Well, we have made it into the 10's mark, and this is the amazing part 11! Yes, yes, yes, it is. Don't deny it. Denial isn't cool. Well, I'd continue on a billion reasons as to why denial isn't cool, but that would bore you, wouldn't it? You know it would. So stop denying the epicness of the amazing part 11 and read it before this boring introduction kills you.

"Well...this is it, Angela. Midwich High School." Harry barely managed to speak the words, his confidence in himself was fading and so were his hopes of finding Cheryl. Could she really be here? He had checked everywhere for that little girl...she had to be here. And if not, he'd keep on searching. He had to.

"You watch, Harry, I know for a fact she'll be here waiting for you." Angela tried to give a few words of encouragement but fell short of an assuring laugh.

Harry gripped the handle of the door. "...I'm starting to doubt that already."

As the door slammed open, Harry glared around the hallway. "Damn it, she's not here!" In order to unleash his fury, Harry rammed his fist into the nearest excuse for a punching bag-which was Angela's stomach.

"OOMPH!" Angela grunted, clutching her gut. "Oooh...Harry, maybe she's in a different part of the school."

Harry scanned through the rest of the hallway, leaving no stone unturned. And there was no Cheryl in sight. "RAAAH!" His fist heavily thrusted into Angela's stomach again and he angrily stormed onward.

Angela went through this abuse the entire time, trying to theorize as to where Cheryl might be hiding. And every time there was no adorable daughter anywhere, Harry would automatically jam his fist into Angela's gut as if by instinct. It was really starting to annoy her.

"Cheryl? DARN IT!" Harry bellowed, repeating his good ol' stomach slamming.


It was a full-out race for her l-l-l-life. Mandy had two people chasing after her, both of them quite experienced in dealing damage. But she had one of their weapons-the glorious Red Queen, the beautiful blade's metal glistening as she revved it. Man, did the revving of the motor sound epic. The gorgeous red aura glowed every time Mandy played with the motor, and that only made the sword more amazing.

Still, she was downright horrified. She knew what kind of abilities Nero had, and Bob had it made with those gauntlets. So she had to be careful. Not wanting to look back but just having to, Mandy's head flipped around to see what was behind her.

Bob was rampaging on the ground, pacing as fast as she could toward her victim. Her blades were out, one of them coated in blood from having stabbed Mandy's leg. And Bob was laughing, flexing her weaponry as if it were a trophy.

Nero took on a different approach, trying to get an aerial view of his target, still clutching his gun tight. And man, Mandy couldn't help but swoon as she watched him majestically leap from tree to tree while glaring down at her. "You'd better gimme that blade back or you're in for a world of pain!" Nero hissed, angrily pointing at his foe.

"Bob is a sucker for the unexpected..." Mandy whispered, completely ignoring Nero's threats. "I've got to do something Bob won't expect..."

Quickly grabbing hold of a tree, Mandy whirled herself around and started running as fast as she could toward Bob. Sprinting as fast as she could, Mandy revved the blade one last time before slinging it, making it soar toward Bob and slam into her side. "AGH!" Bob cried with pain as the metal cut into her side and forced her into the air, making her thud against the ground. She didn't get back up.

Mandy didn't bother checking on Nero, she was too busy with the fallen Bob. She ran over to her groaning rival and kicked her, hard, square in the side where the blade had hit. "Does this sound familiar? In." Mandy extended her leg outward, preparing for another kick. "Out." She rammed her foot back into Bob. "IN! OUT! IN! OUT! IN! OUT!" The barrage of kicking was making Bob pulse with pain and she couldn't stand.

"In..." Mandy began to kick Bob one last time, but was interrupted by a hand gripping her throat. "Uh...oh..."

Nero had grabbed her by the neck and faced her toward him. He smirked and waited for a moment or so, perhaps deciding what he was about to do. "You're out." Mandy heard him taunt, and all of a sudden she was tossed into the air, flying.

Mandy didn't notice where she was at first, but she felt the wind rushing through her hair and the ground was gone from her feet. The Red Queen, thankfully, was still in her grasp, and she laughed when she realized she was in the sky. "That the best you got, kid?!"

"Thinking this is funny, jackass?" Nero muttered, checking the Blue Rose to make sure it was fully loaded. "Well, I guess I'd better shut you up." With all of the strength he had gathered into his legs, Nero catapulted himself into the air, soaring into the air after his foe.

"Hmmm...maybe Cheryl's in this biology lab." Harry sighed, entering the classroom and flicking on his flashlight. Waving it around, once again he noticed absolutely no Cheryl. "Grrrrr..." Before he could punch Angela's stomach again, she kicked him in the groin and laughed as he fell to his knees. "OW! What was that for?!"

"You've been punching me in the stomach the entire time!" Angela cried, groaning through her teeth.

"Have not!" Harry defiantly tried to stand, but the pain from the kick was too intense so he waited it out for a little while. "Man, you have a strong foot!"

"Yeah, and if you even get the nerve to punch me again I won't be afraid to use it." Angela retorted, crossing her arms with a glint of defiance.

"I believe I can fly...I believe I can touch the...NERO!" Mandy screamed when she realized that Nero, too, was in the air. He shot out two gorgeous golden bullets once again and Mandy quickly raised up the blade, with the bullets bouncing off of it once more and falling to the ground.

Suddenly, Nero slammed into his opponent, and now they both were throttling at full speed downwards. "Get off of me!" Mandy hissed.

"Give me back my sword!" Nero demanded, slamming his fist into Mandy's chin.

"You want it? You got it!" Mandy scoffed back, flinging the Red Queen toward Nero. He leaped off of her and dodged the oncoming danger. Then he body-slammed into her once again. The ground was ever so close and then-

"OOMPH!" They both groaned simultaneously as they hit the pavement. They were back in town. Man, Nero could toss somebody far. Mandy barely stumbled upward, growling as Nero stood with her.

He laughed for a moment. "What, you don't think I can't dodge my own weapon?"

"Half-demons aren't so tough. I've got something that could blow your mind." Mandy snickered, pulling out her phone and looking up that dance video that Jean had showed off. "Watch this."

Nero glared at the phone's screen, watching the video. " there's some chick and she's dancing..." His expression became more and more confused. "This is so weird..." He continued viewing it anyways, but he looked completely horrified, and all of a sudden he dropped his gun and his hands covered his face. "AAAH! MY EYES! IT BURNS! SWEET MOTHER OF KYRIE, IT BURNS!"

Mandy grinned. There was nothing more beautiful than watching your opponent fall due to a dance video.


"Yes, Nero. You've established that it burns."

"It's impossible...a part 12 can't write a letter." True that, but part 12 can be written. And it will, am I right?

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