Well...Love Lost is now 19 parts long, Angela's age. Which is cool, cause I think Angela's one of the best female characters in the entire franchise, besides Heather...ah well, I'm rambling. Just remember that Angela is epic and that is this part 19.

After what seemed like endless hours of running from bloodthirsty Raw Shocks, Harry and Angela finally saw that the exit door was no longer frozen and that they could finally leave the school. They wasted no time in bursting open the door and falling flat-out on their faces into the snow.

The ice world had returned to the as normal as it could possibly get Silent Hill.

"Hey...are you two alright?" Michelle's soft angelic voice rang salvation into their ears. Harry stood up in a daze.

"Uhm, yes. Me and..." He pointed at Angela, who was making a snow angel and still on her back. "...her are fine."

"Well, that's good. Did you call that number?" Michelle yanked Angela by her arm and pulled her up.

Harry blushed. "Um..." He opened up his phone and tried to call the number he had seen on Cheryl's portfolio.

A young woman's voice answered. "Uh...this is Dahlia, who are you?"

"Harry Mason-where's my daughter, Cheryl-" He was rudely rejected.

"Harry?! Leave me alone. Who do you think you are?!" And then the call ended.

Ouch. Harry looked at Michelle, then Angela, then his feet. He shoved his fists in his pockets. "I guess we'd better get to Simmons Street...that was the neighborhood on the portfolio, right?"

"Yeah, but it's a long ways away...I'd have to drive you there." Michelle's eyes widened, as if she had just tasted something surprisingly good. "Tell you what. I'm in charge of my boss' SUV, down at the Balkan, hottest nightclub in town. I'll walk you over there and then we'll ride to Simmons in the SUV."

Kaufmann was relieved out of his mind, Cheryl had finally cooled down and was no longer screaming like a banshee. "Okay...that was...very interesting..." His fingers clasped together and he gave Cheryl another cocky smirk. "Alright, that's fine, you still don't believe Daddy is dead." At this, his patient gave him such a glare that he dared not taunt her further. "But, I still want to linger on the topic of demise."

"As long as you don't mention my father and death in the same sentence, I'm just fine with that." Cheryl hissed sharply, crossing her legs like a proper young lady and imitating Kaufmann's smirk.

As if he had anticipated this coming, Kaufmann nodded and relaxed in his chair. "Your wish is my command." He gestured broadly, toward himself, toward Cheryl. "We are both going to die one day. Every single person or living thing on this planet is destined to die. Some are willing to accept it..." He pointed at himself. "And others...think those who are deceased are merely...sleeping." He pointed at Cheryl. A grim smile creased his face.

Cheryl scoffed an inaudible yet obscene insult before he continued.

"How would you prefer to die, Cheryl?" At this, his patient's eyes widened and he chuckled at her reaction. "No, no, not like that. Would you like to die near family? Or isolated? Some people welcome death."

At this, Cheryl gave a barely noticable shrug.

"I've decided to play a little game with you." Hunching an eyebrow, Kaufmann waved his hand boldly toward the table. "On the table here is a little board divided into two columns. One side is labeled 'dead', the other labeled 'sleeping'. Next to that are a few pictures of people who are either dead...or sleeping. Do you understand what to do?"

In the attempts to annoy her shrink, Cheryl grinned and said "No."

" the pictures of the dead or sleeping people in the columns that match their state, dead or sleeping. Do you understand NOW?" Cheryl had successfully irritated Kaufmann.

"...Uh, no." Cheryl grinned.

"Good for you. Now play the game." Kaufmann had turned the tables and frustrated Cheryl.

Damn it, Cheryl angrily thought to herself. There were two pictures of cops laying on the ground, motionless. She put them in the 'Dead' column. There was another picture of a young woman, bladed gauntlets on her hands, collapsed on the floor. She put the picture in the 'Sleeping' column.

After a little while more of sorting, the game was over and Cheryl boredly passed the board over to Kaufmann.

Now Nero was alone and had the house to himself. "Hmm...guess this means I can eat Dante's pizza." He skipped into the kitchen and opened up the fridge. There wasn't much pizza left, most of it had been wasted in the pizza fight. But there was just one perfect slice waiting there in the box, calling out Nero's name. "Awesome."

He extended his arm toward the pizza slice and grinned, touching it. The sirens went off and out of nowhere, a chain flung outward and grabbed hold of his hand. "Aw maaaaan, Dante set up booby traps?!" Helplessly yanking away at his binded hand, Nero managed to get out of the grasp of the chains. "Guess I'll go to my room and starve, then..."

Angrily storming up the stairs, Nero went to his room and sat down on his crowded-with-clothing bed. "...Hey, where'd the Yamato go?" He looked in his closet, noticing that the legendary blade had been stolen...but by who?

Mandy was keeping a keen eye on Bob as the car buzzed down the road. Jean was too busy loving on Dante to know her own name. Cybil was still trying to contact the station, with no success.

"You'd better stay away from us, Bob..." Mandy hissed as she glared out the window. "Think...what would Nero do..."

Bob jumped magnificently onto another rooftop, tauntingly bowing to her watching victim as she continued pacing. She twirled the syringe in her hand. "Dante's in the car...apparently I will have to use this beautiful concoction."

Suddenly, a loud thud was heard on the top of the police car. Mandy shuddered and leaped behind Jean. She just knew had to be Bob.

"Mandy, get offa me, I'm trying to tell Dante how epic he is!" Jean shoved Mandy out from behind her, making her smack into the window.

The second her face hit the glass, Mandy noticed that Bob was still on the who was on top of the car? "Nero! Nero came to save me!" She giggled.

A man in blue lunged from the car and before Mandy could make out his face, he had disappeared into the shadows. Mandy sadly slumped into her seat without a word.

"Leaping onto target transportation source in 5...4...3...2-OOF!" Bob smacked flat-out into someone-or something, her back hitting the floor as she looked up at her strange obstacle. She scraped her clawed gauntlets against the floor and stood to get a better examination.

The man remained silent, simply standing there, a long sharp blade in hand. His robes were a deep shade of blue, beautifully draping down to his heels as he stood before Bob. His facial expression was stern, hair slicked back and eyes smoldering.

"...Who are you?" Bob asked blankly, standing up and pointing at him. The man didn't reply. "Your silence reeks of cowardice."

Even at this insult, the man stayed still and simply started pacing around Bob.

Now she was frustrated, for not only was she facing a new target but her victims had gotten away, safe in that police car as they happily drove off.

"Prepare for annihalation!" Bob slung her blades toward the man, who slung out his mighty sword and easily kept Bob's clawed gauntlets away. Then he kicked her backward, making her fall onto the floor.

"This is...boring." The man's voice was strict yet calm, and he dug his blade into the ground, leaning on air.

As the cop car buzzed away, Mandy looked through the back window and got another look at this stranger. In a few seconds, he and Bob had disappeared, but she had already identified him. "...Vergil..."

Part 19 is over! Completed! Fineeeeeeeshed! See? I spelled finished wrong!

Still...what I mentioned about the Angela's age thingy-ma-bobber...what are your favorite quotes and moments from Angela in-game? I'm sure you've got plenty of things to say that would honor this epic girl. Oh, and anybody want part 20?

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