Here's a riddle. Add 6. Add 6 again. Then you take away 6, add 2. Now you have a number. Add 3 to that. Then add 1. Now you have 12 and a math lesson. By the way, what's the missing number? Eh, forget it. This is part 12, with a long and boring math introduction. But let's read the not-so-boring part, shall we?

What kind of a school was this? Harry and Angela had no clue, but it was scaring the hell out of them. Every few moments...that child-like shadow...what was it? They just didn't know. Whenever that flashlight met the shadow, it would let out a young girl's cry and run off in the other direction, scattering into a wall, seemingly being absorbed. Harry just had to follow it. Anything resembling his daughter in the slightest way, he had to go after.

"Harry, that can't just...don't!" Angela grabbed hold of Harry's shoulder, her hand trembling as she looked into his eyes. "...I...I don't want you to get hurt, Daddy..."


"Nothing, sorry," Angela furiously flushed a deep red, jerking her hand away and letting Harry continue on. After mentioning her father Harry definitely wasn't going to listen to her any time soon. God...could she really admit the murder to this man? Could she come clean? would be too dangerous.

Slightly befuddled and frustrated, Harry started out of the biology lab and into the next classroom. Angela followed behind him, a little further than before this time around.

Turning on his flashlight, Harry examined the class. "Cheryl?!" Nobody, but then his eyes widened when he saw that puny shadow seeming to cower from underneath the desk. He decided not to shine his flashlight on the shadow, hoping it would stay put and he could get closer.

His body was practically oozing caution as Harry crept around the room, ever so slowly nearing that little shadow. He was only a few feet away now. His footsteps were completely silent. Angela waited outside the door-she was horrified of that shadow and didn't want anything to do with it. Harry was just fine with that-he was slightly horrified of Angela as well.

One step closer. He was almost there. Another step. He only had a foot to go. "...Hello?"

"AAAAAH!" The shadow let out one of the most bone-chilling, bloodcurtling cries that Harry had ever heard in his life. It sounded like it was being torn apart, that shadow. And it made Harry shake uncontrollably as the shadow helplessly ran away, zooming into another wall and vanishing.

Harry had blown it. It was like smelling the Christmas Feast, and then having it snatched away right before your very eyes. And now the shadow was gone. He had given up, that scream was so ghastly that there was no way he was going after that thing again.

"Huff...huff...THAT...was horrifying..." Nero was still recovering from the traumatizing images of which had just been shown before him. "But're gonna pay..."

Not prepared for what was about to happen, Mandy suddenly felt a fist thrust into her stomach and she was in the air again. Man, she was getting used to this. "Weeeeeee!"

But then Nero leaped into the air again. And he tackled her again. And they shot toward the ground like meteorites again. Suddenly, Nero flung his head back and forcefully rammed it into Mandy's, and they both hit the pavement.

Both of them lay unconscious for a moment, just staying there on the ground, unmoving.

Mandy's eyes slowly opened, the darkness she was surrounded by transforming into the snow-blanketed town, the sun slowly coming up. One of her hands felt the rough, cracked road, the other feeling the cool touch of the end of a sword. "My blade! Ahaha! I've got my blade back-what the hell? Why do I sound like this?"

Then Nero stood, staring at his outfit, his Devil Bringer, his gun, his human hand. He looked shell-shocked for a moment. "What's goin' on?! WHOA MY VOICE SOUNDS DEEP!"

Mandy glared at the beautiful metal of her blade, examining her reflection. "...I'm...I'm you...." She pointed at Nero, still gazing at the sword. "I'm a chick..."

"Luke, I am your father." Nero was experimenting with his deep voice. "Your very good-lookin' father."

"I can't believe I'm some dumb girl!" Mandy checked out her hair, her hands. "I'm a girl! Dante...what would Dante say?! He can NOT find out about this."

