My series is now Heather Mason's age! No, I do not mean the Heather from the film, whose evil quest is to ruin the game Heather's reputation by getting all lovey dovey with the film version of Vincent, I mean the REAL Heather Mason. You know darn well that Heather in the movie is not the Heather we all came to know and love, the one who had an epic butt-kicking pose and back-sassed you, breaking the 4th wall if you did something wrong. Ah well, I'm ranting about the Heather in Revelations when I should be introducing you to part 17 of Love Lost...CONSIDER YOURSELF INTRODUCED.

Angela was lost in memories of her father; the torture that man had inflicted upon her may have been stopped but the damage was done. He left a permanent scar, carved it into her heart, her soul, and she couldn't get the pain out of her mind. Running blindly through that school, suddenly the image of her father's smile flashed into her eyes, a scary movie going off in her head whenever she blinked.

Harry was hot on Angela's trail, trying to keep up with her rapid speeds as the Raw Shocks were starting to gain on their target. "Come on, Angela, get back here!"

"M...Mama...D-...Daddy..." Angela whispered out those final low and muffled words, then letting out a loud whimper as she collapsed to the ground.

"Cheryl Heather Mason, shut up for one split second and read my friggin' lips!" Kaufmann was now louder and harsh, a sign of his rising temper. His hand was gripping his puny cup of whiskey tight, and if he squeezed any tighter he'd probably shatter it like a memory.

Cheryl slammed her hands down on the maple-wood table, making a sharp smacking noise as she bared her teeth. "My...Dad...isn't...DEAD!" She screamed out the word "dead" like a banshee. Her voice echoed off of the walls.

"You might as well be considering your father an apartment room with the number 302 and start killing 21 people in order to awaken him---wait, what?!" Kaufmann attempted a retort but fell short.

"HE'S NOT DEAD!" Cheryl was straining her voice like there was no tomorrow. The veins pulsing on the side of her head were looking like they were about to burst. Kaufmann shuddered at the thought of that.

"Please...hear me out..." Kaufmann was not understanding a bit of Cheryl's rejective behavior. His hands flew to his head and he scrunched his hair impatiently, attempting to regain control of the situation once again. "Cheryl...please sit down...would you like some liquor?"

"I don't drink. And yes, I'm sure I don't drink. And I'm also sure that DAD ISN'T DEAD." Cheryl hissed back through grinding teeth.

"Damn it...this is a much more curious case than I would have figured..."

"I'm so glad to be me again!" Nero smiled, hugging himself and happy that he was no longer in Mandy's body. There was no way he was going to clash heads with anybody again, he liked being himself and that was that. And he even had his blade back. He looked at it and smiled. "You were right, Mandy, I look pretty damn good."

"Yes, we're all hot here." Dante grumbled, putting down Rebellion and smirking. "But I do believe that Mandy started a pizza fight just now."

Jean was still ticked off, Mandy had got her good with that slice of pizza. She wiped some of the sauce off her cheek. "Technically, NERO threw it."

"Nu-uh!" Nero hissed, gesturing to Mandy. "That was Mandy in my body. And now I'm back to normal, so you can't toss that slice at-"

Jean utterly ignored Nero's logic, swiping up the fallen slice of pizza and hurling it in Nero's direction. But instead of hitting Nero, it smacked Dante right on the back of his head. "OOMPH!"

"OH MY GAWD I AM SO SORRY!" Jean cried while Dante angrily took the slice off pizza off and looked at it.

Dante squeezed the slice, making the sauce ooze between his fingers. " know what this means, don't you?"

"Um...what?" Jean gasped, watching Dante crush the pizza slice.

"It means...PIZZA FIIIIIGHT!" Dante let out a battle cry before grabbing Mandy by her long frizzy hair and slamming the piece of pizza into her face. Nero dived for cover and Jean was relieved that Dante had picked Mandy for a target rather than her.

"Hey...Dante...can we be teammates, baby?" Jean whispered into Dante's ear as she snatched a pizza pie out of the fridge.

"Sure thing." Dante quickly answered before continuing to smother Mandy's face in sauce.

Once the pizza was removed from her barely-able-to-breathe lips, Mandy gasped for air and laughed. "That means I get to be on Nero's team!"

"N-n-n-no, I don't want a team-" Before Nero could finish, Mandy already had her arms wrapped around his neck. "...mate." He grumbled, annoyed.

"Let's OWN these lower-class kiddies, Dante!" Jean snickered while she and Dante ripped a piece of pizza from the box and hurled them at their opponents.

Before the pizza bombs could hit, Nero ducked and shoved Mandy out of the way, accidentally forgetting about his regained strength and forcing her to slam into a wall.

"OOMPH!'re not weak little human me anymore..." Mandy grumbled while Nero blushed, reaching into the fridge to get pizza to toss at his rivals.

The two teams rapidly hurled pizza at each other. Both sides gained "points" by hitting each other and had many "casualties". By the end of the battle, Nero had Jean in an armbar and Dante had Mandy by the throat. Before they could give their foes the final blow, a knock was heard at the front door.

"I'll get it!" Dante merrily sang as he dropped Mandy to the floor. He skipped to the door and opened it to see Cybil Bennet standing there, glaring at him like an angry bull.

Crossing her arms, Cybil looked over Dante's massive shoulder. "Have you seen Jean and Mandy? Are they here?"

Dante looked back to see Mandy and Jean giving a worried shake of their heads, wanting desperately for him to say "No".

He took the gesture wrong. "Yeah, they're here."

Cybil shoved Dante out of the way and stormed into the house, grabbing the two cops by the ear and dragging them outside. "You two seriously need to learn your duties! Now get back in the car and patrol the town like good cops would!"

In the distance, Bob was watching and smirking, knowing that her two targets had been caught. They were finally going to be taken away from their "bodyguards".

The girls were shoved into the car, looking up at Cybil. Jean looked over Cybil to Dante and gave him a pair of puppy-dog eyes, flaunting her cute lil' cheeks.

"Uhm...uh...HEY LADY!" Dante called to Cybil from the house, walking down the steps. "Mind if I come with you, Jean, and Mandy? Especially Jean? Yeah, just Jean? I want to come with Jean."

Cybil looked over at the grinning Jean and at the massive Dante. "...Ugh, fine. Come on with her. That other little guy...uh, Nero, right? He can come if he wants to."

Nero peered out the door and shook his head, mainly glaring at Mandy. "No, I'm not going."

"Oooooh. Rejection." Jean sang while she repeatedly poked Mandy's shoulder and Dante hopped into the cop car.

Part 17 is over! If I make part 18, Love Lost will finally reach adulthood! HOORAY!! ...I think.

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