• Heather Beam96

    Love Lost pt. 28

    July 25, 2011 by Heather Beam96

    Yes, we are past 27...this series has got to make it to the 30's. It just has to. Welcome to part 28 of Love Lost, take a seat with Dr. Kaufmann. This introduction ends in just a second...almost there...


    "So...Cheryl..." Dr. Kaufmann stood from his chair and paced around the room. His puny cup of alcohol rocked in his hand as he paused in mid-stride, looking down at his patient. "What happened after your parents...divorced?" He set his cup down on the table and his fingers tapped together like beating drums, in a pattern.

    That one struck Cheryl where it hurt. Her life took a turn for the worst after her parents tore away from each other. "...There are no words." She mumbled, her soft voice almost barely leaving her lips. "I can't tell y…

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  • Heather Beam96

    Love Lost pt. 27

    July 25, 2011 by Heather Beam96

    I'm honored, absolutely honored! It's official-Love Lost will be longer than my past series, The Quest for Mary. As some of you may know, TQFM ended at the 27th part...such a shame, but all great series need to end sometime...but this one won't end any time soon, fortunately. I think. So, welcome to the 27th part of Love Lost...thanks for helpin' me get this far :)

    "No, Harry, nurses do not treat emos." Lisa groaned in a tone of distinct regret while Angela stuck her tongue out at the back of Harry's head. "Let's get out of here. My apartment isn't all that far away, and I'm pretty sure we can jaywalk."

    Harry followed Lisa out the gaping hole in the wall. Angela growled out a few insults before she continued after them.

    As Lisa moved ahead, h…

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  • Heather Beam96

    Love Lost pt. 26

    July 24, 2011 by Heather Beam96

    We have passed the 25th mark, and man do I feel great about it! In the efforts to make a weird and random introduction, and since this IS part 26, here are 26 completely random words: Ailment, sea, monkey, dancing, smile, choke, double, head, Ophidian, knife, cat, evaporation, arrow, key, heat, blushing, garden, trees, lips, shock, failed, elimination, mama, desires, hiss, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (spelled correctly, I'll have you know).

    With that awkward introduction, let us move on through Love Lost and journey into part 26.

    Harry quickly honed in on the radio and listened for the song he had requested. Angela grumbled about how "Don't You Ever Feel Like Dying" by the Emo Sensation wasn't one of the options. Rolling his eyes, Har…

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  • Heather Beam96

    Love Lost pt. 25

    July 23, 2011 by Heather Beam96

    A quarter of the way to 100 but I highly doubt this series will get all the way up there, this is the 25th part of Love Lost. Goldilocks is a cannibal! That's right-in the original story Goldilocks ATE the bears. But the Grimm brothers thought it was a little too gory and switched it around so that the people in suits at Disney would be more happy. If Goldilocks ran away screaming at a higher pitch than Justin Bieber, it would be much more child-friendly than chowing down on mutated bears.

    ....That was a weird introduction, huh? Well, the more you know...this is part 25.

    "You know, you coulda died out there if not for me. So stop your damn complaining." Cybil growled lowly as she continued pushing Harry and Angela down the long hallway. She h…

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  • Heather Beam96

    Love Lost pt. 24

    July 22, 2011 by Heather Beam96

    Hey there, everybody, how you doing? Eating chocolate, riding a donkey, rehearsing a song, dropping from the ceiling at a random time, being tossed off of a couch, SELLING chocolate, feeling like dying, dancing like you don't care, assassinating cops? Sounds good to me. This is part 24 of Love Lost!

    Cybil continued on down the road and glanced at the review mirror. Her suspicions were correct-Dante was giving a manly stare into it again. "Stop it already! The epic nosebleed trick does not work on me!" She yelled as she slammed her foot on the brake.

    "There's one that's not hot for you," Jean sneered.

    "She's hot for me. She just won't admit it." Dante assured. Jean rolled her eyes and signaled for Vergil to stop the foot massaging.


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