2 parts in one day. I feel accomplished, guys. You should feel accomplished, too. After all, you're reading this epic part, part 23. There are three things I want you to consider while reading this part:

  • How many fingers you have on your hands.
  • How many toes you have on your feet.
  • How stupid these three things are.

Okay, consider these three things and read part 23 of the legendary series, Love Lost.

"This is a really sick joke you're playing, Harry." Dahlia sighed as she neared a bridge. "I've played a lot of sick jokes, but this is just uncool."

"I wish it was a God damn joke," Harry's temper was rising, he was sick of Dahlia's accusations and just wanted to find his daughter already. When they finally stopped at the bridge, he groaned with infuriation. "The bridge is up."

"Oh, really, Sherlock?" Angela and Dahlia both snapped at the same time, and then high-fived each other. "Go get the bridge down." Dahlia commanded sharply.

"Ugh...fine." There was no way Harry was picking another fight with this cocky punk. He slammed the car door and made his way to the control station. Dahlia and Angela shrugged.

"You like punk-rock?" Dahlia asked while she turned on the radio and blazing rock music screamed from the speakers, making the whole car vibrate. Angela covered her ears and grumbled.

"Turn on something emo," Angela changed the channel quickly to something more suitable to her taste.

"Don't you ever feel like cutting yourself? Bleed, bleed, bleed..." A young man's voice oozed from the speaker while low-noted piano music played quietly in the background. "Don't you ever feel like killing yourself? That's all you need, need, need..."

"Awesome! I love this song!" Angela did a head-bang and started patting her hands on her legs.

"EMO DETECTED..." Dahlia grumbled to herself.

"Yeah, come on, Vergil, you can do better than that. Grab the lotion." Jean mumbled softly while she grabbed a remote control and pressed a red button, making the car seats vibrate.

"Damn it, Jean, I told you not to add the back massager to my car," Cybil scoffed, although she was enjoying the nice back massage.

"This is so disgusting." Vergil scowled while he grabbed the lotion and started massaging it into Jean's heels.

"Sucker..." Nero coughed while he crossed his legs and watched his foe massage a cop's filthy feet. With a quick and swift movement of his leg, Nero kicked Vergil square in the stomach and made his body slam into the back of Cybil's seat. "Hahaha!"

"Ugh..." Vergil weakly staggered up and grabbed Nero by his throat. "Listen to me, you little punk. When I get done with Jean, you are in for a WORLD OF PAIN." With that threat, Vergil slammed Nero back down into his seat and resumed playing with Jean's toes.

"Be nice to Vergil, Nero." Dante instructed while he lolled back in his seat and plopped his feet on the armrests of Cybil's. "I know you don't like him, but-"

"Don't like him? Bit of an understatement. I hate him." Nero scoffed.

"You shouldn't all because he supposedly 'stole' the Yamato from you. It belongs to him. Besides, ya gotta show the guy some compassion, he's a virgiiiii...." Vergil gave Dante such a glare that he couldn't even finish his statement.

"Alright, the bridge is down. Let's get going," Harry hopped back into the SUV and buckled his seatbelt while Angela turned her emo music up and Dahlia started the car. "...What crap are we listening to?"

"Oh, it's Don't You Ever Feel Like Dying by the Emo Sensation." Angela answered while she started bobbing her head up and down to the beat again.

"Does your Daddy ever hurt you, hurt you deep inside? Does yo mama think you deserve it, and do you wanna die?" The man on the radio sang, a lady joining in.

"Yes, I want to die, I want the bridge to freeze and fall,

I want to collapse, dying would be such a ball," The woman sang, her melodic voice blending in perfectly with the synth tones in the background.

Then as the woman continued her quite emo song, the bridge started to freeze and twist and churn, violently shaking the car and making its passengers scream. Harry quickly tightened his seatbelt, Angela was screaming insanely but dancing to the music, and Dahlia was...freezing. Her entire body became consumed in ice, a sculpture now waiting in the car seat. The bridge collapsed in two large chunks, the car falling into the freezing cold water below.

"I want to drown, I want to go down, 6 feet underground," The woman sang, seemingly happy. "I want to sit in my car and wait for it to fill with water, I want a rogue cop to come and kill me with bladed gauntlets that slice through my flesh, that didn't rhyme, about time," She continued.


"ISN'T IT AN AWESOME SONG?" Angela called back.

"Everyone who wants to die put their hands up IN THE GRAAAAAAVE!" A rapper started into the song.

Angela put her hands in the air and giggled enthusiastically, Harry smacking his forehead and starting to wish to die as well.

Part is done...but the Emo Sensation has just begun! Part 24?

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