Love has reached adulthood! It is now 18 parts old/long! Now it's able to drive a car, pay the bills, move out and tell all of it's friends about how lame it's parents were...wait, what? This is part 18, Love Lost lovin' folks, and you're reading it. P.S. Vincent looks like a nerd in Revelations. Just so you know, he looks like...well, nerdy. Yeah. You got that. And they're acting like HEATHER is supposed to LOVE that?! Bleeeeurgh. Okay, that's enough Revelations ranting for this part.

Running over to his fallen friend, Harry jerked out his hand and motioned for the Raw Shocks to stop chasing him. "Sorry, guys, take 5 for lunch or something. Angela's out cold." He groaned as the demons hung their heads in shame. "No, don't feel bad! Just go off set and fetch a drink, chill out with a few friends, I've got to check on Angela."

"Uh...okay." The Raw Shock in the back gestured for its friends to follow as it left the classroom. The other creatures followed.

"Angela...wake up..." Harry grumbled as he shook Angela's shoulder, nudging her limp body gently. She didn't even gasp. He slapped her in the face, and she remained asleep. "Wake up, damn it!"

In her headworld, Angela found herself drifting away, soaring off of a massive cliff's edge, her father watching her. He waited silently on the edge of the cliff, just staring at her with those stiffened eyes. As she flew further back from him, he started to bleed. "Daddy...are you alright?" Angela called out. He didn't seem to hear her.

"WAKE UP!" Harry found himself straddling Angela, climbing over her and holding her arms down with his knees, shaking her as hard as he could. She wouldn't budge. "COME ON!"

Meanwhile, Angela was still soaring magnificently in the sky, and every second her father gushed more gore, rivers of blood soaring down his cheeks as his eyes disgustingly exploded. "Daddy, stop it!" Angela cried, trying to make her way over to Thomas but unable to stop flying away.

What was Harry supposed to do? He had shaken Angela gently, slapped her, straddled her and shook her much more he repeatedly thrashed his fist into her face as much as he could. "GET UP ALREADY!" Wham, wham, wham, wham, wham, wham, wham, he continued his brutal fist-face pattern for quite a while. Wham, wham, wham. Her nose started bleeding. Wham, wham, wham. She had 2 black eyes now. Wham, wham, wham.

Suddenly, Angela jolted awake, slightly dazed from all the punching. " head hurts..."

"Angela!" Harry got off of Angela as soon as he could and hugged her for a split second, jerking himself away. "I would have hugged you longer, but you're ugly in some cutscenes, so no."

" honestly need to stop this constant stream of denial..." Kaufmann groaned harshly, pointing a finger at her and sipping his whiskey. "Harry is damn dead, can't you see that?!"

"If you say that one more time...I will go insane..." Cheryl snapped through grinding teeth.

"Too late for that one," Kaufmann viciously snickered, taking another sip. "Otherwise you wouldn't be here."

"Well, I'm here to prove something...Daddy isn't dead."

Bob stared at the cop car as it drove away from the house, keeping a keen eye on her two targets and looking at the syringe sitting beside her, filled with a beautiful purple fluid. "Yes...yes, I fear that I need you now..." She whispered to herself, glancing at the syringe and taking out a notepad. She started to write.

"Day 21

Victims: Officers Jean McDonald and Mandy Crews

I have gathered sufficient information. I waited 20 days to begin my attacks on those two wretches in order to gain data on their strengths and weaknesses. It proved well, but during my encounters with the two, in the attempts to kill them, I have noticed a rather strong nuisance.

...Who are these boys that dare interfere with my work?! I recall the older one to be Dante, whose muscular strength and abnormal ability to heal and withstand servere wounds pose a problem to me. He seems to have much more experience in battle than the younger one...he is also very protective of Jean. Due to their constant make-outs during one of my attacks on her (disgusting), I figure this protective instinct is due to them being lovers.

As for the younger one, whom I believe to be called 'Nero', he has much less experience when it comes to battle, yet he still has vast amounts of power that no normal human could obtain...I also noticed a strange, glowing right arm...I believe this boy nor Dante to be completely human. Unlike Dante and Jean, although he did protect Mandy during one of my more recent attacks, he doesn't seem to have any attraction towards Mandy.

Both of these boys are much physically and supernaturally stronger than I am...and unfortunately, this has caused me to take a much more drastic approach...project Aurora.

Aurora is a medication that I have created, purple and glowing in appearance. I will not use this on Jean and Mandy, for the record, as it was not created to kill-only to make the person it was consumed by unconscious for a temporary amount of time. It does have minor acidic side effects, but the acidic quality is neutralized the very second it touches blood.

I will use Aurora on Dante and Nero, for once they are knocked out I can finally attack and kill my true victims, Jean and Mandy, without any interference. Once those two boys awaken from their slumber, they will find that the two girls are dead."

Upon writing her plans, Bob smirked and put the notepad in her pocket. "Black out the boys with Aurora and slaughter the girls with my gauntlets. I am epic." She happily back-flipped out of the tree she was hiding in, sauntering in the direction that the police car was going.

"Come on, Jean, sit on good ol' Dante's lap." Dante was lolling back in the leather cushions of the cop car, plopping a hand down on his lap and signaling for his girlfriend to hop on.

Jean smirked at Mandy and shrugged. "How can I refuse such an epic request?" Speaking in a mock British accent, Jean scooted onto Dante's lap, and, as usual, the two started kissing. As they did, Dante tossed Mandy a stop-watch.

"Ugh..." Mandy tossed the device out the window and stared at the road that was passing by. She was honestly let down. Why didn't Nero want to come? She closed her eyes and felt a tear drop down. Then she shook her head. "Come on, be strong...and hire someone to kill Kyrie so I can have Nero to myself..."

Finally taking her lips off of Dante's, Jean wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed him tight. "I'm crazy about you, Dante."

Dante laughed. "Nah, you're just crazy."

"Yeah..." Jean giggled, squeezing him tighter. "That too."

Mandy bit her lip, still wishing Nero was in the car and her jealousy toward Jean rising. She squinted out the window and noticed Bob lunging from building to building. She had been following them this entire time.

"Huh...?" Mandy noticed the syringe in Bob's hand, the flowing purple liquid sloshing around. "What is that?"

Bob was actually showing off her weaponry to Mandy again, flashing off that familiar I'm-so-epic-look-at-my-gauntlets grin. As she leaped majestically from rooftop to rooftop, Bob started to laugh. "I've got them now..."

Part 18 is over! Love Lost grew up too fast, and may get older if everybody wants a PART 19!

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