It is time for part 6 of our lovely little series, Love Lost. Don't be a drunk dad, that would certainly be a bad influence on your little girl. Sleaze and sirens will never work out. And if you don't read this part, you're certainly wicked and weak. So avert your eyes from this reference-filled introduction to the wonderful part 6.

"Why'd she do it? Damn...I don't know, don't care. But if she goes to prison, she'll get what she deserves...just like she always did." - Mother of Angela Orosco, addressing the court about the murder of Thomas

Harry was simply disgruntled by this. The cops were missing, the windows on the police car so frosted by snow that there was no way he was going to drive, and he was stuck outside in the blizzard all over again. The frost was beginning to make his lips turn blue, and he couldn't just stand there forever. He flipped out his phone and checked the G.P.S.

"'s freezing..." He mumbled as he put his phone away, taking out his flashlight again. As he turned it on, he noticed the all-too-familiar forest, bark covered by snow. He started into the woods, body shivering, teeth grinding mercilessly against each other. He needed to find somewhere warm, or at least warmer than this. He couldn't stay out there for long.

The horror of what Angela had just committed was striking her like a stake to her chest. She had killed someone. And not just a total stranger, but her father. At first, she was relieved. God, she was actually happy that her father was out of her life! But then she realized what she had done and the guilt poured in like hell frozen rain. "M...Mama..." She looked at her hideously gore-drenched sleeves, the knife that was soaked in her father's blood. She had killed him, and she had to do something. Had to hide. "...I...I'm sorry, Mama..."

She slowly stepped through the snow, and she was sweating despite the fact that it was practically below zero. She was also shivering, not at all from the cold. Her head swished around frantically, looking for somewhere to go, some place to hide, to be safe. She noticed a wooden lodge and as if by instinct started sprinting toward it, her bloody feet leaving red prints in the snow.

Once she felt her hands thrust open that wooden door she let out a small, helpless yelp and collapsed into a wall, sobbing. Everything that man had put her through...oh God, he was dead, but he still hurt her. And some memories can't be tossed away easily. She felt her legs wobble and she slid to the floor, fists slamming against the floorboards with denial. She didn't want to kill him...she just had to. Suddenly, she heard the door creak open and she hid, leaped under a rocking chair and cowered.

A rather shaken looking man entered, glasses on and flashlight waving around the room. Angela held her breath. She didn't want this man to see her. She'd had enough of men. She was horrified of them.

"Hello?!" Harry called, his voice shaking as he spoke the word. Nobody answered. He didn't notice Angela. "Is anybody here?"

Once again, no sounds came from Angela. She tried her best not to whimper, her stomach ached, and she felt as if she was going to vomit. She bit her lip so hard it started to bleed and she tasted a sickly rust-like flavor.

"I guess not..." Harry sighed. He was unfortunately getting used to the thought of being alone and without his angelic child. He noticed a blood stain streaked against the wall. "Huh?" He shined his flashlight on it. Angela shuddered. Some of the gore on her clothing had made it to the wall. She shook even more as she tried not to make any noise from under that seat. The man still didn't see her.

After a few minutes of examining the inside of the lodge, Harry had decided this place was useless to him and left. Angela sighed with relief and scattered from underneath the chair, breathing heavily. So many things were going through her mind right now...Thomas was dead...she killed him...blood was on the wall...

"...I've got to run, Mama...I've got to run..." She had the strange urge to follow that man she'd seen. She sighed and left the cabin.

Harry walked through the woods, snow squashing beneath his feet as his light wavered around a little more. He continued onward. "You lie...silent there before me..." He groaned. He had resorted to singing to stall his fear. "Ugh...forget it..."

Angela hid behind a tree, glaring at the man as she stalked his every movement. She ran from one hiding spot to another, ever so quietly stepping along as she observed the startled man. Suddenly, a loud snap came from under her foot-she had stepped on a twig.

Harry's head shot back to see what had made the sound. Angela dived behind a small brush before he could spot her. "Who's there?" His flashlight flicked over to the snapped twig. Someone had been there-footsteps were tracked in the snow.

"Oh God...please..." Angela whispered, peering over the bush. When Harry's flashlight went to her, she ducked and crossed her fingers. "Please, say he didn't see me, did he see me?"

"...Damn it." Harry had lost hope of anyone being out there and continued on his way, Angela relieved of a little of her fear once again.

Harry came across another cabin after a while of aimlessly walking. This cabin took on a much more disgusting and breath-taking tone. A bear's corpse lay on a table, body bearing a huge gash, blood and intestines lazily drooping outside of the corpse. It smelled of rot. Harry wondered if he should look closer, but he was terrified of what he might see so he continued on through the rest of the lodge.

Once again, Angela stalked after Harry's trail and entered the lodge. What she saw horrified her. The bear, the blood, the intestines. The guilt overpowered her once again and she screamed, let out cries of a combination of fear and guilt, let out some of the fear she felt every time her father would give her that disgusting smile...

"Hello?" Harry had heard the scream. He burst through the door. Angela dived behind the corpse of the bear. The smell of it was making her stomach churn.

Now Harry was a little more annoyed. He could have sworn he heard something snap from behind him, he saw footsteps, and now he was hearing a scream. Someone had to be in here. He ran over to the bear and looked around the back of it.

Angela saw Harry coming and dived behind the next part of the bear. Harry didn't spot her. He circled around the bear as Angela crawled quietly. The two rotated around the corpse for a while. Harry still wasn't noticing his stalker. "...Forget it...must be all in my head." He walked away.

"This is must have quite the mind, Cheryl..." Kaufmann was absolutely hypnotized. Cheryl had quite a bit on her mind, even if she did completely ignore the fact that Harry was gone. Her crammed-up cranium did have problems, but it also had amazing memories.

"Yeah... Dahlia always said I had quite the imagination...but she also told me I was so stuck in my head-world that I'd never get into real life." Cheryl sighed.

"That's true," Kaufmann replied, his fingernails tapping against the table. "A fantasy world is probably why you've forgotten the fact that your father is..." Once again, Cheryl growled at him and Kaufmann stopped. If he was going to crack this shell, he was going to have to butter her up a little more first. "I'm going to get another just try to relax."

As Kaufmann walked away, Cheryl grumbled. She couldn't relax. She had visited multiple shrinks, her mother thought she was crazy, and nobody could understand that her father was a hero. That he was alive. That he always would be.

Part 6 is now finished, 100% done! Part 7 is yet to be made...should it be created, or destroyed like Cheryl's mind?

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