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Considering I've been a user for a couple of months and I haven't really gotten to know people I have recently thought the best way to do that is to ask this question: If you went to Silent Hill what would be waiting for you there?

If I ever had to go to Silent Hill these are what would probably be there for me and why:

  • Nurses - I hate hospitals and syringes.
  • Spider-like creatures (Perhaps as a "boss") - One of my biggest fears! O_o
  • Dolls coming to life - I am petrified of dolls!
  • Cats - I am allergic to cats (I also think they're secretly evil).
  • A monster similar to the Closers - Those things are scary and kinda relate to me in a few ways.
  • Ghosts - I'm quite superstitious. :P

Well, that's me, how about you?

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