A third piece of pie! A third slice of cake! A third lame Justin Bieber song...wait, what? No, the third part to Love Lost! If you're reading this, you're reading part 3. But, if you're dancing under the moon with a devillish Double Head, you're hallucinating and need to visit Dr. Kaufmann...he could "help" you. ...This is part 3, people. This is part 3.

This was quite a puzzling case. Though Dr. Kaufmann had seen many other patients, it appeared Cheryl was his most confusing to understand. While she spoke of Dahlia, her voice reeked of hatred and scorn. She never mentioned why. But even so, she continued on, overflowing with insults of her mother until Kaufmann raised his hand, silently suggesting she stop.

"Well, someone's obviously not mommy's little girl, is she?" Dr. Kaufmann mockingly chuckled, although his confusion almost took over his tone. He tried to remain calm as he gave a cool stare to Cheryl. "However, you seem to go on and on about how wonderful your father is...or should I say, was..." Cheryl gave a defiant huff as she glared at him.

"What do you mean, was? I still have a great father!" Cheryl lightly hissed, Kaufmann even more bewildered because he knew Cheryl kept to herself and was extremely shy. It wasn't like her to get all snappy like that. He decided to move on to a more chilling subject, a more dreadful tactic.

He smirked, his eyes flickering with a flame of pride. He had her right where he wanted her. Maybe now he could get her to crack open, to the root of the problem. "...You know your father died, Cheryl. He's gone." Cheryl bit her lip as Kaufmann ever so softly yet sternly let those words leave his lips and he sipped his tiny cup of whiskey. "...How did this affect you, Cheryl? Tell me about your father's death."

A bead of sweat trickled down by Cheryl's cheek and her face grew a light pink. Her fingers twitched nervously and she wished she could be anywhere else but here. Her eyes grew wide and her expression grew horrified and shaken. "...Dad isn't dead! He's not dead!" Her voice quivered with utter opposition. "He isn't!"

After meeting the cops, Harry was a little happier that he had the law on his side and he had a better chance of finding his little girl. The weather was still at blizzard status, and that was just another reason for him to head home. He jammed his freezing hands in his pockets while he started toward home. Maybe Cheryl had run back there; it only seemed logical that after you were in a crazy out-of-control car crash you head to that one place you know you're safe...home sweet home.

"1206 Levin...1206 Levin...why didn't I remember that?" Harry was becoming used to speaking his thoughts aloud. Still, he had no clue why he couldn't remember anything. He could barely remember his own name, for God's sake! He couldn't forget about Cheryl, however, and he had to get home and find her. He flipped out his phone and checked the G.P.S. He was a little ways away, but he could make it there.

Right before he could place his phone back in his pocket, he recieved a phone call...from his own home phone number! The phone chimed a catchy ringtone before he nervously answered. "...Hello? Who is this?!"

"!" It was Cheryl's voice. Harry was shell-shocked.

"Oh, God! Cheryl, is that you?! Stay on the phone, I'm coming home. Are you alright? Are you hurt? Are you bleeding?" Harry rambled out as much of his worried instructions as he could before Cheryl's frantic voice interrupted him.

"You can't fight them, Daddy!" She cried, strange static noises screeching from the phone as she screamed. "RUN!"

"No! Cheryl, stop, don't you hang up on me-" The call ended before Harry could finish his command. "...Damn...she is so getting a bottle of hot sauce down her throat as a punishment when I get home."

Her adorable yet terrified voice screamed inside of his skull. He couldn't get her cries for him to run out of his head, and he wondered who...or what...he was supposed to run from. But besides the freezing snow that was giving him frostbite, he couldn't think of any other danger.

That's when the world literally froze around him.

Out of nowhere, the street lights were bent and mangled as they were carried into the air by huge mounds of ice, crackling and booming noises exploding from the ground as the streets cracked and ripped apart under the pressure of the oncoming freeze. An ice wall grew at least 20 or 30 meters tall, getting bigger by the second as it towered over every building in sight. If Harry thought it was cold before, he was definitely going to become a human popsicle now.

Harry jumped over the thin sheet of ice that blanketed the entire town. He was worried that if he had just stood there, the ice would have engulfed him, too. But now the whole town of Silent Hill was coated in ice, and he wondered for a moment if he was the only person or thing left unfrozen. The exploding noises grew into silence as the ice finally stopped eating away at the town. It had covered everything. "...My God...this isn't right, this isn't making sense..."

