We have passed the 25th mark, and man do I feel great about it! In the efforts to make a weird and random introduction, and since this IS part 26, here are 26 completely random words: Ailment, sea, monkey, dancing, smile, choke, double, head, Ophidian, knife, cat, evaporation, arrow, key, heat, blushing, garden, trees, lips, shock, failed, elimination, mama, desires, hiss, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (spelled correctly, I'll have you know).

With that awkward introduction, let us move on through Love Lost and journey into part 26.

Harry quickly honed in on the radio and listened for the song he had requested. Angela grumbled about how "Don't You Ever Feel Like Dying" by the Emo Sensation wasn't one of the options. Rolling his eyes, Harry smirked when he heard his song play.

"What a crappy song," Angela sighed. "Your daughter actually listened to that?!"

Taken back by Angela's statement, Harry was now officially outraged. He turned to Angela in a flash, eyes glaring. "My daughter was hurt. She was stuck in that hospital bed for God damn days, crying herself to sleep every single miserable night..." He jabbed an angry finger at the frozen hospital bed. "...wishing I was there beside her. When I could be with her, I would be. And every single second I wasn't, she lived in absolute hell." His teeth were clenched tight with fury. "The least I could friggin' do for that sweetheart was play her song."

"...Well, for me it was the opposite. Daddy made me live in absolute hell when he was around." Angela whispered back. Harry growled and left the room. He didn't want to bother with this woman right now.

Dante continued on through the hallway, skipping around as he gave commentary on everything in sight. "If you look to your left, you'll see a black and white picture of an ugly girl!" He pointed toward a picture and gave a mock bow.

"That's a guy, sweetie," Jean corrected while Dante flushed, Vergil trying to hold back a snicker.

Trying to regain his pride, Dante cleared his throat and tickled Jean's chin. "I knew that, darlin', I knew that." Then he pointed to the floor. "Now, let us journey down the red carpet while I find other ugly GUYS to insult." He looked over at Vergil. "Like this guy over here."

"Meh..." Vergil was slightly tempted to unsheathe his Yamato, but he held back the urge and simply gave a quick glare to his younger brother.

All at the same time, Mandy was both swarming with pride and hesitation and obviously stricken with love. Here she was, sitting at an old dusty piano in a hotel's beautiful dining room, next to the boy she'd been crushing on since the day she laid her eyes on his. And he was playing her little hard-to-get game on the piano, waiting with a smirk for her to start the next round. Could he tell she was shaking?

Nero was obviously giving Mandy that boastful bad-boy smirk of his, that type of smirk that silently taunted "Bring it." She was locked on that expression for a moment, simply caught up in it. It took her a ton of strength not to blush right then in there.

He had passed her first two rounds, easily copying the two tunes she played. Time for thirds. Mandy finally switched her smitten gaze to the piano. Her fingers rose over the seas of black and white bars, preparing to play a melody that hopefully Nero wouldn't be able to copy.

Nero's focus quickly snagged onto the other teen's fingers. He wasn't going to lose this battle easily.

With a flurry Mandy's fingers slammed down on a high chord, followed by them dancing on 13 other notes. After she had finished Mandy flipped her hair into Nero's face and she gave him that smirk he'd displayed earlier.

"Hmph..." Nero gave a groan of frustration as he looked at the keys before him. His Devil Bringer and other hand hovered over the keys and he examined them closely. Then he started playing his turn. With slight but little worry he copied Mandy's tune. Then he crossed his arms and grinned at his opponent. "Well?"

Mandy felt absolutely hypnotized by that boy; that white hair, those sky-blue eyes. She felt like she was in one of those nightmares where you keep falling and falling through an abyss, forever, only she thought she was going to smack into a concrete wall. But she had to finish what she'd started. "It'll take more than that to beat me." She grinned.

Harry and Angela thanked God the real world had returned. As Harry did the disco through the hallway, he was shocked at what he saw in the next room. Angela was satisfied, for some reason she enjoyed the sight of blood.

A distraught woman stood before him. She looked to be in her 20's, baggy eyes but beautiful scarlet hair resting lazily on her shoulders. Her head was bleeding. Thankfully, a soaked with gore bandage occupied that...but it would take a much bigger measure to take care of the vehicle that had slammed into the building.

"...Are you alright?" Harry mumbled, trying to connect the dots.

"Damn it, Harry, that's dumb to say. That's like asking 'Are you okay' to the dying Cynthia in Silent Hill 4, thank you, Henry." Angela scoffed, officially breaking the fourth wall.

"And this is the roof." Dante carried Jean up the stairwell outside while Vergil traveled not too far behind. As the three made it to the rooftop, Dante waved his arms about, pointing to everything in sight. "It is here..." He pointed at the ledge. "Where I will see if gravity still works. Those faint of heart turn their heads, and those who have gas stay in the back of the audience."

"..." Jean and Vergil had no words, fascinated as they watched Dante proudly step over to the edge of the building. Then the two made a bet over whether or not their tour guide would be splatted on the pavement once his leap of faith ended.

"One...two..." Dante grinned and jerked his foot back from the air in the attempts to increase tension. A success; Jean and Vergil both cringed. ", two..." His foot hovered in the air again and he yanked it back to the ledge. His audience cringed again.

"Would you just jump to your death already?!" Vergil took out a video camera.

At this, Dante bowed and blew a kiss to Jean, who blushed and giggled. "As you wish, waste of DNA I call family." He quickly lunged into the air and did a perfectly executed backflip as he dropped. His beautiful red coat-tails waved to his audience before they were pulled down with their owner.

No sounds were heard except for a loud thud and the sound of fabric gently impacting the concrete. After that, utter silence. Jean's eyes filled with tears and she scurried over to the ledge. "...Dante?!" Vergil followed her.

Looking down, Jean saw Dante bowing to her and blowing another kiss. "I dedicate my lovely performance to the most beautiful of angels I know, Jean."

"Awwwww..." Jean cooed as her cheeks flushed a crimson tone.

"How bor-OW!" Vergil was about to mumble an insult when Jean slapped him across the face.

Apparently this woman's name was Lisa and she was a nurse at Alchemilla. For some reason Harry managed to vaguely remember her. "I live down at the Nightingale Apartments...want me to take you there?"

"Oooh baby baby, oooh baby baby, oooh baby baby, Harry's in love." Angela beatboxed and did a little rap while Harry grumbled insults and returned his attention to Lisa.

"Sure thing." He leaned in close to her ear and pointed at Angela. "...Do nurses treat emos?"

Part 26 has ended, and though we may not reach the 100's, I still know for a fact this series will be longer than TQFM. If you haven't read that, read it. You haven't lived until you've read TQFM. Anywho, part 27, anyone??

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