Goody good good, epicy epic epic, awesomey awesome awesome, supery super super...hmm, that's a strange way to start off my introduction. Have I got you confused? Maybe. If I have, good. If not and you wish for me to try again, press 5. ...Wait, what? Welcome to part 5 of Love Lost, people! Read it now!

Harry was beginning to question his own sanity as he helplessly lolled into his seat, squeezing in between Jean and Mandy. He had just been in a car accident, his daughter was missing, he had been out in the cold for hours, he had seen the town freeze before him, he had been chased by demons, and his wasn't his home. And on top of that, he was stuck with three cops who probably thought he had gone nuts and were taking him down to the station.

"Man, this weather is horrible." Cybil sighed as she started the car and drove gently down the road. "I'm honestly not shocked you got into a car wreck out here, I mean, look at this!" One of her hands left the wheel and motioned toward the frosting windshield. "I'd better get you to the station before the windows freeze up."

"...Yeah...God, Cybil...this just isn't making sense." Harry grumbled as he slammed his face into his hands and groaned.

"I know, right?! I mean, I just had a TON of hot sauce shoved down my throat cause of you!" Mandy still hadn't gotten over what Harry had put her through at the Diner.

Jean snickered and crossed her arms. She hadn't gotten over it either, but she enjoyed it much more than Mandy did, that was for sure.

Cybil gave a compassionate smile to Harry, her eyes fluttering from him to the road in a strange pattern. "Look, I know you've been through a lot. I mean, you've got to be stressed out. You probably want to smother your wife with a pillow or something."

Harry was startled. "Uh...what?!"

"Oh, sorry," Cybil sighed, but the damage was done and now Harry looked horrified. Who would even think of doing something so...suffocating?!

Mandy looked out the window, stomping on Jean's foot just to bug her. Mandy was always the lazy one out of the two; to her the only thing cool about being a cop is having the gun in your hand and getting paid to pull the trigger at oncoming criminals. And right now, she was bored out of her mind. She didn't really care about Harry's situation, nor did she like the guy at all; a bottle of hot sauce being forcefed to you just isn't cool.

As she watched the trees drift by, the snow gently falling down to the pavement of the road, she couldn't help but wonder why Harry had even bothered coming to this town. It was blistering cold, nobody else but a few rag-tag cops were around, and that was that. She sighed and yawned. "Cybil, are we there yet?"

"Has the car stopped?!" Cybil snapped, eyes flickering back to the road.

"...Sorry..." Mandy flushed a deep red hue and resumed her window-watching. The oncoming snow was endless. She didn't know if anybody else heard it, but a muffled scream was heard from within those trees, a man's cries for help. "...Huh?!"

"Cybil asked if the car stopped, moron," Jean scoffed while squinting at the windshield.

"Not that, uh...jerk." Mandy was running out of insults. "...Did you guys hear somebody scream?"

"You mean the one brain cell you have left?!" Jean snickered while Mandy stomped on her foot.

"I coulda swore...this guy was screaming..." Mandy whispered, staring out the window with horrified eyes.

Harry thought Mandy was confusing the screaming for his sad moans. "...I didn't scream." He assured.

"It sounded nothing like you," She hissed sharply.

As Mandy stared into the vast woods, hoping to find something that could have caused such a bone-chilling cry, she noticed not a man...but a young woman. Her hair was a deep black, her eyes a glistening caramel brown. She was wearing a deep beige turtleneck sweater, and scarlet jeans that almost draped like a curtain over her shoes. And she was soaked in blood, weilding a gore-drenched knife.

"OH MY GOD! STOP THE CAR!" Mandy screeched, hurling herself forward and tossing Cybil off the wheel. The car swerved sideways and before it could crash, she slammed her foot into the break and the car came to a squealing halt.

The woman that awaited within the trees stared at her knife. "Daddy..." That man had caused her so much pain, and she had returned the favor. She walked away, bloody footsteps tracking in the snow.

Everyone inside the car besides Mandy had not noticed this lady, and they were all still recovering, horrified and shaken. "What the hell, Mandy?!" Jean hissed. Cybil gave a few insults. Harry was too shocked to move. He'd almost died...who knows how many times today?

"There was a girl...and a knife...and blood...and DADDY!" Mandy shreiked.

"Well, now the window's too clogged up to get the car outta here...and on top of that, we're off the road. Thanks, Mandy." Cybil sighed, hopping out of the car to investigate, Jean and Mandy following.

Harry remained inside, hoping the three would fix up the windshield and get back on track. He counted his fingers, sighed and rubbed his head.

And waited.

By now, it was taking a long time. They'd been out for what seemed like a half hour, and Harry had a sense of paranoia growing inside of him. Curiousity kills the cat, Harry thought, but at the same time curiousity was probably what drove Cheryl to get out of his car when he crashed. He hopped out of the car, and it was just as he thought. Cybil, Jean, and Mandy weren't in sight. "...Oh, come on..."

Kaufmann sighed and listened to Cheryl talk more about what she and "Daddy" did at the carnival. It was very intriguing to listen to her stories, but this wasn't what he really wanted to hear. He wanted to talk about Daddy's death. He paced back and forth while Cheryl went on about how amazing her father was.

"He always told me I was the most beautiful daughter in the world." Cheryl smiled warmly, blushing as she looked down at her knees. "And that I was an angel's daughter, not his." She paused for a while, staring at her hands.

"...What's wrong?" Kaufmann asked sternly, squinting at Cheryl's hand to see what was the problem.

"...Nothing. When Dad told me I was an angel's daughter, I would point to his hands, and my hands..." Cheryl continued, Kaufmann smirking since he was making some progress. "And his eyes, and my eyes, and his nose, and my nose, and he would say, 'So you must be my little girl after all'." She couldn't help but chuckle.

"Agreed, but what happened when he diiiiieeee...." Cheryl gave Kaufmann such a glare that he couldn't even put that thought into words. "...Keep going."

"...That's it. That's all." Cheryl then sighed, eyes closing.

"Well, I'd say we still have plenty more to discuss. We've got your mother issues, your daddy play-dates...what else did you and your father do?" Kaufmann was fascinated by Cheryl's tellings of her father. Maybe by getting her to let out those memories, he could drag her on until she blurted out her memory of his death. Maybe Cheryl Heather wouldn't deny Harry's passing any longer, finally let go of the past and move on.

Part 5 may be over...but you get the deal! Part 6, anyone?

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