He took a trembling step forward and slipped, fell flat-out on his tush. "Agh...ow." He weakly attempted to stand, and almost did at first, but then he slipped again and the ice below him crunched. It was easy to shatter. Harry decided if he stomped hard enough, he could manage walking on the freeze until he got home. So he stood and slammed his feet on the ground, the ice crunching as he trudged along the frozen pavement.

His breathing came out in foggy clouds as he shivered, slowly plodding around this eerily new landscape. Everything looked so familiar, yet so different behind the cold veil that lay over them. He thought about sticking his tongue on one of the buildings and seeing if it would stay, but then he realized how immature that was and that he needed to get home to his daughter.

For some reason, Harry's phone was going wild. Awkward beeping noises and weird static screams bellowed from his phone and he examined it. "...Hm..."

Suddenly, a loud cry was heard from behind the colossal wall of ice. Harry's focus went from his phone to the thing responsible for the noise in a flash. What he saw made him aghast, bewildered.

A pale, humanoid figure pounded its fleshy fingers against the wall of ice, reaching for Harry but unable to touch him due to the barrier surrounding it. It had no eyes or mouth that were visible, but it obviously knew that Harry was on the other side. Its body was a strange purplish-pink, slightly more pale, probably due to the cold temperatures it was withstanding. Harry shuddered when he noticed the disgusting veins wrapping around the creature like a sickening slimy rope.

"" Harry took a step to the right. The creature mimicked his movements, giving a mock charge. "What is this thing?!" He waved his flashlight at it. The creature almost went insane trying to reach for him. Well, what would you do if there was a strange unknown animal trying to get you? You wouldn't try to be the hero. Harry ran for his life.

Looking over his shoulder, the creature was now away from the barrier, it had found a decent opening and now it had escaped. It was rampaging after Harry. Although Harry was in a sprint, the animal still seemed to be keeping up with his rapid movements.

"Get the hell away from me!" Harry screamed as he paced through the streets. Another creature started following him. Now he had two insane, unidentifiable beasts, probably wanting to taste his flesh, feast on his gore. Shining the light at them only made them more persistent in capturing their prey, so Harry firmly kept his light on the pathway ahead of him.

Out of nowhere, another creature lunged out from in front of him and caught onto his neck, holding him tight. Its skin was freezing, and Harry felt his temperature lowering at a rapid state. "!" Harry gathered up all his might and swung the creature off, continuing his run toward home. That creature had weakened him, his skin burning with frostbite. And although the animal was flung onto the ice, it quickly stood and joined its other two companions in the race for Harry.

A wall slowly appeared, frost layering the top of it. "Aha..." Harry thought. If he could make it over that wall, maybe he could be home free and get to Cheryl in time. Screwing up like he did at the fence was not an option this time. He leaped toward the wall, biting his lip with hope and anticipation, and he laughed with relief and taunted the creatures as he grabbed the ice-cold ledge. He flung himself to the other side of the wall and snickered. "Take that, you fleshy freaks!" He hissed.

His plan backfired. This creatures were more athletic than Harry had first thought, and they soared over the wall and dived toward him. "Oh!" Harry saw a building with a door that wasn't completely coated in ice, so he burst through there and noticed a flare lying gently down on the ground. "Hmmm..."

Though he didn't have much time, he lit the flare in an attempt to warm himself up. "Ahhh yeah, that feels gooooood..." Suddenly, the demons burst in. Harry screeched and cowered, but apparently the creatures were cowering, too! They didn't like the heat emitted from the flame, so they backed away, hands over their horrified heads. He took this as an opportunity to get the hell away from them.

Bursting through another door, Harry found himself outside again, flare still burning and even more creatures advancing on him. He counted five or six, along with the three he had previously gathered, but they too trembled at his flare and he wasted no time running away as he held back his flare in an attempt to defend himself.

He took out his phone. He was almost home. Just a few more meters...

Suddenly, the creatures behind him started running away as the flare stopped burning and the ice started gathering away. The world was turning back into the regular Silent Hill, the one that was still suffering from a major blizzard but at least not completely and totally frozen. He had made it home. It was more relaxing to him than some guy named Brad's accent.

Part 3 is completed, and monsters have been encountered, and Harry is confused, Cheryl Heather's insane, Dr. Kaufmann's getting to the bottom of it! Shall we see what happens in...PART 4?!

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