We have entered the Roaring 20's! Breaking past the singular digits and the 10's, we have made it to the 20's mark. Sorry this one took so long, I've been kind of busy...but now that I'm back in business with Love Lost, please welcome yourself to the 20th part, and don't touch Dante's pizza. Never. Unless you're Jean...then you can touch as much of it as you want.

The freezing cold wasn't much of a good condition to walk in, and Harry shook almost uncontrollably as the blistering temperatures seemed to lower. As he took his first few steps, already he was wondering if he could manage to walk with Michelle to the Balkan. His feet crunched in the snow and he looked at that beautifully dressed young woman in front of him, considering part of her insane due to the fact she was walking in a blizzard in a dress. A no-sleeve, spaghetti-strap dress.

"H-how far is the Balkan from here, again?" Harry coughed out as Angela caught up to him and Michelle.

Michelle skipped along as if she were walking in a pretty spring meadow. "Just a few blocks." She looked over her shoulder to see Harry turning into a popsicle. "Cold?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah, aren't you?"

"Nah, used to it." She seemed to sing out her reply, still dancing around in the snow. "Can't stop thinking about my boyfriend, John. He's soooo sweet."

At this, Angela was absolutely shocked. Boyfriends...disgusting. She ran up to Michelle and whispered cryptically in her ear, "Beware them. He'll be all over you one second and crushing you the next." Offended, Michelle shoved Angela away and turned up her nose. What a snob.

"You got a boyfriend, huh?" Harry managed to ignore the cold and focus on conversation.

"Yeah. He's a lawyer." She giggled.

"That's nothing to brag about. A good friend of mine has a DEMON SLAYER for a boyfriend." Harry shoved his hands in his pockets and walked in a boastful stride.

"Uhhhh...riiiight." Michelle rolled her eyes and kept right on working her strut.

Harry nudged Angela on the shoulder playfully, confused when he made her jump.

5 seconds of fighting and already Vergil had Bob down on the ground, straddling her and holding his blade to her throat. "This was too simple. And to think Jean had told me you were such a challenge." He cackled.

"...Wait, Jean set you up to this?!" Bob scowled and felt her fingernails scrape along the ground. "Who the hell are you, anyway?!"

He didn't even bother giving Bob an answer, clutching his sword and holding it closer to her throat. "I wish you could have put up more of a fight." Bob attempted to jab her bladed gauntlets into his thighs but with no avail; his legs were holding her arms down. "And now I must finish y-"

"THE YAMATO! GIVE IT BACK!" A younger man's voice cried out from on the ground, and out of nowhere Nero shot up into the air and tackled Vergil, releasing Bob instantly. With a snicker she stood and ran off in the direction her victims had disappeared into.

"How fascinating." Vergil gripped Nero's neck and held him upward, examining his new opponent. "And for the record, this legendary blade belongs to me anyhow." With a thrust of his arm, Vergil hurled Nero to the ground, making a sickening crackling noise as the ground under the two crashed and shattered.

"Oooh..." Nero's head was throbbing with pain as he felt the impact of hitting the floor. His barely opening eyes glanced over to Vergil. "Wha...whaddya mean, the blade belongs to you? Dante gave it to ME!"

At this, Vergil yanked Nero up by his foot and appeared completely outraged. "Dante. I should have known he was responsible..."

"You know him?!" Now Nero was even more confused, thrashing around while his ankle remained in Vergil's grip.

"We are brothers, unfortunately. Why did I have to be related to scum such as him..." Vergil trailed off.

Still trying to escape Vergil's death grasp, Nero scoffed, "Well, I definitely prefer him over YOU!" His Devil Bringer flung out and he thrusted it into Vergil's side, making both of them fall off of the building and hit the pavement.

"Hmm...we should take a rest stop." Cybil turned in at the Balkan. She signaled for her two cop buddies and the buff demon slayer to get out of the car. "The Balkan seems like a nice place to chill out for a while."

"A nightclub?!" Mandy grumbled. "You took us to a friggin' nightclub to chill out? Why not a hotel, or at least a motel, or a Joetel!"

"...Joetel?" Jean asked while she grabbed Dante's hand and pulled herself closer to him.

"Yeah! A Joetel, where all the average Joes live!" Mandy appeared to be out of her mind once again.

"Nah, I prefer the nightclub as long as we can get riproaring drunk and eat pizza." Dante let out a hardy laugh as he picked up Jean and carried her inside.

"How can you just sit there and eat pizza?!" Mandy grumbled as she went inside.

"He did mention getting riproaring drunk. I'm in." Cybil gave Mandy two thumbs up.

"You have such ugly clothes, Harry." Michelle taunted softly, still skipping along and then pointing back at Angela. "And so does she."

"Hey, at least I'm not the nutcase that wears a DRESS out here." Angela mumbled back, which was shocking because she normally wasn't so snappy.

"I'm the most well-dressed writer I know!" Harry blushed as he gestured toward his disgusting clothes.

"If you're the best, then I can't imagine the horrible crap all the other writers have to wear." Michelle giggled.

Part eez over, and zee 20's have been breached! Let us push zee limit further! Part 21?

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