tear away. Her teeth grinded and she continued watching her former co-workers bicker on. "Ugh, they are like children..."

"He's not yours," Jean sing-songed.

"YEAH HE IS!" Mandy was on the verge of screaming, her mouth wide open and the words flying out.

"Sure don't need an amplifier!" Jean taunted back.

Bob grinned. These two were too busy fighting to notice her at the moment. At the same time, she was annoyed...she was hoping for a good fight.

Harry looked around in a shed-like area. Looked like a typical garage...but there was something crying! And it sounded like a little girl...could it be Cheryl? "Sweetie!" Harry called, the crying still being heard. He took an eager step forward, his child had to be here...

"Look, Harry..." Angela's hand outreached, she pointed toward a small figure, a shadow in the form of a child. It had to be had to be...

As Harry ran over to that little bit of hope he had left, the ran away! It paced away from him, sobbing, vanishing into the wall of the shed. And then...complete and total shock. It was happening again...

Everything around Harry and Angela began to freeze before his very eyes, a massive glacier growing into the shed and making a gigantic pillar that towered over him. He jumped again as the ice swarmed over the ground below him. He looked around in terror...everything was frozen again. To Angela, it was the exact opposite.

Around Angela, everything was consumed by flame. The walls burned, the shadow had disappeared, and the temperatures had gone from freezing to a disco inferno. She wished she had brought her knife. Not to defend herself...she wanted to die.

Part 7 is over...but a nightmare has begun yet again! Part 8?

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