Paradise! We have reached part 21, so once again I say, PARADISE! Thanks to you, thanks to me, thanks to Brad's adorable accent and Jean pinching his plum-size cheekbones. Thanks to anyone that needs thanking. PARADISE!

So...what's your idea of Paradise? Ah well, let's get on with the part.

The Balkan slowly came into view, much to Harry's relief. He was done with Michelle's oh-my-God-your-clothes-are-so-disgusting talk. Angela didn't want to take any more of those insults either. " we are...the Balkan..." As the three neared the entrance, muffled rock music was heard from behind the door. "What the hell is going on in there?!"

Peering through the door, Harry gasped when he noticed Jean and Dante making out, Mandy standing on top of the counter doing the disco, and Cybil sitting on a stool, rubbing her temples with the heels of her hand and mumbling "Someone just shoot me now..."

"Looks like the cops are rocking out," Harry explained, opening up the door and plopping into a seat next to Cybil.

Michelle put her hands on her hips all sassy and screamed, "No, get out! This place is closed!"

Finally releasing himself from the massive smooch, Dante turned to Michelle and raised up a martini that he had clasped in two fingers. "PARADISE!"

"Paradise!" Mandy and Jean chanted, raising their glasses. Cybil hastily stood from her seat and ran over to Harry.

"Sorry, Mr. Mason..." She grumbled and blushed, putting a hand on her forehead. "I'm the serious one. Jean and Mandy are pretty much the life of the party. Normally Jean's serious, too, but when she gets near that Dante guy...ya get it, right?"

"Yeah." Harry nonchalantly mumbled his reply and turned away. "Michelle, we should probably hit the SUV."

"Alright, head upstairs and fetch the keys in my dressing room." Michelle instructed while she took a seat and watched Mandy do more crazy dance moves on the counter. "AND DON'T GO STEALING MY COOKIES!"

"Cookies?" Jean turned to Michelle. "You have cookies?! Dante, I'mma go upstairs and fetch us some cookies."

"Awesome! Don't keep these lips waiting, though." Dante plopped into a seat next to Michelle. "Hey there."

Michelle glanced up at Dante and got caught up in his stare, simply looking into those eyes. Within five seconds she hit the floor and her nose started bleeding.

"Uh..." Dante backed away and poked Michelle's body with a stick. Then he grabbed her body and stuffed it into a trash can. "Nothing happened."

Jean giggled as she danced up the stairs, finding herself in a dark hallway with not a bit of light coming in from the bright first floor. The floorboards were creaking as she stepped along, looking over her shoulder for a moment before returning her gaze to the unnerving path ahead. "Just relax...find the cookies..."

"You've kept me waiting a while, Jean." That sickening voice was so familiar...Jean knew it instantly.

"Bob..." Jean backed into the end of the hallway, noticing the two doors that waited before her, one on the left, one on the right. "...How did you know I was here?!"

"You left the cop car parked outside." Hearing Bob's strangely cheerful voice echo through the hall, Jean squinted and tried to see where the oncoming threat was. "And little Dante isn't up here to protect you." Screeching metal...that was what Jean was starting to hear...scraping metal...she knew something was up.

"What happened to the gun, Bob?" Jean asked nervously as she examined the two doors again. One purple, one red. She had to think fast.

"It's not fun to end one's life with a bullet, too simple. Too fast." The screeching noise was heard again. "I, for one, prefer to play with my victims a little while."

"You're sick, Bob," Jean snapped, grabbing on to the doorknob of the red door.

Soft laughter danced through the hallway. "I'm not sick. You're simply weak." Bob's voice was humorous and filled with hatred at the same time. "Without that inhuman pest defending you, I could crush you like a bug."

"Talk's cheap, Bob." Now Jean was starting to sweat, barely able to mutter that retort. "So come and damn get me." With that final word, Jean burst into the room and shoved Harry out as soon as possible, thinking him to be that demon she knew as Bob. As Harry left, Jean quickly dived into a corner and whipped out her pistol.

