A quarter of the way to 100 but I highly doubt this series will get all the way up there, this is the 25th part of Love Lost. Goldilocks is a cannibal! That's right-in the original story Goldilocks ATE the bears. But the Grimm brothers thought it was a little too gory and switched it around so that the people in suits at Disney would be more happy. If Goldilocks ran away screaming at a higher pitch than Justin Bieber, it would be much more child-friendly than chowing down on mutated bears.

....That was a weird introduction, huh? Well, the more you know...this is part 25.

"You know, you coulda died out there if not for me. So stop your damn complaining." Cybil growled lowly as she continued pushing Harry and Angela down the long hallway. She had enough of Harry's grumbling about his new clothes and how ticked off he was that he couldn't remember anything. It was all just as confusing for her as it was for him.

Harry blushed and turned his head away so Cybil wouldn't see his flushing expression. "...I'm sorry. Thanks for saving me." He turned over his shoulder to see the cop looking down at him, missing her fellow law enforcers. "Where's those other girls?"

Cybil gave a barely perceptible shrug. "Said they were too scared of hospitals so they didn't come with me. The boys stayed with 'em. Friggin' Dante's been bustin' his hump trying to make me get all drooly over him. Heh, hasn't been working." She flipped her hair coolly and smirked with pride. Harry was starting to like Cybil a little more, she had that cocky kind of attitude that reminded him of his wife.

As they neared the end of the hall, Harry started to hear that familiar crunching sound, the temperatures lowering at a rapid rate. His mind snapped at what was about to happen and he quickly turned to Cybil, who was about to say something. "Harry, is everything al-" Before she could finish the ice had crossed over her entire body, tracing over the fabric of her outfit magnificently as frost blanketed her hair. It had ended as soon as it started.

Harry stared at the area around him in disbelief. It had happened again. Angela and him had remained untouched by the ice, but the rest was completely frozen. "" He murmured, anxiety brewing up inside of him and adrenaline uncontrollably beginning to pump through his veins. "A-Angela, wake up!" He quickly reached over to Angela's wheelchair, nudging her shoulder softly.

"No, Daddy, I didn't mean to, I-..." Angela awoke from her deep sleep and looked around at the flames that surrounded her. "Oh God, Harry, is this happening again?!"

"I'd be lying if I said no..." Harry quietly murmured.

"Lakeview hotel." Dante announced as he strutted around the rest of the group, gesturing broadly as if he were some sort of tour guide. "This magnificent getaway is absolutely perfect for the lovebirds." At this, Dante poked Jean flirtatiously and led everyone else down the pathway. "If you look over here, you'll see the lush gardens and foliage..." He described half-sarcastically, holding one hand to his mouth as if gripping a microphone.

"Isn't he charming?!" Jean cooed in Mandy's ear before falling head-over-heels over Dante's "tour".

"Perfect for the lovebirds..." Mandy repeated, flushing lightly as she tried to grab hold of Nero's Devil Bringer. He jerked it away quickly and turned up his nose, Mandy feeling tears come down from the rejection.

"And if you look over here, you'll see the body of a dead wife in a fountain...wait, what?!" Dante called as he pointed to a young woman's body and uncomfortably edged away.

"How boring." Vergil groaned and turned his head away, uninterested.

"And, if you'll look over here, you'll see the sad excuse for a brother I have and an emo!" Dante jeered as he gestured toward Vergil and Nero. They both growled and Nero muttered something obscene.

"Perfect...for the lovebirds..." Mandy whispered again while looking over to Nero, who was still muttering insults to Dante under his breath. "...I wish he felt the same-"

"Is the tour over yet, baby?" Jean interrupted as everybody made their way to the main entrance.

"Hell no, sweetheart, your little journey's just begun." Dante smirked as he kicked open the massive door, making a loud thud echo through the mansion-like building. Thank God it was daylight, for if it were night-time the hotel could've been confused for a haunted mansion. The sun shined a semi-bright glow into the hotel as Dante sauntered in, leading his crowd to the main corridor.

While he continued showing his followers the first part of the hotel, Mandy found herself drifting away from the group and into another room. "So caught up in Kyrie...Nero couldn't possibly notice me..." She grumbled. "Meanwhile Jean's got the boyfriend of her dreams right there." She wandered into the dining room, full of scattered tables with porcelian plates and dinnerware.

"Don't you ever feel like cutting yourself...bleed, bleed, bleed..." Angela quietly sang the lyrics to her favorite emo song as she wheeled herself through the hallway with Harry, who was questioning his sanity for the upteenth time.

"Please stop singing that, Angela. Don't mean to be rude but with all the high-pitch shrieking coming from those monsters and combined with that creepy song I'm getting scared." Harry hissed, his attention now diverted to Angela and not to where he was going.

"Don't you ever feel like killing yourself...that's all you need, need, need..." Despite Harry's demands, Angela kept whispering out her special death song.

"I SAID STOP SINGING, ANGELA." Harry raised his voice, a sign of his growing temper.

"Death can be so simple, death can be so fast, everyone knows a good life never lasts..." Angela continually murmured.

"STOP...SINGING..." Harry groaned.

"Everybody wants to die, it's true, I will die and so will you..." Angela was singing louder.

"ANGELA, I SAID STO-AAAAAAAAH!" Harry screamed as he noticed he had wheeled his wheelchair down a staircase. His body flew from the wheelchair almost instantaneously, and he smacked against the ground with a thud, looking up to see Angela at the top of the staircase, turning, and riding down a frozen wheelchair ramp.

She wheeled her way over to him. "Why'd you ride a wheelchair down the stairs, Harry? So dumb." She taunted.

"But I-and you-and...GET OUTTA THAT WHEELCHAIR." He grabbed Angela by her arm and yanked her out of the wheelchair.

"And these are stairs! The fat person's mortal enemy!" Dante cheered out, his arms stretching outward. He smiled when he noticed Jean starting to chuckle. "Let us walk upstairs!" He gestured for Jean and the other two to follow as he did a strange dance up the many red-draped stairs.

Nero stalked away while Jean and Vergil followed the insane tourist Dante. He heard piano music and slowly crept toward a door, turning the golden knob with slight hesitation before he peeked inside. "...Mandy..."

Mandy was sitting at the piano in an elegant stature, legs crossed, fingers dancing across the keys as she struck a few beautiful chords and played a soothing melody. She had no clue that Nero was standing behind her as another tear dropped down and she continued her serene tune.

Nero smirked and leaned against the wall, his outstretched human hand gripping the wall. "I didn't know you played, Mandy." Once she heard Nero's voice, Mandy jumped and blushed, her hands automatically fleeing from the piano keys and abruptly ending her musical session.

"Boys like a little hard to get..." Mandy murmured, thankfully without Nero hearing. With this she turned her scarlet-tone face away from Nero and struck another note.

Nero cocked his head to the side and wondered why Mandy had only touched one key. Then he shrugged and took a seat on the piano stool beside her, making her bite her lip nervously. His Devil Bringer reached out and one of the magnificent blue-glowing fingers touched a key, playing the same note as Mandy but on a lower tone.

Noticing the teen had responded, Mandy's hand wavered over the many bars of black and white and this time she played a more complex melody to follow, two chords and two single notes. Looking over to Nero, she smirked.

"Heh..." Nero knew what was going on. His hand and Devil Bringer joined, playing the same two chords on the other half of the piano and striking the same two notes.

Mandy smiled. This could turn into something fun.

Part 25! It eez over! Goldilocks ate the bears first until the Grimm brothers flipped it so she'd only run away for Disney! Part 26, anyone?

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