Wow! 14 parts! Which, once again, is more parts than Jean has years lived. She's a baby, I think she's like...err...13 months old. No, maybe weeks. (Oh Jean Bean, you know I'm kidding :P) So, like a gerbil, I present to you part 14 of Love Lost.

"I need to know more about this girl," Harry spoke more to himself than the others, still examining that pain-stricken face of that girl...Cheryl Heather. She had to be a coincidence, having the same name as his 7-year-old daughter. But he just had to know more. He couldn't live without knowing more. "Is there some place where I can find out more?"

"In the principal's office," Michelle started to explain, walking pridefully away from Harry, "When I went here, we used to head to his computer all the time and hack the grades and watch Devil May Cry Stupid Files."

"Butts butts butts butts..." Harry smacked his forehead and groaned. "Sorry, I don't know what drove me to say that, but can you take me to that computer?!"

"Maybe, but I don't think-" Before Michelle could finish, Harry grabbed her by her wrists and snarled. He was desperate to learn more about this 'new' Cheryl.

"'re looking at a worried, horrified man....who wants his daughter...please, please take me to that computer." Harry was finding himself pleading, and Angela was downright shocked. She had been in that position before. It wasn't pretty.

"Well I just figure that-" This time, Angela shoved Harry out of the way and slapped Michelle.

"You'd better show him that computer, or I will stab you passionately to death!" Angela threatened, completely forgetting that she had abandoned her knife. But the threat worked.

"...A-alright, I-I'll show you t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-the computer..." Michelle quickly agreed. "Whoa...better stop talking like that or I'll sound like Agnus."

"What?!" Harry and Angela were both slightly confused.


"Alright. When we get home, you just try your best to act like me, alright, Mandy?!" Mandy began, pointing at Nero while considering the options. "Meanwhile I, with my epic smartness, will think of a plan to get us out of each other's bodies."

"I'm so hot. Check out how hot I am. I'm gonna give myself an epic nosebleed." Nero was busy with all sorts of supermodel-like poses, checking himself out. Mandy felt like she was going to throw up.

"Quit acting like that! If you act like that, Dante'll know something's up in a flash." She hissed sharply, looking at her hands and then closing her eyes. "Man, I'm so weak in this puny girly body."

While in the midst of another pose, Nero noticed someone familiar stalking in the woods-Bob. She looked furious, as if she had just been tossed out a window ever-so-weakly. "No...not Bob...hey, she won't recognize me when I'm in Nero's body. But I'd better hide just in case." With that, Nero leaped behind a bush, silently waiting for Bob to come around.

"That Jean was smart to get a bodyguard...looks like I'll need to resort to another method to take care of her..." Bob grumbled while she examined her gauntlets. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed Mandy angrily stomping through the snow. "Hmm, it appears Mandy has taken care of the boy."

Mandy was completely unaware of Bob, and didn't even bother noticing Nero lunge for cover. She was too infuriated by the fact that she was trapped in this weird, weak, female body. She jumped when she felt a hand snatch her by the throat and slam her against a tree.

"Ugh..." In a daze, Mandy looked at the smirking woman before her.

"Hello, Mandy, we meet again." Bob snickered, her grip tightening around her victim's neck. "And for the last time."

"Wait...I'm not Mandy, no! I'm not who you think I am!" Mandy cried helplessly, knowing that in this body she lacked the strength she needed. In her regular body she could take down this freak within seconds.

"Oh, how adorable, playing dumb." Bob mockingly chuckled. She slid one of the blades down Mandy's arm, cutting through the skin like butter.

"AGH! No, I swear, I'm not Mandy!"

Nero looked up from his hiding spot and noticed that Mandy was being attacked. Bob had a lot of nerve, trying to kill his future boyfriend/girlfriend/boyfriend in girlfriend's body. He had to do something.

