Ah, the subway in SH3. I just know you all loved that part. I sure did. Better yet, I bet you also love how long it takes for Heather to stand up after she's been hit by something.

So I'm walkin' around the subway aimlessly, hopelessly, wishing I would just find that one platform and BINGO! The red door! So I did what you're supposed to do, only to see "The lock is broken. I can't open the door." I saw that coming. I also saw those two annoying mutated dogs coming. Next thing I know, Heather lets out a loud "OOF!" Those stupid monsters both leaped at her at the same time and knocked her over.

I heard the train coming in.

"Get up Heather." She's still laying down. "GET UP!" She gets up. Bingo, time to hit the platform before I get killed, but then another "OOMPH!" She's knocked down again. "Get. Up. Heather." Not getting up, no way no how, and all of a sudden that sudden-death scene plays and Heather gets splattered by the train. I officially hate Double Heads now. Ever had one of these types of moments when you've played SH3? One of those moments when you're screaming "NO!" and then you end up blowing it anyway? GOSH.

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