Wow, 16 parts in Love Lost, all thanks to you lovely fans out there and my genius mind. If my series were a human being, it could drive a car by now. They grow up so fast...perhaps too fast. But that's okay. At least allow my series to grow into adulthood, because it's a pretty rowdy teenager right now.

"Angela, get back here now!" Harry couldn't help but yell; the anxiety inside of him caused him to scream at the top of his lungs as he followed after his wildly pacing friend. He knew that he was in the Ice World once again and that those demons would stop at nothing to get their icy clutches on him. He had to protect Angela.

Angela hurled her head over her shoulder and kept running, completely out of control. She didn't see Harry...she saw her father. "N-no, Daddy! L-l-leave me alone!"

"Stop calling me that!" Harry noticed a demon lunge out from behind him, barely missing its target as it hit the floor. "Ha...I mean, get back here, Angela!"

"No, Daddy! Stop it!" Angela completely ignored Harry's pleas, running as fast as she could and not even bothering to look back again.

"UGH...stop calling me your father! I'm not Darth Vader and you're not Luke Skywalker so...wait, what?!" Harry blurted out the nonsense and didn't even understand his own self.

"I'm not Luke Skywalker! I'm Angela, and you're my insane excuse for a father!" Angela screamed back once again.

Nero was completely and utterly shocked, just touching a slice of pizza with his finger had apparently set off some sort of security system. Dante must've taken his pizza-loving very seriously. Jerking his hand back, Nero looked over his shoulder and sighed. He had been caught.

Mandy groaned, planting both of her hands onto her face. "Is she trying to get me killed? Mandy knows not to touch Dante's pizza!"

"You're Mandy, though!" Jean screamed, jabbing a horrified finger at Mandy. "You''ve...I don't get it!"

Mandy sighed. She was going to have to cough it up. "Mandy-stole-my-blade-and-I-was-mad-so-I-decided-to-go-out-after-her-and-kick-her-weak-female-booty. Therefore, I-tossed-her-into-the-air-and-tackled-her-and-gave-her-a-head-butt-and-we-switched-bodies-so-I'm-actually-Nero." Gasping for air, Mandy finally finished her explanation.

"So..." Jean whispered, looking at Mandy. "You're not're Nero."

"Exactly. Just in a disgusting girly body." Mandy groaned.

"You''re Nero." Jean smirked and started giggling. "Heheh...hahaha...hee hee..." Little chuckles at first. "Bahahahaha!" Now it became a decent snicker. "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA-" Jean stopped her insane hysterical laughter when she realized Mandy was giving that cool glare. "Sorry, Nero. This is just hilarious."

"If you keep laughing and I get back into my regular body, I'll pound your face so hard with my Devil Bringer you won't know how to laugh." Mandy threatened Jean and growled as Dante slid down the stairs at the speed of light.

"WHO...TOUCHED...MY...PIZZA?!" Flipping his white tousled hair, Dante stormed into the kitchen. Jean and Mandy followed.

Nero noticed Dante coming in and tried his best to maintain that yeah-I'm-a-bad-boy-what-of-it? type of pose.

"" Dante murmured out the words, his gloved hands clenching into fists as he crossed his arms. "I told you to never touch my pizza."

"Wow, really?" Nero tried to act like himself, smirking and looking right back at Dante, trying not to show that he was nervous. "Cause I don't remember that being distinguished. I'm Nero, by the way." In the background, Mandy smacked her forehead.

"I...uh...I know you're Nero." Dante grumbled, slightly dumbfounded. "And you touched my pizza."

"Yes, yes I did. And I'm Nero, just making sure you know that..." Nero assured, Mandy once again smacking her forehead and leaving a slick red mark.

Mandy ran up to Nero, grabbing him by the ear and yanking his head down. "Dial it down or I will hurt you bad when I get back into my body." She hissed.

"Rodger." Nero nodded as Mandy attempted a girly skip over to Jean and epically failed.

Dante circled around Nero slowly, yanking out his Rebellion. "And now you're dead. Anything you'd like to say before I kick your hide, Nero?" He stepped over to Jean and stood in front of her.

Nero had to think fast, before Dante made his first bloody move. "I say..." Nero reached his hand into the fridge, feeling that slice of pizza and clutching the crust. He felt the powdery flour on the bread touch his fingertips and smirked. "PIZZA FIIIIIIGHT!" Ripping the piece of pizza from the pie, Nero hurled the slice toward Dante's face.

Seeing the oncoming pizza bomb, Dante ducked as low as he could and the pizza whizzed past his perfect white hair.

Splat. It smacked Jean flat-out in the face. A big, red splotch of sauce remained on her cute lil' cheeks as the slice of pizza hit the floor. "Mandy..." Jean hissed, glaring dead-on at the chuckling Nero.

Mandy walked over to Nero again and grinned. "Good job! That's exactly what I would have done. Now listen, I've thought this out. If we bonked heads and went into each other's bodies, maybe if we bonk heads again we'll return to normal."

"Agreed." Nero sighed. "I'm still going to miss being a sexy half-demon, though." He grabbed Mandy by the hair and slammed his head into hers.

Both of their heads throbbing, Nero opened his eyes, examined his hands, his Devil Bringer...and laughed. "YES! I AM NO LONGER A CHICK!" He laughed, pulling off an epic air guitar. "I...AM...NERO!"

Mandy's eyes opened. She sighed. "Aw man...I'm plain old me again..."

Jean looked over at Mandy. "You're not Nero now, are you? So are you jealous that I kissed Dante for almost 4 hours?!"

Mandy groaned and shook her head. "Yes, yes I am."

Her name was Maria, the lovely, the beautiful, the gorgeous Maria that had met James Sunderland 10 or 15 years ago and ever since, they had become the literally perfect couple. She decided that the perfect place for the two to relax at for a while was Silent Hill. It was no longer filled with grotesque monsters; James no longer had guilt for Mary 'cause he loved Maria now.

She walked around in the forest, awaiting for James to return to her and sweep her off her feet. "Damn...where is he..." Maria was a selfish woman, she couldn't help it. With looks like this, there was no avoiding being conceited, but she needed James around to compliment her obviously gorgeous form. She needed others to notice her to feel beautiful.

Maria leaned against a tree for the moment, laughing just a little bit. She had won James over. Who was a disgusting, disease-wrecked wretch like Mary to the angelic Maria? She had won.

"He doesn't deserve you." Suddenly, Maria heard a voice that mirrored hers; the same beautiful sound. Looking over her shoulder, Maria saw her much less covered-in-make-up counterpart-it was Mary. And she didn't have the disease anymore, either. She looked absolutely fine. "Give me back my husband, Maria." She drawled out the word "Maria", stating it in a taunting tone.

"...This town made you up too, didn't it." Maria scoffed, and it was more of a statement than a question.

"What, you think the town can create disgusting piles of junk like you and not manifest me?!" Mary hissed back, placing her hands on her hips and flipping her lush red-brown hair. "Look at you. You've got so much make-up on, I almost mistook you for a clown."

"I'd rather look like a clown than some old worn-out, stuck-up, diseased contamination that James USED TO CALL a wife." Maria snickered, showing off her lovely outfit while circling around Mary.

"I'm not your part 17." No, but I'm going to make it if everybody agrees.

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