We have reached a new milestone, my friends. A milestone where single digits are no longer required. A milestone where limits don't exist. A milestone where double digited parts come into view...and as a result, we were given part 10. Part 10 of Love Lost. Thank me, thank you, thank that fish-smelling hobo outside your window. Thank your imaginary friend. Thank your dead wife. Thank your little girl. Thank...I've run out of people to thank! So just read this part already.

"Eh, the Cat House, huh?" Harry looked at his G.P.S., then the worn-out trash heap of a building before him. "Sweet! Maybe I can go inside and buy a kitty cat for Cheryl! She's always wanted a pet."

"Oh, really?" Angela softly answered, examining the building. "Something tells me-" She was shut down. Harry had already entered the building. She groaned and followed him.

"Gonna get my little girly a kitty AND OH MY GOD THIS IS NOT A PET STORE." Harry looked around at the suggestive portraits of way-too-much-make-up-on ladies, the leather couches, the beer bottles scattered around on the floor and making the ground barely visible. "Aw man. Cheryl woulda loved a kitty. Do you think she might be in here?"

"Yes, Harry, because it's in every 7-year-old girl's interest to hang out in this type of place." Angela lowly scoffed, slightly reminded of the abuse she had suffered from her father and groaning. "Men are such pigs..."



Harry shined his flashlight all around for any sign that a little girl like Cheryl might have been there, but he saw nothing. He didn't bother looking at the pictures on the walls too much cause the Sleaze and Sirens ending would be way too awkward.

"Come on, answer already!" Cybil impatiently hissed at her phone, attempting to call Jean. She had tried this multiple times, and not once had Jean bothered picking up her cell. It was starting to bother Cybil. She tried again. "Answer before I get violent!"

"Hey, this is Jean, how are ya?" Jean's happy voice giggled into her phone.

"Oh, Jean, I'm so glad you answered, what a relief, I-" Cybil was ecstatic at first, that is, until Jean's voice cut her off.

"Good to know. You've got my voicemail. You know what to do, leave your name, number, all that blah blah after the..." And the beep sounded and Cybil tossed her phone into the snow.

"Damn it..."

Wasting no time, Mandy soared up the stairs and looked into each and every room for that one blade that peaked her interest. "Come on, come on..." She grumbled. "I've got a killer after me..." Finally, a sigh of relief-she had found the mighty Red Queen resting gently in the corner of a rather filthy bedroom.

Taking a step inside, she observed the hideous sense of hygeine of whoever owned this room. Filthy robes and clothing were tossed carelessly along the floor, the bed was completely unmade and the blanket draped over some of the clothes, the mattress smelling of sweat and something decomposing that Mandy didn't want to identify. The window was so outlined by mold that there was no way Mandy was going to look through it. This bedroom was simply disgusting in a word and that was that. She wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

Knowing that Bob was still on her trail, Mandy quickly made her way through the discarded clothing and snatched the Red Queen from its resting place. " beautiful...could it be the real deal?"

She clutched the end of the blade and revved it. Vrumm, vrumm....yeah, this was the real deal. As she revved the motor of the blade a wide smile gaped across her face and the end of the blade gleamed a beautiful red. She ran her fingers along the cool, hard metal. "Bob is going down."

"What are you doing in my room?!" Nero's voice screamed through the hallway. Mandy had been caught in her tracks.

"Oh God, not now..." Mandy gripped the blade, revving it once again. That sound of the motor made her want to scream with joy, but the owner of this epic sword wasn't going to give it up without a fight. Nero stormed into the bedroom.

He looked absolutely furious and in a flash he took out his gun, the famous Blue Rose, aiming it angrily toward Mandy's forehead. "I never gave you friggin' permission to take my blade, now give it back." He took a threatening step forward.

"...Nah, I don't think I will." Mandy snickered, revving the sword once again and watching it beam that beautiful scarlet color. Nero scowled. "I could care less about your 'friggin permission' right now, I'm a little pressed for time."

Nero twirled the gun, making it click in the attempts to scare his foe. "Give it back." He repeated.

It was obvious that this kid was looking for a fight, but Mandy already had one on her hands. Bob wanted her dead. "No."

"GIVE ME THE DAMN SWORD!" Nero was now screaming, his face turning a slight pink as his finger wrapped around the trigger. His teeth grinded, his eyes glaring, he was ready.

Mandy sighed. Nero had the gun in his hand, he was aiming at her, he was ready to shoot. Mandy knew that in a couple of seconds she was going to have to pull off a highly epic maneuver in slow motion while the bullets barely managed to pass by her body and rock music played. And she smiled. "No."

Now completely enraged with no hopes of returning to his calm state, Nero yanked the trigger as hard as he could and two majestic golden bullets flew mercilessly toward Mandy as if in slow motion.

Prepared for the oncoming hazard, Mandy flung herself backward and held up the sword, the bullets clanging against the side of it and hitting the floor. Then she came back up and grinned. "Alrighty then, let's take this little game outside."

Before Nero could shoot at her again, Mandy leaped out the window, feeling the glass shatter to miniature little shards as she hit the snowy ground. And Bob was waiting right beside her.

"Did you miss me?" Bob scraped her metallic claw-like blades together, grinning as Mandy stood but her mouth dropped when she saw the massive blade that her opponent was weilding. The sword stood up to about her neck, maybe even up to her ear, and man, did it look epic lazily propped on Mandy's shoulder. "...I see you did."

Once again, Mandy started running for her life while Bob started on after her once more. Mandy had this made. It was just one person, what was the big deal?

All of a sudden, Nero leaped out the window, his gun still in his hand. And he started chasing after Mandy, too. Now she had a problem. One person with experience killing was enough, but now she had two, and one of them had d-d-d-DEMONIC POWWAH!

"Harry, no way are you gonna call the Cat House's number." Angela groaned, rolling her eyes as she leaned against the wall and watched Harry completely ignore her statement. He proudly tapped away the number on his phone.

"Hey, this is the Cat House!" A disgruntled and drunk sounding man's voice grumbled through the speaker. "Gentlemen, do we have some-" Before he could continue, Angela ended the call and grinned at Harry.

"Man, Angela, can't I call somebody?" Harry scoffed as he attempted to dial the number again.

"Not if it's some deranged drunk talking about poor little ladies. Now come on." Angela smiled, dragging Harry away from the Cat House and trying to lead him toward the school.

It was starting to bug Harry, Angela's strange actions. She was always scared of him, she was absolutely horrified inside the Cat House, and she kept calling him "Daddy" in the strangest of situations. But even if he was carrying a traumatized and terrified woman alongside him, he needed all the help he could get, no matter how weird things got.

"The school should be near here." Harry quickly tried to make small-talk, rubbing his arm nervously as he sauntered along in the snow. "...I'm kind of worried, Angela. What if Cheryl's not there?"

Angela didn't know how to respond. She wanted to comfort Harry, but all the same she knew that like all other locations visited, there would be a lack of little girl at Midwich. "...Don't worry, Harry. You'll find her somewhere."

"I really don't know anymore..." Harry whispered bitterly. "Seems like I've tried every option in the book. Even the damn cops won't help me."

"I'm helping you." Angela smiled, a tiny little smile that reminded Harry of his daughter. "And I promise no matter what happens, I'll keep on helping you."

"Alright, stop. We're starting to sound like one of those soap operas I love to make fun of." Harry smiled as well. "Come on, let's go to school."

"They have come to witness the part 10. The rebirth of Paradise...despoiled by...oh my, part 10 is over? Well, I guess we'll need a part 11."

Shall part 11 be made?

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