Part 22? Could it really be here? It is! It is here! Well, I just have an important announcement to make. Everybody who is reading this blog at the moment is a GIANT SUCKER! Especially you! Have I made you feel special? Oh...too bad, then.

"...You're Dahlia?" Harry called out, raising his voice over Mandy's constant singing.

The girl in front of him...that could not be his wife. But she was strutting her stuff around him, hunching up an eyebrow. "You should know I am, Harry. The name's Dahlia, and having fun is my game." She put one of her hands on her hip and flipped her hair. "And I think you know what kind of fun I'm talking-"

"GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!" Mandy screamed out, twirling her martini in her fingers.

"About..." Dahlia mumbled, frustrated since she was interrupted.

"Yeah, whatever," Harry dismissed. "I need to get to your boss' SUV."

"You got the keys?" Dahlia crossed her arms and looked around boredly.

Harry nodded and felt Dahlia grab hold of his arm and drag him out the door. "Hey, wait, I'm supposed to be heading to Simmons street with Michelle-" Dahlia wasn't listening, so Harry stopped explaining the situation. Angela had finally stopped her suicidal thinking for the moment and followed the two outside.

Mandy finally finished her "concert" and hopped off the counter, dropping the martini glass and laughing when she saw it shatter. She scooped up the glass and ran over to the nearest trash can. Lifting open the lid, Mandy was shocked when she saw Michelle's limp body cramped inside, her nose gushing blood nonstop.

"Uh..." Michelle moaned, her eyes ever so slowly opening. "...What happened...why am I in a trash can..."

"You looked at Dante, didn't you." Mandy laughed, slamming the lid of the trash can on Michelle's head and knocking her out. "...Oops..."

Cybil and Dante came down the stairs, Jean following behind them with a huge gash on her cheek. She tried her best to hide it, but to no avail.

"Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time again, Jean?" Mandy taunted as she strolled over to Cybil's side.

Jean sighed and flipped Mandy the bird while she staggered down the steps. Dante examined the trash can and noticed it was thrashing around quite violently. Pretty soon, everyone had their eyes on it. There were screams coming from inside.

Before Jean could look inside, Dante shoved her away and opened up the lid, giving a quick stare to Michelle. Once again she looked into those eyes, that smile, and in a split second she was out cold, her entire face covered in blood. Dante slammed the lid back down and looked over to Jean. "Nothing-happened-don't-worry-about-the-trash-can-let's-get-out-of-here."

"Hmmm..." Cybil gave a glance as quick as a snakebite toward the trash can and glared at Dante. He pulled off the same look that he'd given Michelle. Cybil didn't even flinch. "Your epic nosebleed trick don't work on me, Dante." She rejected and sauntered toward the door.

"Gotta be blind," Dante crossed his arms and scowled. Jean wrapped her arm around his shoulder and he carried her outside to the police car.

"This isn't making sense at all, Dahlia," Harry groaned, watching the snowy scenery pass by in a flash and rubbing his forehead with two fingers. "I got into a massive car crash, my daughter's missing, and I can't remember anything..."

"You remember me, right?" Dahlia gripped the steering wheel and put her foot on the gas, easily going at least 30 miles over the speed limit.

"...Not at all. That's why I had such a hard time recognizing you at the Balkan. I'm still a little fuzzy." Harry answered sadly while he played with the lock on the door.

"Sid and Nancy. That ring a bell?" Dahlia asked while she screeched around a corner.

"Nope, who are th-..." He paused when he noticed Dahlia pointing to her chest. "Well, that's not friggin' weird at all. You named your-"

"What are you talking about?!" Dahlia snapped sharply. She looked furious. "Don't call me the weird one. You're the guy who named them."

"Ew, you named a woman''re sick, Harry!" Angela managed to bring herself into the conversation.

"I didn't name them! I'm not understanding this at all..." Harry was absolutely disgruntled. He zoned out for the rest of Dahlia and Angela's rant while he closed his eyes and tried to remember with absolutely no luck.

Cybil drove down the road slowly and carefully, every once in a while turning back around to check on Jean and Mandy, basically ignoring Dante. "You two alright?"

"Yeah..." Jean yawned and leaned down on her boyfriend's shoulder, snuggling up while Mandy rolled her eyes and looked out the window and dismissed Cybil's question.

"Good. You're awful quiet, I was just a little worried." Cybil slowed down the car at a stop sign and kept right on driving. Much to her dismay, Dante was looking at her review mirror and pulling off a grin, hunching an eyebrow and flipping his hair in the wind. "Damn it, Dante, I told you that the epic nosebleed trick don't work on me."

Dante growled and crossed his arms. "How come? Are you insane?! You might wanna check your mind or your eyes cause I think one of them's malfunctioning."

"You keep your mouth shut or I'll-AAAAAH!" Cybil turned her car around rapidly as she noticed two white-haired men leap in front of the vehicle. Too late, the car slammed into both of them and she stopped the car before they were totally flattened.

Mandy screamed and covered her eyes, Jean leaped behind Dante for cover, and Dante was laughing like crazy. "Relax, it's just Vergil and Nero." Dante opened up the door and skipped outside the car, leaving the girls dumbfounded. "Get up." He kicked the two as they limply stood.

"My foot massager! Hooray!" Jean clapped and took off her shoes and socks.

"He's not your foot massager, Jean." Mandy hissed, watching what was happening outside.

Both Vergil and Nero were docile at first, but suddenly Nero whipped out his Red Queen and swung it at Vergil. "GIVE ME BACK THE BLADE!" Before the Red Queen could hit Vergil, Dante grabbed it with his gloved fist and shoved it back.

"Cut it out, Nero. Get in the car." Dante demanded, hopping into the car and squeezing in between Jean and Mandy.

Vergil and Nero hesitantly got inside, glaring at each other. Before Vergil could let out an insult, Jean had something to say.

"Vergil, gimme a foot massage, NOW!" Jean pointed to her feet and angrily sat back in her seat.

"Yes, ma'am." Vergil got to his knees and started massaging Jean's feet.

"I can't believe-and you're supposed to-and I...d'awww, forget it." Mandy grumbled while Cybil started the car and continued driving.

"Yes, Vergil, that's right. IN BETWEEN the toes." Jean was in absolute relaxation mode.

"Eeeeeeurgh." Mandy, Dante, Nero, and Cybil all shuddered in their seats and pretended nothing was happening.

Part 22 is ovvvvveeeeer. And the foot massaging thing creeped me out. It should creep you out too. Part 23?

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