Nero snatched the Red Queen from Mandy, staring into it like a mirror and checking himself out. He flexed his mighty muscles. "Aw man, sweeeeeet. I am so, so, so totally hot."

"Dante...he'd be making fun of me for years...oh my God, I'm a weak little girl!" Mandy smacked herself in the forehead and started crying. "I'll never be able to kiss Kyrie without looking...OH MY GOD! NOOO!"

Nero grinned and ran over to Mandy, grabbing her by the cuff of her shirt while he smiled. He looked practically insane with happiness. "Lightbulb! Don't you know what this means?!"

Mandy tried to squirm away, let down that she no longer possessed the strength she used to. "...What? What is it?!"

"I can imitate your epic butt-kickin' pose!" Nero did a backflip and tossed the Red Queen into the air. Soaring in slow-motion, he landed flat out on his feet with a dramatic bow as he snatched the sword and slammed it into the ground, revving it. Vrumm vrumm.

"Okay. I've got an idea..." Mandy thought for a minute while Nero did all sorts of sexy poses.

"Pose." Nero twirled his gun in his fingers, grinning. "Pose." He flipped Mandy off. "Pose." He flipped his hair and looked over at the nearest window, looking at his own adorable reflection. "Man, I'm so sexy."

"Maybe if we head home and try to act like each other, we can make it through this whole damn ordeal until we find a way out of each other's bodies." Mandy spoke her thoughts aloud, pacing back and forth as she did. "You can act like me, can't you, Mandy?" She pointed at Nero, examining his behavior and seeing if the plan would work.

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, so sexy IT HURTS!" Nero was doing the air guitar, trying to head-bang as his snow-white hair danced all around.

Mandy grinned. "Awesome, cool, knows how to do the air guitar, you'd make a perfect Nero, Mandy." She snickered, watching as Nero revved his blade again.

"I'm so in love with myself!" Nero giggled a very high-pitched chuckle, gesturing toward his entire body. "Look how freakin' epic I am!"

"Don't oversell it..." Mandy grumbled to herself.

Jean and Dante were still going for their record-breaking kiss, completely unaware that Nero had gone missing and was not keeping a keen eye on the stopwatch, nor on their constant smooching. The two were caught up in their dancing as they kissed, swinging each other around the kitchen and smooching as they waltzed up the stairs.

Jean tripped over a piece of discarded clothing and fell down the steps. Dante, having his arms locked around her, fell right down with his girlfriend and they both collasped on the floor-and were still making out. They both continued to dance into the kitchen, where more disaster struck.

Dante lazily plopped his hand onto the kitchen counter when suddenly he felt a sharp sting in his palm-he had just jammed his hand onto a kitchen knife. Swinging his hand up in the attempts to dislodge the knife, he ended up smacking Jean on the side of the head. They were still kissing.

Jean, however, was extremely ticked off at Dante for slapping her, thinking it on purpose; she kicked Dante in his groin and the two still continued their kissing. Dante was now slightly upset by the pain and purposely stomped on Jean's foot.

This strange mating dance went on for a while, both accidentally-on-purpose hurting each other while all the same continuing their kiss.

Having been through so many biology labs and other classrooms, Angela and Harry were extremely irritated by what had been going on, the monotonous yet strange atmosphere was really starting to bother them both. That's probably why they were so relieved when they had finally entered the school gym.

It looked rather awkward, having been decorated for a prom of sorts. Tables were set up all around the gym, beautiful white cloth covering them along with balloons and tiny trinkets that those stupid teenagers would probably just toss out when the party ended. There was a stage all set up. Apparently, somebody was supposed to be performing there.

But nobody except Harry and Angela were in the room. Why was it so well-prepared for absolutely no one?

"Angela, I don't understand this..." Harry whispered, glaring around the room.

"This is Silent Hill, Harry, is anything understandable?" Angela sighed.

"What, you think you're part 13 or something?" No, but I plan on making it...if everyone agrees to the idea.

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