Mandy was beginning to become desperate as Bob swung her hand back, preparing to stab her rival. "Wait, wait! I've got to do something real quick." Mandy noticed Nero's head peeking out from behind a bush and growled. She took out her phone.

"You're...texting." Bob groaned. "You're texting while I'm about to kill you."

"Shut up...uh, what's your name?" Mandy sighed.

Nero felt his phone buzz and flipped it out. "Eh, I didn't know Nero had a phone...sweeeet." He opened up the text message.

"Who the hell is this chick, Mandy?!"

Mouthing out the message, Nero attempted to send a text as well.

Mandy was still trying to escape Bob's grip around her neck. Man, did she wish she was in her regular body when she felt her cell buzz in her hand.

"Bob. Cop gone rogue. Out to kill other cops so she can snag cash from inmates."

"One, Bob." Mandy sighed, trying to reply while Bob scowled and waited.

Nero waited a few more moments until his phone buzzed.

"Use my body to your advantage and get me away from this crazy jackass."

"Hmm..." Nero checked out his incredibly sexifying muscles, his Devil Bringer, his Blue Rose and Red Queen. This was his opportunity to get back at Bob for everything she had done. "Oooh, reeeeveeeenge. So sweet, so beautiful, and as gorgeous as Nero's muscles." Nero snickered.

"Done texting yet? I really want to kill you now." Bob grimaced while trying to fight back the urge to yawn.

Mandy saw Nero winking and grinned. "Okay, uh...what's your name...umm, Bob, yeah, you can kill me now."

"Great." Bob stretched her arm back and prepared to jam it into Mandy's forehead. She almost did, but was interrupted.

"Put the boy-I mean, put the girl down and admire my sexy deep voice." Nero tried to sound as much like himself as he could, unleashing his sword and planting the sharp tip into the snow. "And die."

"I thought you were out to kill Mandy too." Bob sighed, looking at Nero.

" sexy conscience convinced me not to kill her." Nero shot back, mumbling about how he made a terrible Nero and that a tiny part of him wanted to get back to his old body.

"Ah, a conscience, such a silly thing. Everybody knows that being bad is so much more enjoyable OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR ARM?!" Bob went on from one subject to another in a flash.

"It's called a Devil Bringer." Nero grinned with pride. Being in this body had its advantages. He flexed the arm all around, making his fingers seem to dance. Bob was in a strange combination of awe and fear. "But I think you need a closer look to truly appreciate it."

Mandy nodded her head. Nero was starting to get the cocky atittude just right.

"Some say if you look at it long enough, you'll end up FLYING!" With that epic line, Nero swung the Devil Bringer back, flexed it into a fist, and slammed it as hard as he could into Bob's chin. The impact was massive and Bob ended up in the sky, soaring at massive velocity.

"Man...I didn't know you were that strong, Nero." Nero mumbled to Mandy, looking at the amazingly glowing arm that had delivered that punch.

"You know, I think you make a great...well, me, Mandy." Mandy replied, happily giving Nero a high-five. "Now let's get home and try to get out of each other's bodies."

"Hmm...what's the password?" Harry was getting used to speaking his thoughts out loud. He stared at the blank computer screen and impatiently tapped a few keys.

"Harry, the computer isn't on." Michelle and Angela both said at the same time whilst rubbing their temples with the heel of their hands.

Harry flushed and turned on the computer, trying to hide his blushing and failing. The screen popped up brightly, username already inserted but the space for a password completely left alone.

"Hmm..." Harry typed in something random.

"Password: JeanandRobbiesittinginatree" Enter.

Shockingly, the computer accepted the password. Only Michelle understood why.

"When Mandy and Jean went to school here, they'd always play with the computer's passwords." She explained. "Jean put it originally with some guy named Dante, but Mandy switched it with Robbie. Jean hated Robbie the Rabbit. ...I wonder if she still does."

Yes, yes she does. But I still think she's sitting in the tree with Robbie. Part 15, anyone?

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