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  • HeatherMorris6806

    Considering I've been a user for a couple of months and I haven't really gotten to know people I have recently thought the best way to do that is to ask this question: If you went to Silent Hill what would be waiting for you there?

    If I ever had to go to Silent Hill these are what would probably be there for me and why:

    • Nurses - I hate hospitals and syringes.
    • Spider-like creatures (Perhaps as a "boss") - One of my biggest fears! O_o
    • Dolls coming to life - I am petrified of dolls!
    • Cats - I am allergic to cats (I also think they're secretly evil).
    • A monster similar to the Closers - Those things are scary and kinda relate to me in a few ways.
    • Ghosts - I'm quite superstitious. :P

    Well, that's me, how about you?

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  • HeatherMorris6806

    Recently I've been thinking about buying Silent Hill: Origins since it's the only main SH game I haven't played. Although I'm not entirely sure which platform will be better because from walkthroughs I've seen both seem to have advantages and disadvantages. E.g. the PS2 has an old and tired looking Travis but has better graphics, and the PSP makes characters look slightly better but has bad graphics.

    So I've decided that I'll ask you guys this question: Which platform is best for Origins, PS2 or PSP?

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  • HeatherMorris6806

    After seeing the "Your favourite silent hill characters", "Most-Hated Monster", "Why do people play silent hill" and "What makes silent hill scary" blog posts I decided that I might as well ask:

    What was/is the scariest moment you encountered in the Silent Hill series?

    (If you wish to write anything about Silent Hill Downpour make sure it won't spoil the game for those of us who can't get it for a few more weeks.)

    The scariest moment I ever encountered in the Silent Hill series was when I was playing SH3 at 10 at night and a wild nurse comes from nowhere and shoots me in the back whilst I was preoccupied with one I could see.

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  • HeatherMorris6806

    What do you make of this monster in Downpour?

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  • HeatherMorris6806

    No doubt you have all heard the new voices for the HD SH2 and heard that they're keeping the original voices too. But ever wondered what Heather and Douglas sound like? I found this vid by Gamespot with the new version of the cutscene outside Happy Burger where Heather meets Douglas.

    Tell me what you all think. I, personally, believe Heather's new voice is too flat and tries to hard and that Douglas, now, sounds too intimidating when compared to the original VAs.

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