I'm honored, absolutely honored! It's official-Love Lost will be longer than my past series, The Quest for Mary. As some of you may know, TQFM ended at the 27th part...such a shame, but all great series need to end sometime...but this one won't end any time soon, fortunately. I think. So, welcome to the 27th part of Love Lost...thanks for helpin' me get this far :)

"No, Harry, nurses do not treat emos." Lisa groaned in a tone of distinct regret while Angela stuck her tongue out at the back of Harry's head. "Let's get out of here. My apartment isn't all that far away, and I'm pretty sure we can jaywalk."

Harry followed Lisa out the gaping hole in the wall. Angela growled out a few insults before she continued after them.

As Lisa moved ahead, her beautiful red hair flowing in the wind, she looked back to Harry and gave a light smile. "You told me you had a daughter. Cheryl, right? What's she like?"

"" Harry thought for a moment. "She's generally happy, sweet, just an altogether happy-go-lucky kiddo." At this, Angela scoffed "Lucky..." and Harry tried his best to ignore it. Lisa smiled and nodded, silently asking Harry go on. "She likes bugs." At this, Harry groaned and wished he didn't admit that.

"Ew, dirty creepy bugs?" Lisa rejected disgustedly, trying to shake off the thought of that. What kind of creepy little girl would like bugs? She'd almost completely lost interest in Harry's daughter already.

"No, not those kind. Butterflies, beautiful bugs." Harry quickly stood up for his past logic.

At this, Lisa scoffed, "And I bet they're dead, right?"

"Ugh...yes..." Harry sighed while Lisa gave him an Aha! type of grin.

Vergil stormed down the hallway, angrily lingering after Dante and Jean and still furious that his brother's beast of a girlfriend had slapped him. His blue eyes turned to a flaming red and he set his focus on Jean. He was barely able to resist the urge to attack her, but he knew if he did Dante would probably have his brother dead before he could say "Jackpot." So Vergil just swallowed his rage and accepted the fact that he got owned by a girl.

"And now we have made it back to the main corridor, ladies, gentlemen, and Vergil." Dante lightly taunted as he looked around. "Although we have traveled upstairs, we still have many more rooms to explore down here."

Vergil leaned his ear toward the dining room entrance. He heard the sound of a piano. "Dante, there's music coming from there. I think we should go to the dining room."

"Thanks to Vergil, we will now be going to the dining room LAST." Dante chuckled and grabbed Jean's wrist, dragging her in the opposite direction of his weirdo brother while softly kissing her on the lips.

This little piano game had gone on for a while now, and Nero was easily able to copy Mandy's tunes note for note. Mandy heard scraping metal coming from outside one of the windows, but she was too caught up in Nero's attention to care.

"You make a worthy opponent, Nero." Mandy leered while her hands prepared for their next melody and Nero beat his own record for getting this far. "But can you handle THIS?!" Like spider's legs, Mandy's fingers repeatedly danced on chord by chord, note by note. She wasn't stopping. The music boomed out from the instrument as Mandy continued slamming out her rocking melody.

Nero's eyes flashed to her fingers. "Hey, come on, that's too much!" His hands came up over the piano and he started playing as well, his own tune mixing in very well with Mandy's. The two played in unison for a while. Both tried to upstage one another's song with their own, but then they realized they were rocking out just fine without needing to compete.

The shrieking sound of grinding metal was heard again. Mandy cringed, knowing Bob had to be nearby, but that lousy assassin wasn't going to ruin her moment with the boy of her dreams. She kept right on jamming down on the piano.

Bob's head leaned down through the window, getting a good view of her two targets. "How curious...heheh..."

"Ignore it...shrug it off..." Mandy whispered as her fingers continued dancing on the keys, Nero's fingers roaming around the black and white bars as well.

Suddenly, Mandy felt her hand touch Nero's. She quickly jerked it back and felt her face turn that scarlet tone again. "I-I'm sorry, Nero, I can't stay here, I-" That's when she was cut off by the feeling of Nero's lips touching her own. She certainly didn't see that coming, but once she knew what was happening her hands fled the piano and wrapped around his neck. It was absolute serenity.

And that's when the gunshot was heard.

"GAH!" Nero let out a cry of agony and his head yanked away from Mandy's. He felt a burning sensation soaring through his throat and a sharp pain in the back of his neck. "I....don't feel so good..." He gripped the back of his neck and yanked out what looked like a tranquilizer dart. He looked like he was about to say something, and almost did at first, but then he fell out of his chair and started writhing around on the floor.

Suddenly, the nearest window shattered and Bob flew in, grinning with ecstasy. "My my, apparently my little concoction does work on your kind after all." She circled around Nero, who was groaning with pain.

"W-what did you do to me..." Nero's voice was filled with half hatred and half worry. He tried to remove the Blue Rose from it's holster, but his limbs were numb and somehow his arms wouldn't budge. "I...I can't move..."

"You just have some lovely Aurora flowing through your veins, enough to keep you at bay for a good 5 minutes. Doesn't seem like much, but it's plenty of time for me to kill this little rat here." Bob sneered and pointed at Mandy.

Dante was busy showing off the "detours" to Jean, which in all actuality were his massive biceps, when he heard the sound of a gunshot sounding in the opposite direction. "Well, well, well." Dante began as he rolled his coat sleeves back down and Jean snuggled up to one of his arms, "Looks like someone wants to rock."

"Indeed." Vergil yanked out the Yamato and looked to his brother. "And you are the life of the party, aren't you, brother?"

"We'll see." Dante pulled out his two glistening guns, Ebony and Ivory, strutting out of the hotel room with Jean still trying to look at the detours.

"Alright, this is the place," Lisa introduced Harry to her little home. "Nightingale Apartments." She pointed at the outside of the building, where apparently the main attraction was bird poop and graffiti.

"Oooh! Peppermint gum!" Angela tried reaching for some of the white streaks of bird poop while Harry dragged her away before she could get a taste.

"Seriously, are you SURE nurses don't treat emos?" Harry joked to Lisa while his suicidal friend tried reaching for more of the disgusting streams of "peppermint".

Awww, is part 27 over already? Well, it's not the end of the series at all. Shall there be a part 28?

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