She heard a thud come from outside the door. And the door slowly opened. And at that second, Bob had her arm around Jean's throat, squeezing. Her other hand came up and slid a blade down the side of Jean's head, cutting the flesh like butter. "Hello, Jean."

"" Jean didn't feel the pain of the gash for a moment, but when she did she had to bite her lip to hold back a scream. She felt hot blood dripping down the side of her head. Had to escape.

"Oh, and I met that man you'd hired." Bob snapped, her tone shaking with anger. "That...was just UNFAIR!" At the final word, Bob grabbed Jean and tossed her into the wall, watching her slide down with a grunt.

Now Jean was able to observe her rival a little more, and she noticed those gauntlets. "Nice choice in weaponry you got there." She gripped her pistol and prepared to shoot.

"Oh, you like them?" Bob scraped the blades together and retracted them. "Yes, these are quite gorgeous, Jean. Practically indestructable titanium. You should feel honored to be killed by weapons like these."

"Oh yes, my heart is simply pounding with God damn excitement..." Jean grumbled.

"Enjoy that while it lasts, Jean, as your heart won't be pounding much longer..."

For a while thuds were heard coming from upstairs, along with loud screams. Mandy was too busy singing into her martini glass to care. Harry had found the key and was talking to Michelle about the accident, so he didn't notice. Angela was sitting isolated in a corner and contemplating suicide, she didn't care about anything except ending her life. But Cybil and Dante noticed those screams the second they were cried out.

"Let's go." They both simultaneously said, getting up from their seats and running upstairs. The screams were coming from behind the red door...something was definitely up. The screams turned into moans, and before it could go any further Dante opened up the door.

Bob was already gone, but the damage had been dealt. Thank God it wasn't enough to have killed Jean, but her face was gashed from the top of her cheek to the start of her chin, her arms had multiple wounds, and her leg had been cut open.

"Jean!" Dante ran over to his fallen girlfriend and shook her. "Speak to me, Jean!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Jean felt her body get thrashed back and forth and she noticed Dante. "Come on, baby, stop, you're hurting me!"

"Where did she go." Dante dropped Jean on the floor and got to his feet, eyes swerving all around the room. "WHERE DID SHE GO?!"

"She heard you coming...and left..." Jean tried to stand and collapsed, groaning.

"Damn it...we've got to get you to a hospital-" Cybil was rudely cut off as she said this.

"I'm tough as Dante, I don't need any medical attention!" Jean stood and this time didn't fall over, wrapping her arm around her boyfriend's shoulder.

"Fine, your choice, get hurt and bleed to death, don't care." With that, Cybil angrily left the dressing room.

"Here. Got a health drink from Angela. She's from Silent Hill 2, they've got health drinks in that one, don't they?" Dante tossed a health drink to Jean and forgot most of what he had just said.

"Thanks." Jean chugged the health drink and watched most of her wounds disappear.

Harry had been in the bathroom washing up for a little while, barely able to grasp the fact that...he wasn't remembering anything. He could hardly even remember his own name...and as he left the restroom, he noticed that Michelle was no longer there.

Instead, another young woman stood, looking at Harry with a sarcastic yet tempting look in her eyes. She had so much eyeliner and purple make-up on that if Mandy had spilled the martini she was singing with, the make-up would spill down her cheeks like rain. Her shirt was mainly purple, but it had splatters of grey and dark blue and even black decorating it. Her auburn colored hair was cut short, but it met at her eyes perfectly.

"Heya." She sounded bored.

"...Who are you? Where's Michelle, I-" Harry was interrupted.

"Whaddaya mean, 'who am I'? The name's Dahlia." She scoffed.

"...Dahlia...?" Harry mumbled softly, somehow unable to believe what he had just heard.

The 21 Sacraments parts have been written, but there's plenty more parts to go! Part 22, perhaps?

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