Hey there, everybody, how you doing? Eating chocolate, riding a donkey, rehearsing a song, dropping from the ceiling at a random time, being tossed off of a couch, SELLING chocolate, feeling like dying, dancing like you don't care, assassinating cops? Sounds good to me. This is part 24 of Love Lost!

Cybil continued on down the road and glanced at the review mirror. Her suspicions were correct-Dante was giving a manly stare into it again. "Stop it already! The epic nosebleed trick does not work on me!" She yelled as she slammed her foot on the brake.

"There's one that's not hot for you," Jean sneered.

"She's hot for me. She just won't admit it." Dante assured. Jean rolled her eyes and signaled for Vergil to stop the foot massaging.

"Guys...Harry's outside and he's literally out cold! And there's that emo chick, she's knocked out too!" Cybil cried while she examined Harry's limp body and hopped out of the car to get a better view. Mandy and Jean hesitated, but the boys were very much fascinated by the sight for whatever reason. "Come on!" Cybil commanded.

"Uhhhh..." Jean and Mandy hesitantly left their seats and walked over to Harry and Angela. "Eeeew."

"Don't be babies." Cybil mumbled as she put an ear on Harry's chest. "Awesome, a pulse! They're still alive!"

"You should probably get them to a hospital, though," Mandy flipped her hair and put her hands on her hips, for once actually making sense. "Hypothermia is a very dangerous condition and if they stay out here they're dead meat for sure."

"Mandy saying something logical? Le gasp!" Jean snickered.

The boys hopped out of the car, taking their fair time to examine the bodies. "This lady is good-lookin'." Dante whispered as he looked at Angela, unfortunately realizing that Jean had heard him anyway. "But uh..." He turned to Jean and gave her a bear-hug. "My girlfriend is much more sexyfyin'."

"Nice save..." Nero and Vergil sarcastically murmured while they continued insulting each other's mama.

"I'm going to get these two to the hospital, then." Cybil hopped into the car and waited for the rest of the team to hop in. "Well, come on!"

"No thanks. I don't like hospitals." Jean crossed her arms all sassy and shook her head.

"Me too, I'd rather stay here. I'm scared of hospitals." Mandy agreed and wrapped her harm around Jean's shoulder.

"You mean hospitals, where they poke and prod you with pointy needles and cold thermometers?" Nero repeatedly poked Mandy and Jean tauntingly, jumping around like a pesky little flea. "But still, I'm stickin' with these guys."

Vergil and Dante gave Cybil a thumbs up, and she knew what they meant, shrugged, and drove away with the bodies.

"Curses..." Bob paced back and forth in her office. So many criminals she had worked many cops she'd killed for blood money...and yet no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't take down these two. Sure, she had almost taken care of Jean, but that damn boyfriend of hers and Cybil interrupted the process. She knew she had to use Aurora eventually. "...I'm sorry I haven't killed them yet..." She apologized into the phone softly, eyes shut and tears dripping.

"You know they put me in prison. They put me behind bars. You also know that you swore to me you'd kill those two." A man's voice replied calmly and smoothly.

"I know...but there are these boys that have been getting in my way...I fear I'll have to use Aurora in order to subdue the men enough that I can kill the two victims of which you requested." She looked at the syringe that lay down on her desk.

"Use what you will, but remember that only 24 hours remain before your time is up. And I escape. Do you know what happens when I escape and I know you haven't fulfilled your task?" The man quietly growled.

"...What..." Bob gasped, gripping the phone and sighing.

"Your family dies at my hands. Their lives are the price you pay if those two cops don't die. Don't you realize what they took from me?! Those cops took away my chances of completing the 21-"

"I know, I know...but you can't kill my family yet. I still have time and I swear to you those two will be nothing but gore on the ground when I'm done with them." Bob sternly replied. Another tear dropped down-she couldn't stand the thought of having her family murdered.

"....Ah, that's good." The man let out a vicious cackle. "Then you get the cash and I break out of this trash heap called prison. Just remember this is your last day."

"You're welcome, Sullivan." With that final goodbye, Bob slammed the phone against the receiver and sighed.

Harry's eyes slowly opened and the darkness he was engulfed in quickly replaced itself with the scenery of a hospital corridor. He was in a wheelchair and in different clothing, a winter coat and pink t-shirt. At least tough guys wear pink...but that didn't work out for him since all he could carry was a flashlight and flares, which meant a 17-year-old girl was stronger than him.

"Huh? What?! Where am I?" Harry mumbled out. A familiar voice hushed him.

"Relax, Harry, this is Alchemilla Hospital. You were out there in the freezing cold, probably suffering from hypo-what's-it that Mandy told me about. You were unconscious, so was this lady here." Cybil explained, gesturing to Angela who was also being pushed around in a wheelchair.

"What happened to my clothes?!" Harry sadly complained.

"These were all I could find." Cybil sighed.

"Why couldn't you have given me a leather jacket in the least?!" Harry looked at the window coat and groaned.

"Cause you're not cool enough for the Sleaze and Sirens ending." Cybil scoffed back.

Part 24 is over, Bob, poor Bob...aww well, part 25 anyone?

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